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  1. Yeah, I hope it's at least something among the lines of this. if it's just a way to reset the Ruins, I'd be pretty dissapointed.
  2. besides that. He said that the Fuelweaver was still gonna drop something else.
  3. Only problem is, the loottables aren't... complete yet. The Fuelweaver still has to drop something new. But what?
  4. Here's one tip I have: Cutting time! Always try to gather as much resources as possible during the first 5 days while also exploring your map - this means acquire 20 Logs, 40 Rocks, 4-8 Gold Nuggets, and all of the basic materials - and also get a Science Machine built early, and prototype items such as Backpacks, Rope, a Spear, a Pitchfork, a Shovel, and all of that biz. That way, you can cut on time by digging up basic plants like Saplings, Berry Bushes, and maybe Grass Tufts, as well as fighting easy-to-fight things early on (like Spiders), and don't be afraid to collect other items along your way such as some Manure for some fertilizer or the crafting of some structures and materials. That way, when you've explored everything that you'd like to explore, you can get things set up quickly, giving you more time for Winter preperation, killing Clockwork Monsters for gears, Drying Racks, and all of that other fun stuff.
  5. *sigh* If only I had Reason 9.0... then I could make all the DS music in the world. Though, in all seriousness, this idea in general is really cool.
  6. Hm. I mean, it's pretty well-thought out and very interesting. Of course, a new character would probably interfere with the "lore" of Don't Starve. I would want this as a mod.
  7. This sounds really cool! I can see some servers doing something like this just for the heck of it. Eventually I may even implement this idea into my server once or twice if it happens to get alot of players.
  8. Spring is my favorite season - after getting out of Winter, you think the worst is all over. It's Spring, everything's growing. How bad can it be? Well, to your utter demise, it only gets worse! Things are growing a little too fast, meaning that everything - everything - is happening at once. Excuse me, what was that, you just harvested your berrybushes after about 19 seconds of them being harvested? Whups, Frog Rain! Run to the Goose/Goose! Finally, now that that's over, next you need to get an Ice Flingomatic and an Endothermic Fire Pit because Summer is coming! Oh look, more rain! Whups, Lightning just struck your whole base. Oops, more Frog Rain... and I think you get the point. Props to those dudes for making a cover. They perfectly capture the 'essence' of Spring.
  9. Well, Mandrakes are technically renewable because Klaus has Mandrakes in his Loot Stash now, but... we should get more than that.
  10. Oh, good. Thank god.
  11. What?! You domesticated a Beefalo on a PvP server? Say goodbye to your beloved Beefalo, because in a couple of seconds someone's probably gonna ride away with it into the wind. But, but but... why?
  12. I'd like something like this. Also tesla trees drop gears so GEARS FOR EVERYONE! I think it would be balanced, since you actually have to try and kill a crapload of Big Tentacles to get to the Atrium, and even then, you would have to get through the onslaughter or Spiders and Clockworks to get to the chest and Trees. I support this idea. A setpiece like this wouldn't hurt.
  13. Elaborating on @Electroely's statement, it is indeed possible to link a world with caves with some effort. Spawning in a Plugged Sinkhole using console commands will place the sinkhole, but still not allow you to travel into the Caves. Don't Starve Together uses a "shard" program to link worlds. If you had the time and effort, you could make a dedicated server, set the save to your current world, enable caves correctly on the dedicated server by inserting some folders and editing some text documents, spawn in a Sinkhole, and hope for the best. Again, I'm not sure if this will actually work. I'm assuming it will due to the way that Don't Starve Together works.
  14. To be honest, it's normal to be kicked on those kind of servers. Strictly Unprofessional Public is the kind of server that commonly has a lot of players in it - and, as such, most bases are spread apart. Though I don't play on it very often, I remember there being a rule on being in one's base if one does not approve of it. These servers are usually more strict and are mostly "alright, there are multiple players here, but you should probably go make your base on your own anyway". If this isn't your cup of tea, try out another server - usually, public dedicated servers with 2-5 players on it that isn't something like "How to Survive" or "Strictly Unprofessional" and starting in the first 10 days - even better if an admin is on it. These are the best servers. I know you speak Spanish, so... Para ser honesto, es normal ser pateado en ese tipo de servidores. Strictly Unprofessional Public es el tipo de servidor que comúnmente tiene un montón de jugadores en él - y, como tal, la mayoría de las bases se separan. Aunque no juego en él muy a menudo, recuerdo allí ser una regla en estar en una base si uno no lo aprueba. Estos servidores suelen ser más estrictos y son en su mayoría "bien, hay varios jugadores aquí, pero probablemente debería ir a hacer su base en su propia de todos modos". Si esto no es su taza de té, pruebe otro servidor - por lo general, los servidores públicos dedicados con 2-5 jugadores en que no es algo como "How to Survive" o "Strictly Unprofessional" y comenzando en los primeros 10 días . Estos son los mejores servidores.