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  1. yes, iterating once at gamestart and saving all the touchstones would be enough. And iterating one time should not increase starting time that much.
  2. what is your code? I also already implemented torch_pigking setpiece (but did not published it, cause I thought no one would like it) and from few tests I had no problems with it. Or does it not contain the floor by default? edit: ah you attached mod, I will look at it okay, so you made a custom setpiece, not the torch_pigking.lua... hmmm... unfortunately I have no experience with tiles =/ I guess you followed already the tutorial? edit2: If you are creative you could also help me with my QuestMod Project I already had a quest in mind, where we have this torch_pigking, but he is asking you for help, cause these pigs gone wild and no one can gift him things anymore, cause they will attack everyone. So your quest is to destroy those torches. I did not implement this quest yet, cause this quest is quite hard... to hard for being the first quest of pigking... did not have a solution for this so far...
  3. ah yes, I forgt that this needs a number, not an entry. Try: GLOBAL.table.removetablevalue(inst.components.lootdropper.randomloot, entry)
  4. with AddPrefabPostInit for spider, try this: for i,entry in pairs(GLOBAL.deepcopy(inst.components.lootdropper.randomloot)) do if entry.prefab=="monstermeat" then table.remove(inst.components.lootdropper.randomloot, entry) inst.components.lootdropper.totalrandomweight = inst.components.lootdropper.totalrandomweight - entry.weight end end
  5. aaaah, you wanted to outsource code, that usually belongs to modmain, in other files I really wasnt able to read this out of your post, cause you asked about classes and gave code that looked like a new component.
  6. as the log says, you can't call GetModConfig outside of modmain. So instead you could make in your modmain: GLOBAL.TUNING.GRIMM_NUMBER = GetModConfigData("INVENTORY_MAX") and then use this new tuning value in your new component. But I don't get exactly what this has to do with classes ^^ edit: Ah maybe you mean that "init" function in your class? Just take a look at other components, all of them use classes. So I think there is no init function, just put the init stuff under you class definition (like in components). The main problem in your case is (as you may know, but I would like to summarize it): How to replace the stackable replica component only for your character... You can't simply replace the file itself, cause this would also change oter characters or overwrite other mods that change size. But you also can't use the default way, cause it contains local functions you can't change with addcomponentpostint/addclasspostinit... Hmmm...
  7. Thanks for taking the time to make working code for that hmmm I personally like the talking of pigking and other questgivers. Also the colour of text changes depending on how hard the quest is. Do you have an idea where we could use popups without replacing the actual talking style? Otherwise we could implement PopUps optionally in modsettings.
  8. what do you want? A ingame setting screen? The "auto actions" mod has such a thing when pressing "p", maybe the code of the mod helps? Menus and such stuff are very complicated. I'm advanced at lua programming, but I think menu/gui stuff is very very hard and I'm not able to code or even understand it So I would suggest you start with something easier.
  9. of course it is easy to code, if you just change size values. But I think the result will be very poor balanced map, because of the problems of how big +x should be for all the different room_choices. And if you do what you suggested first, only allowing one room_choice per task, it can't work without also making completly new tasks, whcih are then used for worldgeneration. And creating completely new tasks is much work. I still don't know exactly how those "keys"/"locks" work and other important stuff to make my own tasks. So these are the two possibilites I see. The first one is easy to code. But you have to carefully think about how much you increase what, so the result is still balanced.
  10. data.target is the thing you hit, it can be an animal, a structure or a player. You have to check yourself what it is and if it has the "talker" component. If it has (I think pigs have it) then you can make it say something.
  11. use in your postinit from your character inst:ListenForEvent("onattackother", OnAttackOther) Then you define your OnAttackOther(inst,data). data contains data.target So you can check if your target is a player and make him say sth.
  12. some of them are " = 1" , while others are "1 + random" or "random" or "1 or 2". So it is difficult to simply add + x to all of them, cause this will result in total mess The code is from scripts/map/tasks forest.lua and DLCtasks.lua I think you can modify them with AddTaskPreInit / AddRoomPreInit in modmain. But if you want to replace them, you can also just override the forest.lua.
  13. urgh.... I don't think it is a good idea to change the game that heavy... If you plan to do such a massive change, it is better to create completely new map generation, which is a very big task.
  14. what do you think should be changed? A task is added like this in the game: that means that the area "For a nice walk" has BeefalowPlain, MandrakeHome, DeepForest and Forest (there are also 2 other tasks, that includes MandrakeHome), while all except BeefalowPlain have random size, depending on size_variation. What should a mod now change? Add + x to all four of them, to increase the "For a nice walk" area? Or just increase those that have a value unequal 1 by default? Or what?
  15. I just thought someone copied my mod, but luckily it is just another way to achieve the mod idea. Since it is quite interesting and a alternative to fuel, I will link it here (personally I prefer fuel over sanity): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917178229