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  • Biography Hello! Aileen Rose! Young aspiring artist, animator and story teller. Still learning a lot but hey, I'm willing to put up with the work. Just how I am. Currently studying art in college and trying to figure out life. Just the usual stuff.
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  1. Robert's official design with color! After so many trial errors and he finally comes to full color and I love it.
  2. Wilson could really use a hug right now. (Like seriously, he's hit rock bottom.)
  3. "You were amazing up there."
  4. wilsonhiggsbury

    A wild set of trainers appeared in my sketchbook.
  5. Firestarter to the rescue. (And a call back to the design of the chapter 3 cover of Survive the Shadows.)
  6. This thing isn't even fully animated and it took my sanity. Thank heavens it's done. Now I can move on to the other stuff. Thank you to those who attended the stream. Even if you only saw the rough skeleton version only and some of the line art. The support was still appreciated.
  7. Ancient One!Charlie. Don't mess with her. Lest you want pain. (I think I might be liking this crossover just a smidge too much.)
  8. Enter Ancient One!Charlie.
  9. XD Thanks. It just had to be done after talking about it at the stream.
  10. I love stuff like this. Sure these two will never be best buds but they can find common ground in the situation they're in and try to make it work in some regard. Especially since in the end they both just want to get Charlie back.
  11. Some Strange!Willowson to wind down for the night. Needed to de-stress and these two seem to do the trick some times.
  12. He rocks the goatee and the duds pretty well.
  13. "Maxwell, I've come to bargain!"
  14. The Carter Brothers.
  15. So with this project I have to do for school I wouldn't mind company when I'm working on boards. I don't know when they will be hosted I just know usually I hold them after I get home from school which is around 5:00 PM MST if nothing pops up that is. Plus I have to worry about other assignments. But regardless, I will be hosting them and showing off what I'm working on for this new board. Mainly visuals though since I'm hesitant to show off audio. But we'll see. Who knows. Either way, I would be pleased to have your company whenever I do host them. It would be a huge help to my sanity. Thanks! - Aileen Rose