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  1. Crop circle

  2. The real problem is not the concept of griefing, it's the reaction when the griefing occurs. Some people just stand there as their base gets burned down, instead you should try to take action. Do you not realize that a "votekick" option or "rollback" exists? What about those mosquito sacks and that ice in the fridge? It's about time that we stop complaining and do something already. Here are some tips: Don't be afraid of mosquitos, they're just bees against a purple background. They're quite easy to just tank, and if you have some ice, you can turn their sacks into water balloons, which can be used to fight fires or fight the griefer. Set up your base right. Do not place everything close to each other, instead loosely keep structures apart to delay the griefer in setting everything on fire. Ice Flingomatics. Personally, since I don't really base in caves for Summer that often, I almost always have an Ice Flingomatic after I've built my icebox, and position all my flammable structures so that they are in range of the flingomatic, but not the firepit. If a griefer comes to burn all your stuff, just turn on your flingomatic and it'll get put out - the griefer may get frozen too, giving you some time to react. Wickerbottom and Webber, now's your time to shine. Wickerbottom can literally indirectly kill the griefer herself using "On Tentacles". Webber's spider dens and/or spider minions will still be hostile to humans, giving the griefer a bit of a hard time. If you host a server, please don't let it burn in hell. Do whatever you can to hop on and make sure nothing fishy is going on. tl;dr: Quit complaining and defend yourself!
  3. Man, oh man... The power of teamwork is so freakin' awesome! I absolutely love when, even if you and your teammate kind of suck, you actually put your minds together, instead of just being two seperate people. If you don't get what I'm saying, here's an example: Juggling aggro of Deerclops between you and your friend You're in the icebox putting stuff away, and your friend gives you food to put away since two people can't access the icebox at the same time When you get the same exact ideas Splitting resources and planning ahead as an actual team Teamwork is important, people! Use it! Other stuff: When experienced players don't treat you like idiots When you find someone around your skill level Pre-made Telltale Hearts The guy that arrives at base with cool shiz When a Maxwell uses your book because you have low sanity
  4. send help

    Yeah, that was probably it.
  5. send help

    Actually, the weird thing is that I could pass from the ocean to land and back, no problem. It was probably something up with the directory. After deleting the save and backup everything was back to normal.
  6. "What a great day to play some Don't Starve Together!" I thought, as I started up my DST server. Little did I know what Klei had in store for world generation today. If you want to see this, I'm hosting a server by the name of "You look dazzling today." right now. The world itself may not be up for too long, but regardless if you're just seeing this you should check it out. Ended this abomination and deleted it, server should actually generate a real world this time.
  7. Nightmare Fuel is easily the most useless thing in the game, obviously it isn't even used to craft anything, and it's pretty hard to get.
  8. Thinking of a private DST server

    Jesus christ guys, calm down! 1. Yes, the server will be in EST time, and will likely be up on every day except for Tuesday and Thursday from ~6:00pm-9:00pm. 2. When the thread for signups do go up, I'll message you guys here and link you the signup thread that'll eventually be here on the forums. Spots are limited, so if you don't pay enough attention you may miss it. I'm predicting early or mid-July for when this happens, so it might be awhile.
  9. Thinking of a private DST server

    It's not necesarilly a thing yet, but once the real signups go up for it I'll notify you guys.
  10. No problem, buddy. Have fun, and don't starve!
  11. Thinking of a private DST server

    The idea here is to allow me and other players to experience what it really feels like to play DST in mutliplayer, the main purpose of DST, without interruptions from griefers, newbies, and sudden world resets. The goal is what you'd expect from any ordinary DST server - survive as long as possible as a collective, real team, not everyone scattered around. As such, yes, it would be a collective mega base.
  12. Thinking of a private DST server

    Yep, pretty much. Players sign up here, and here only.
  13. I'm no rocket scientist, but yes, cluster token IDs are linked to your Steam account. You see, when you buy and create a world for DST, Klei's webservers create a cluster token for you. These act as a) a way for Klei to manage their servers, b) a way for Klei to make sure that nothing fishy is going on, and c) something to make your life a little easier. Though I do host servers and such, I'm not exactly sure how this would work, but I have an idea on how you could use someone else's world. Open Don't Starve Together, hit "Play!" Assuming you're not in Offline mode, go to the bottom-right corner of your screen and hit "Account". The Steam Web Browser will lead you to one of Klei's pages. Somewhere in there, there should be a "Generate Server Token" button. Click it. Once that's done, it'll create a new token for you. Copy that to your clipboard, you're gonna need that. Navigate to where you had found the cluster token ID, and open the said file with Notepad or something similar. Delete the token there, and replace it with the one you had on your clipboard. Again, I have no idea if that'll actually work, but... worth a shot! EDIT: You could also try deleting the folder called "save" in a world (or "save" in the folders Master and Caves if you have Caves too), navigate to the world he gave you, copy the save from there, and paste it into where the original save once was, if that makes any sense. Again, I'm not a rocket scientist.
  14. A while ago, I started up a private Terraria server for those who don't really get to experience Terraria in multiplayer. During boss fights, online players often reached 10 players, and this season about 20 people signed up. Now, finally turning my head back to DST, I've noticed some similar problems here. Though I am an advanced player at this game (survived about two whole years, I think that I lost the world), I need some tips from you guys about how I should structure server signups. Here's what I'm thinking: Limit is 8 players Players sign up here on the forums Server is up on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend for 3 hours a day Griefing obviously isn't allowed If everyone dies, a new server thread goes up Intermediate to expert level Please tell me what you guys think, as you guys probably know more than me about this kind of stuff.
  15. I won't be able to come since I already have an event on my server happening that day, but that sounds freakin' sweet. Following this thread so that I can know when a new season starts.