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  1. For the time being it's just the three stories. Book of Shadows (Prequel) Survive the Shadows (Main Story) Light in the Shadows (Sequel) What will happen going forward, only time will tell. That's all I can really say.
  2. Light in the Shadows: The Gentleman's Song The Gentleman's Song Wilson sighed as he finished up his work for the day. Things were coming together nicely. Though he still saw many possibilities for improvements, there was little he could do when his legs felt like they might buckle under him. Despite that, he still found it in him to head towards the lake, something kept close to him. He had been surprised when Wickerbottom had presented it to him. "Where did you even get this?" "Wilson, I know about the shack." "My house is not a shack! … But thank you." Looking around to be sure no one could see, he took the item - a violin, out of its case as he got into position. He hummed a familiar tune before starting to play in accordance, feeling as if the night around him faded away. There was nothing but him and the music. I don't even know the name of this song yet I've been able to play it ever since I was young. He played on, not noting someone behind a tree was watching him. They kept quiet, eyes wide in wonder as Wilson moved the bow with grace, swaying a didn't want to interrupt him but as fate would have it, a fallen twig gave away their position the minute they stepped on it. "Shoot!" They cursed under their breath. Wilson froze in place, his eyes narrowing. Swiftly, he kicked a small rock right against the tree. "I know you're there!" The person behind the tree flinched at the rock, sighing as they made themselves visible, revealing it was Willow. "Yeesh, don't need to be so violent, Wildork." Wilson's eyes widened, feeling heat come to his face. Now he felt rather silly for overreacting like that. "I-I am so SO sorry. It-It wasn't intentional it was-I just-" Willow shook her head before going over to him, touching his shoulder. "I know, I know, instinct. We're used to monsters popping out of bushes or trees and let's face it, we're still not over it even when we're here." He frowned, giving a nod. "That's exactly it. I still can't get the girls to even sleep in their own tent since the night still scares them." "Yeah and I never go anywhere without a torch. I mean, I love fire but… I can never feel comfortable enough to sleep without it." "I understand, Willow." Wilson's gaze softened. "It helps comfort you and helps you feel safe. I understand completely." Willow nodded, before shaking her head. "Enough about me though." She eyed the violin. "Since when do you play music? I thought you were all about science." "There is science in music!" He insisted. "The study of sound, the vibrations caused by even our own vocal chords. All of it relates to it." He looked at the violin with fondness. "And I've loved it ever since I was young." Willow smiled. "Guess you have some good memories attached to that thing, don't you?" "I do." Wilson sighed happily. "Playing with my mother, learning how to play it properly for the first time, memorizing a song I wanted to play for her, some others that are unclear. I may be fascinated with science but music was part of my up bringing." "That sounds amazing. That song you were playing, what was it? I don't think I've heard it before… Em kind of. I've heard you hum it to the girls and even me but I've never heard anyone else but you hum the tune." "Well… the song in question, while I know it in regards in how to play it, I don't remember the title. I just… I'm not sure why but anytime I play it or hum it I just feel calm." "Maybe someone played it for you whenever you were tired or stressed to help you calm down?" "Perhaps. It might've been my mother. She was always taking care of me. Never wanted me hurt or ill. Never liked seeing me sad." He frowned. "... Goodness, I haven't seen her in so long." "Is she still around?" "Last time I wrote a letter to her she was. I imagine she still is. Goodness, she might be worried about me since the last time I wrote her a letter it was quite a few months ago and that before I crossed paths with Maxwell." "Well, if we ever find a way to go to Earth maybe you could find her and then bring her here or something." "Maybe… I'd… really rather not bother her." "Why not? You said she might be worried. Why wouldn't you visit her?" "Willow… I…" Wilson looked away. There was pain in his eyes. "I'm nothing but a disgrace. She should be ashamed of me. I'm considered the runt of my family. The screw up. That's all I ever did. Why would she want to see a failure-" "Now just a minute!" Willow snapped, turning his face so he was looking her in the eyes. "You, Wilson Percival higgsbury are NOT a screw up! You hear me!? Does a screw up build a fort like the one you did? Does a screw up build all the tools you did? Does a screw up go out of his way to help complete strangers and then take them in and help them successfully? Does a screw up trick a SHADOW KING? I don't know what kind of mother you have but if she always viewed you as a runt then screw her! You're much more than that!" "N-No! It wasn't Mum!" "Then who DID say that!?" Wilson bit his lip. "Our extended family. People I'd rather not ever see again for as long as I live. Mother always defended me against them but… Willow… There's a lot of places my mind went when I moved out of my mother's home. Not all of them good." Willow frowned. "Wilson." "I just… I just wanted to prove them wrong. So badly… Yet in the end I failed." Willow shook her head. "Wilson. You've fought monsters of every kind, you've built countless things, you took two little girls under your wing and have been doing your best to raise them, you dethroned a king, you're a prince and a leader. I don't think that's failure in any form. Sure, you might've fallen down in the past but Wilson that's the past. I know it's hard to let go but what matters is where you are now. And for your mother, since she was defending you and I'm assuming loved you with all her heart, I think she would be proud of you." Wilson was quiet before a smile came to his face, a touched look in his eyes. "Willow… Thank you. That means a lot." He ran a hand through his hair. "Goodness, listen to me. Why do I sill even worry about that? … Sometimes my mind just goes places I suppose… and my mother was a strong person, She raised me basically by herself with help from my grandfather and grandmother." "Sounds strong for that alone." Willow cupped a cheek in her hand. "Also, one more thing I'm adding to the list of accomplishments. You took a pyro in who was probably the most unstable person you would ever meet despite her threatening you at first." Wilson chuckled, leaning into her hand. "You know it was only the one time you threatened to burn my hair off, right?" He brought his hand over hers. "And Willow, to give my own compliment, you are far more than just a "pyro"." "I suppose." She smiled. "No suppose. You're the light to my darkness… Em sorry…" He blushed. "I mean, You've had my back this entire time." Willow shook her head, nuzzling him gently, blushing a bit herself. "Dork." "Heh." "Wilson, if you get the chance, see your mother. I don't know what it's like to have parents but I know if I did, I would want to treasure every moment I had with them." "I promise I will and I'll bring her to meet you too." "That would be fun." Willow smiled. "But for now…" She eyed his violin. "Would you care to treat me with some music?" WIlson grinned, giving a bow before getting into position. "I would be honored, M'lady. Any requests?" "Hm… I want to hear that song you were playing earlier. The nameless one." "Very well." He closed his eyes, humming a bit as he started to play. Wilson and Willow swayed to the music, the world around them fading away. Wilson opened his eyes, gazing at Willow, smiling gently. Willow smiled back, sighing happily. It was just the two of them and the music. And I'm lucky to have her.
  3. I'm glad you find my artwork interesting and fun along with my animations. =) Means a lot. Happy reading in regards to mine and Storm's story.
  4. He looks great! Make way for da boss! Can't wait to see his Rose Skin.
  5. I've always wanted to do one of these ever since I saw Akili-Amethyst's series of them on deviant Art. (They're really awesome by the way go check them out. She's got loads of different kinds.) Also, I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since I was a kid and the stained glass window designs we see in the games were always so pretty to me so doing this was a lot of fun and well, wish fulling since I as mentioned before, I wanted to do one of my own. So fun fact about this image, it has been sitting on my desktop for awhile and I kind of just let it sit there because I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it. Then yesterday I was busy cleaning my desktop and found it again and well, decided to pick it back up. I had images I could use for the circles so that saved time on that and I just had to redraw Wilson, then of course, add colors. I'm really really really happy with how this came out. The colors, the images just... ah. Finally I got it to work and looks pretty and isn't too hard on the eyes. And yeah, that's all I got. Wanna make one yourself? Go check out the template I used which you can find here: Stained Glass Template -01-
  6. "Snrk! Really? He's THAT old?" "Yes. He's... kind of insecure about it sometimes." "AM NOT! So what if I'm just a bit over five thousand years old!? That's not THAT old!" Considering Maxwell has been around to see the Egyptians and has existed before they came around I think five thousand might be a smidge off in regards to his actual age.
  7. Yep, he's new. William and Jack's father. Haven't really felt the need to bring him up much since he's a very minor character in all the stories Storm and I have.
  8. More Magic Friends AU. (The AU where William and Maxwell actually get along and are friends. That’s what I’m calling it now. Might change it again but who knows. For now it’s Magic Friends.) Unlike Survive the Shadows/Don’t Starve Together Journals, William met Maxwell when he was fairly young. Reason that happened, well... William’s father, Milo Carter, who is an author and book collector, came across the Codex Umbra during a trip to one of his book trade posts. The book apparently had popped out of nowhere according to the trade dealer and they’re not even sure what was in it. Milo found himself drawn to the book for some odd reason and was willing to take the book off the trade person’s hands. They agreed and Milo brought it home with his other books to his study. Enter a very curious young William Carter who is always excited when his father brings home new books to read. While Milo had to tend to something, William opens the book and starts flipping through it, finding pictures of odd creatures and text of a different language. Before he knows it, out falls a person made of shadows who finds himself baffled at his surroundings. He’s caught off guard by William who is fascinated with the being before him. The being asks where he is and William answers promptly they’re in his father’s study to which the being also asks if this is Earth. William confirms this and the shadow being becomes distraught saying he’s far from home. William offers to help but the being chuckles, telling him that his home is a world far far from this place and sadly there isn’t much either can do. He explains he’s tied to the tome and sadly can’t do anything about that. William frowns at this and offers that he could stay here if he wanted since he has no place to go. The shadow being is caught off guard by this and asks if the boy is certain since he’s not the most pleasant thing to look at. William grins at him and says it’s fine and that he’s not that scary looking. The being chuckles at this and takes up his offer finding he doesn’t really have other options is quite amused with the boy. William introduces himself and the shadow being tells him his name is Maxwell. And thus the friendship begins. More details later. I just wanted an excuse to draw Wittle William and bring back Shadow Max since it’s been forever since he showed his face. He’s gotten some upgrades since that time due to some things but I’ll talk about that later. In the mean time, I present this. Ah AUs are fun. So many possibilities. Enjoy~
  9. Variety is the spice of life as some say. Wouldn't be fun if I always stuck to one thing.
  10. Looking good so far! =) Wayne looks adorable! And as for outfit ideas in regards to Rose, Triumphant and GoH: With GoH Wayne might've had one good suit in his wardrobe. "Sunday Best" in a sense. Doesn't have to be anything super fancy but it can be nice and would still match his common labourer theme. Triumphant is if the character was the ruler so they can make any clothes they want for themsleves. With Wayne triumphant is rising above the labourer class so it wouldn't be too odd to see him dressed high class. Rose I always imagine Charlie herself designs this particular skin so she could've given Wayne a nice suit or comfy clothes. So long as it has roses and is presentable it's a rose skin. And that's all I got. Best of luck! =) Can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. Awww... Albert. you precious cinnamon roll. What a gentlemanly thing to do. And daawwww! >w< That ending!
  12. “Jack, stop, please! This isn’t like you!” “Funny, I think I remember saying something like that to you a few years back.” “Brother…” “Now, hold still. I promise this will only hurt for a minute.” Like I said, if Jack completely lost it and was angry enough, he would go this far with his insane escapades as a Repo Man. Emphasis on insane because this would only get this bad if his sanity was non existent and he was under Their influence and considering if he was going on a rampage with Shadow Weavers, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they were messing with his head. Including making him forget his oath to do no harm. So yeah… Maxwell could use some help right about now.
  13. Em.. Minespatch. That's Bobbie.
  14. EEEEEEE!!!! >w< SO DARN CUTE!!! They came out adorable Quoth!