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  1. so your question is solved? Could you share your solution?
  2. In my unfinished adventure mod, the first world you start is only swamp (start location is small forest). The code is in modworldgenmain (I edited the code from my mod, so it could be that there are few mistakes, I did not test it): AddTaskSetPreInitAny(function(tasksetdata) tasksetdata.tasks = {"Tentacle-Blocked Spider Swamp"} -- world only contains this task and the start location tasksetdata.numoptionaltasks = 0 tasksetdata.optionaltasks = {} tasksetdata.set_pieces = {} tasksetdata.required_prefabs = {"spawnpoint_master"} -- if these miss, the world will reload. By default it contains pigking, so you have to make it at least empty, to remove pigking tasksetdata.overrides={ world_size = "small", wormhole_prefab = "wormhole", layout_mode = "LinkNodesByKeys", season_start = "autumn", autumn = "veryshortseason", winter = "veryshortseason", spring = "veryshortseason", summer = "veryshortseason", } end) I'm not sure anymore what will happen, if you make tasks emtpy... The way it is above it should spawn default start location and the swamp around it. This would be the best way I know of, to make a small world.
  3. the easiest way would be to store your modsetting in TUNING. So in modmain you do GLOBAL.TUNING.MYMODNAME_SPEED = GetModConfigData("characterspeed") and then use TUNING.MYMODNAME_SPEED in your other game files.
  4. The Quest mod is actually a result of my plans to make an Adventure mod: But even this Questmod is such a big task, that I can't do it alone. That's why development of questmod is stuck, cause no one is interested in helping or even testing/balance ideas/story ideas. Adventure mod is even bigger, and I don't have enough time and knowledge to finish that ever alone, that's why I uploaded my unfinished version, so in case someone would like to continue, he can do. Questsmod: There are not that many world gen mods out there. Usually the game is forcing to spawn pigking, so a modder would need to explicit remove pigking. And in this case I think there is a good reason for modder to not spawn pigking. But I could add a check, if pigking is there. If he is not, I could spawn another questgiver instead. About my teleportato mod: Recently someone asked about teleportato in caves at steam. He wrote me at Klei forum and it seems he is going to work on it, to make teleportato parts also spawned in caves. If he succeeds I will incooperate his work in teleportato mod. In this Enhanced Desert mod: The teleportato mod has a function that check, if all parts are in the world. If not it should spawn them randomly in the world. So it should work with "desert only". But this check is also the reason why parts are not spawning in caves yet. Cause I can't communicate between caves and overworld, to see if the parts are in one of these.
  5. Anyone found a permanent solution? I friend of mine always have to delete mods in safe mode (and delete mods) to update any mods... steam does not start automatically (this was suggested somewhere) and he already set up all the folder rights he was able to find. But problem is there are like 3 different right menus with alot of different "users", 5 times himself and all in all it is just a big mess. So it would help alot if someone knows exactly "make this and that setting there".
  6. did it work even though you only edited your local copy that is running on the server? I would expect that the version on the workshop needs that change
  7. you need the "api quest mod" in addtion to this one. It is linked in description. When you have both enabled go to the pigking and examine him while standing near him. Then he will tell you about your quest.
  8. I can add Desert Stones as fuel, yes. The key idea is quite complicated and also complicated to code... but I see no real advantage, so I think it is unlikely I will do this. edit: About adding DesertStones as fuel: At the moment they do act as a way to deactivate the active LD. I'm not familiar on how to add a rightclick-action. That's why I used the DesertStone to trigger the "deactivate" action. If you can help to add a rightclick action for the LD to deactivate it, I can add Stones as fuel.
  9. Unfortunately this mod is quite old and in the comments they are reporting FPS drops... but thanks, I will try.
  10. hm.. okay. No it is not worth the time learning how brains work. Instead I will directly teleport the beefalo to the ringer. (the plan was beefalo runs to the player if in range of 30 or is teleported in range of 30 and runs the rest)
  11. and this is only a very minor problem compared to big gameplay problems like not being able to hit bosses or not being able to walk over 0HP walls and other bugs... So in fact there is no good map icon mod at the moment, that does work without bugs...
  12. thank you I have absolutely no knowledge about brains and how they work So an example would be great. Do you still have it somewhere lying around ?
  13. Hi, I would like to give a "GoToEntity" command to a tamed beefalo, so that it is running to the player. But it seems something else is giving him every ~1 second the command to slowly go to to the player, so he stops running everytime. The main goal is to tell the beefalo that it should run to the player (when he rings a bell, I alreday have the bell and all of it) How to do this properly?
  14. yes, it is stupid windows 10. I also did not find out 100% what to do, to give the permission (try around with folder settings and rights). A temporary solution is to boot windows in "save mode". There you can delete everything. So delete mods there and then start normal again, which will download latest mods again. But I fear as soon as one mod is outdated, you have to do this again. So it is important to change the rifhts of the DST folder so that you have all rights (yes even if you are admin, you dont have the rights by default)
  15. I edited my previous post. Just to make sure you saw it