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  1. I brought a friend. Here he is!
  2. Rarity of? And why we can't see it in collection section?
  3. We better have new collections for each. We are hungry to see new designs. Rose Collections already got old enough to not come to steam and more into game to be in steam than Goh one. I wish we shouldn't had to argue that and steam got Rose Collections earlier.
  4. Even referancing someone to help us is a thing. Thanks a lot!
  5. @ImDaMisterL Can we have some help here, please?
  6. Same happened to me, all my progress gone first. I did all again. And waiting for next clear step to fill all dots.
  7. How? Please? 6 players or another way to fill all dots?
  8. Hi, Escaped. I just notice my all progress drop. It might because i entered third player's code. So be carefull about it. I'm not sure about we need 6 players, maybe we do.
  9. I think we should share the code 4 more people. here is mine.
  10. Thanks for the great update! With my my team. @Pandealt @Rob1 Bonus;
  11. Consider it prevention, it will block who is going to ask for it
  12. Yes and this feeling makes me think more about Maxwell-Charlie couple.