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  1. forget it, I inputted your code, half of it glowed golden, but I guess it timed out because the other half didnt glow purple. Ill try this again tomorrow because I need sleep, you kids have fun
  2. hang on, gotta take a shower wait a bit if you're still alive @Storm137
  3. @Storm137Inputted your black, waiting for response
  4. @Storm137Sweet, inputting your black.
  5. Sure! Gimmee your code junk, and don't forget to @ me in the post.
  6. Quoth is out now, apparently, so... time to do this again! Same code as before.
  7. Alright, found out what we're actually doing. Post a screenshot of your tablet. One of us is supposed to input the other's opposite color (so if I were inputting your code for the gold text, you would input my code for the black text). Not sure what's supposed to happen next after that, though.
  8. k now we do some stuff with switching codes Quoth, I'll take your gold, so you can take my black.
  9. Apparently you're supposed to do some stuff with like reversing codes and stuff. Do that here. Also, can anyone here explain this to me as if I'm a caveman? This make absolutely no sense. Check out a handy explanation of the puzzle here, by our good friend Unsound Mind.
  10. Yeah, I hope it's at least something among the lines of this. if it's just a way to reset the Ruins, I'd be pretty dissapointed.
  11. besides that. He said that the Fuelweaver was still gonna drop something else.
  12. Only problem is, the loottables aren't... complete yet. The Fuelweaver still has to drop something new. But what?
  13. Here's one tip I have: Cutting time! Always try to gather as much resources as possible during the first 5 days while also exploring your map - this means acquire 20 Logs, 40 Rocks, 4-8 Gold Nuggets, and all of the basic materials - and also get a Science Machine built early, and prototype items such as Backpacks, Rope, a Spear, a Pitchfork, a Shovel, and all of that biz. That way, you can cut on time by digging up basic plants like Saplings, Berry Bushes, and maybe Grass Tufts, as well as fighting easy-to-fight things early on (like Spiders), and don't be afraid to collect other items along your way such as some Manure for some fertilizer or the crafting of some structures and materials. That way, when you've explored everything that you'd like to explore, you can get things set up quickly, giving you more time for Winter preperation, killing Clockwork Monsters for gears, Drying Racks, and all of that other fun stuff.
  14. *sigh* If only I had Reason 9.0... then I could make all the DS music in the world. Though, in all seriousness, this idea in general is really cool.
  15. Hm. I mean, it's pretty well-thought out and very interesting. Of course, a new character would probably interfere with the "lore" of Don't Starve. I would want this as a mod.