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  • Biography hi I'm a 24-year-old girl that loves to draw art has and will alway be a big part of my life and on my bucket list is going to art School so i can draw better
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  1. on a time like this i just nope it on out of there
  2. that Wilson stand out the most and this outfit it going to be used in the comic
  3. thank you X3
  4. okay this took me 3 days the 2ed set is coming soon
  5. Oohhh XD wrong Wendy spelling XD so webber won't get lost XD
  6. what XD
  7. I'm having the sunset slower in this and I love to work on the trees more XD
  8. i really love the colors in this one
  9. pfffffffffffffff XD i guess he is
  10. mama Goose id run
  11. I'm going to go and cry now T.T the feels
  12. help XD


    1. DragonMage156


      "Infusing Oxygen..."

      "Too much oxygen. Removing..."

      ^ That came up on my game earlier XD

    2. artistcrab


      my sister just got it today

  13. that's good to know^^
  14. will he not kill me if I were to give him a plant ^^;;;
  15. XD she likes wes