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  1. Thanks for the great update! With my my team. @Pandealt @Rob1 Bonus;
  2. I just learn an information about Eric Clapton. He gifted a guitar that Red coloured and Lucy named to Beatles guitarist George Harrison. George wrote a song While My Guitar Gently Weeps. But they got a problem about the song's solo part. Like the titile says solo should make guitar weep but they can't do that. So they wanted to Eric Clapton do that solo with that Red coloured Lucy named guitar. Maybe this quite off topic but i think Klei inspired from this.
  3. Actually i don't use scroll which means i don't use zoom. And yes, i know that when the camera reachs out to clouds then game pulls it back. But this is not what i'm talking about. Couple times i had that situation when the walrus shows up in my screen and game zoomed in out of my control.
  4. It happens to me sometimes. Game randomly and rarely zooms in or zooms out. Is this a bug or making players got their attention on something?
  6. Consider it prevention, it will block who is going to ask for it
  7. Yes and this feeling makes me think more about Maxwell-Charlie couple.
  8. Thanks to you both!
  9. Chronologically here are some of my works! This one is in progress. Forever. Some gif works I know we all love Andy Warhol!
  10. Umm. Lets call the girl is half-naked but my head blocking the view. I don't want to break any rule while publishing my works. So feel free to ask me if i need to remove or something. At the same time i don't think ill publish so much naked girl figures. But yes, i draw girls. Hope you enjoy, thanks!
  11. We keep seeing monsters chasing characters, they keep fighting something etc. But there's more than that, we know. It must be Wickerbottom because i have different plans for Wilson-Maxwell couple
  12. "Can you chop some trees?"
  13. All welcome! This topic will be full of my artworks and you can click here to see my Don't Starve artworks.
  14. Right. I'll minimalize the non-DS artworks. I just wanted show who's going to visit this topic see who i am exactly, that's all. But yes, this topic will be DS art centered. And i'm working on new things. Thanks!