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  1. here is a V.I.P look at the page 4 page 3 is half way done i'm drawing it all out 1st then add the color later i really wanted to show everyone
  2. awwwwwwww the pics X3 my heart can't take it to much cuteness
  3. i will have to have add this to the sims 4
  4. Hahaahahaha!!
  5. Here we go well Clover said let it go XD
  6. XD yep
  7. Yes XD
  8. DX yes my little wildork
  9. this did happen to him
  10. im done like a lot more to go XD maybe you can read it better
  11. OMG i just played the New update!!

    1. minespatch


      How far did you get?

    2. artistcrab


      i saw the New shadow O.O

  12. <3 i had to draw him that way
  13. thanks
  14. hey everyone page two will be on holds till tomorrow do to im not feeling that well

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    2. artistcrab


      no i had a realy bad tooth pain and stomach pain

    3. minespatch


      :wilson_cry:Ouch, sorry. Good luck with your toothache.

    4. artistcrab


      thanks it stop

  15. what do you know that was fast XD but my Wilson looks dark