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  1. they're so cute! :3
  2. Thank you. I don't use Copics (too expensive) but I'm sure the tutorials can help me. I made the first two to get an idea of their appearances. The second batch was me giving them different poses. I'll draw them again interacting.
  3. You have a very good style!
  4. Thank you! Do you have any criticism to make? (Other that I should have used pencils instead of markers because the coloring is bad)
  5. Thanks. Could you tell me what needs improvement?
  6. More Steam Powered Giraffe fanart. The first one is the current members: Rabbit, The Spine and Zero. The second one os the former members: The Jon, Hatchworth and Upgrade.
  7. old old old Steam Powered Giraffe drawings I just finished. The first one is how they started, the second one is how they were when I drew the picture (then the redhead left and got replaced).
  8. Thank you!
  9. minespatch

    You drew my mug! Thank you!
  10. Fuzzies! :3
  11. A self-portrait, in one of my favorite outfits. Drawn and colored with pencils.
  12. A bunnycorn. Colored with markers. I was considering coloring it blue/purple but realized that white looked good too.
  13. I'm in none of those, though I'm considering playing Don't Starve (I know, I know...). I have a dA, my name is Violeta960, and I'm Ambarina90 on Steam. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you very much! ^^ I....kiiiinda write? I have a story I've been working on for years, in comic book form, but I'm too lazy to continue it, despite having it almost entirely planned out. On a different note, I've been writing fanfiction, but my subject of writing causes me more trouble than ideas. I chose a super-mega-obscure character, originally for shipping reasons, but now because I want to save her from her bad narrative. At first I used her for RPing (since 2014) but now I've been writing her in fanfiction too. Any help is appreciated. Thank you again!
  15. Thanks for the critique! Yeah, drawing feet (human or animal) is hard. I tried using a lighter color, mainly to experiment. Do you think it looks better darker or lighter? I used ink markers, my lineart is usually thin. This time I didn't use the editing tool tho.