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  1. Hey guys, sorry if there's kind of lull at this point in DST content. Been fandom hopping again as it were and well have been a little distracted. Big Hero 6, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Yu-Gi-Oh! and a few other fandoms kind of stole my attention. Also, original works, that too. It's been fun working on original content. Especially my original comic Wing Time, which has priority one in regards to keeping updated constantly. Just... happy to have my own work up and running. It's a good feeling you know?

    So yeah, I'm not done with DST just kind of a small break for awhile. I'm really burnt out at the moment and I don't want to make content that isn't passionate. I'll still do things here and there just not as frequent as I used to be. I apologize for that. I know there's still a lot to wrap up but I'm not feeling up to it right now.

    I'll still be updating Strangely Scientific and I have two storyboards on the way but Survive the Shadows the story series is going to be taking a back seat for a little bit.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

    Love you guys.


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      Hey, as long as you're busy. Don't be afraid to post your other fandom stuff in the off-topic section., Your work is always appreciated.:wilson_smile:

    2. DragonMage156
  2. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    “Need something, M’Lady?” “I demand cuddles.” (Been awhile since I’ve done Disney Starve. This felt nice. Nice ring by the way Willow.)
  3. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    "Wilson why not give the poor girl some moggles?" - Anon Wilson: Once we can get moving again I’m sure I could find the materials I need but for right now we’re stuck with what we have. "So wilson what's it like having those fangs?" - Anon Wilson: Least they don’t cause any issues of me being able to talk properly.
  4. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    He probably would brag buuuuuut he wouldn't be too thrilled about looking like one. Being a bug person doesn't exactly scream dapper for him. Eh honestly both are some days though for Wilson it's more so not really knowing how to process how he feels.
  5. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    " So Laika, how's it like walking on two legs instead of six? (And not having a tail. You're cute as a human btw ^_^ )" - dragon-mage-156 Laika: And I miss my tail. Q____Q "Look on the bright side, you have night vision" - Anon Wilson: Poor girl isn’t used to the idea of relying on a torch to see and keep her safe from the darkness. Laika: S-Stay away monsters… I… I have a torch and I’m not a afraid to use it! "Laika, Wilson. You both have a lifetime of experience with your original sets of legs. How well are you helping eachother learn to deal with this change? (Also, Wilson, calm down. They'll probably think it's cool if your friends see you.)" - Anon Wilson: I just… don’t know what they would make of this. Especially Willow. Laika: Willow… Oh, that lady friend of yours you’re so fond of. Well, if she really liked you, she wouldn’t care. Wilson: *slight blush* I… I just don’t know… That’s the thing… I just don’t.
  6. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    "Wilson how does it feel to be a Thulecitian?" - Anon Wilson: I can’t walk with these stupid legs, I feel exposed in this form and… Oh I don’t know if I could stand to let the others see me like this. This is just… Oh science… I’m not even sure what they would think… I… I… *goes off on a nervous ramble* (Oh dear… Em… Anyone care to calm the scientist down?) (Then someone did.... Sort of.) "*gives wilson some cookies* everything will be fine" - Anon Well… that’s a little better, I guess. Wilson: I still hate this. (More shenanigans to come with Thulecitian Wilson.)
  7. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    "What would happen if Laika and wilson swapped forms/ bodies for a few days?" - Anon Oh, both would probably be freaking out for a day or two and having a hard time adjusting to the forms. Especially in the leg department. Wilson: OAe WHY!? Laika: This feels wrong on SO many levels. O___e Though Wilson looks oddly good as a Thulecitian… and Laika’s kind of cute as a red headed girl. As for how this happened… I’m calling shenanigans and ruins juju.
  8. Strangely Scientific - Story

    That’s… never good.
  9. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    Whoa!!!! OAO That looks gorgeous!!
  10. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    Laika slumped over a broken wall of thulecite, panting, holding up her prize from the slain depth worm. “Well… least I got a glow berry out of it before the reinforcements showed up.” Albert was still trying to catch his breath from the long run they had just had from the hoard of depth worms, the young man clenching his chest, leaning back against the wall. “You’re… insane… you know that? Grandma said… never to pick fights with those bloody things… They always come in… in swarms…” “I’m a trained Thuelcitian warrior, things like them don’t scare me. I could’ve taken them all.” “Sure… Sure… Keep telling yourself that.” Laika looked up, giving a bit of a glare. “Hey, I saved your rear, I’d watch the tone if I were you, you Albert.” “First off, Albert is my NAME, not my species. I’m a human… well, mostly. I’m not even sure anymore these days. Second, let’s remember you almost skewered me before the worm showed up so pardon me for not being grateful to someone who almost killed me before saving me.” Laika sighed, lowering her head. “Point taken. I apologize for my brashness. I’ve never seen anything like you before and with how you were looking around the ruins I thought you were looking to steal artifacts or defile the area like the splumonkies do. I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge.” “Like I said, I was just looking for bananas.” Albert’s stomach growled. “Which sound really good right now. I haven’t really eaten much today and I was hoping to bring some back to Grandma to make a dish out of.” Laika hummed in thought before setting down her spear, setting the glow berry next to it. “Wait here.” Laika hurried off, leaving Albert by himself. The young man wasn’t sure if he should take the chance to run or do as Laika said. He was still short of breath and with hunger being a factor he wasn’t sure if he would make it far enough to escape the creature if she were to chase him. But before he could think another minute on it, he saw her coming back, a whole bushel of bananas in her arms. “Please, accept these as an apology. I don’t want ill will between us. I was always taught it’s better to make friends with other species rather than enemies if possible and… you don’t seem so bad.” She offered the bushel to him. Albert looked at the bushel for a moment before taking it, giving a small smile. “Grandma wouldn’t want there to be contention between us and your species. We only want peace and to be able to live here so… I accept your apology em… I didn’t quite get your name.” Laika giggled, giving a bow. “Laika. It’s nice to meet you, Albert.”
  11. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    "Hello, Edward. I have a question for you: if you didn't go down the musical path, what career would you have chosen?" - Nightwonder7 Edward: Knowledge can be a power after all. "Hey Edward why is your hair like that?" - Anon Edward: Least that’s what my father told me and I believe it. He had it, I have it and so does my son. Illogical hair just runs in the family for the men apparently. "Hey, Edward! Have you ever heard music from the 21st century? If so, what are your thoughts?" - Lumi-Night Edward: Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the rock and roll genre but it’s interesting to listen to. Just wouldn’t call it my favorite. (Aileen: He only has my music to go by so he hasn’t heard certain genres like rap. Though in honesty Ed wouldn’t really like it all that much.) (All the asks Edward has gotten so far. XD; Which ain't much.)
  12. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    "Laika, has there always been one Grue?" - Quoth143 Laika: While our people are rather knowledgeable about Them and The Night Monster the thing is They kind of… how should I put it… They like changing the rules because they can? I don’t know but I’ve only known one Night Monster my whole life. There’s a chance there could be more than one though. I mean, my elders once said that The Night Monster was our past Queen but The Night Monster I’ve seen looks nothing like us Thulecitians. So… who knows. Maybe there is more than one. I can’t really say. Like I said, They like changing the rules because they can. They wrote them after all so everything bends to their whim. Including The Night Monster. "So Laika, you mentioned you could walk up walls. Is there any reasons or something important that that can help you do?" - dragon-mage-156 Laika: It helps with hiding. I can go over ledges and grip onto the walls to avoid being seen by certain creatures. I mainly hide from things like those busted machine monsters. (Especially the ones that shoot lightning from their eye.)
  13. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    " Laika, have you ever had a bad experience with nightmare fuel?" - nightwonder7 Laika: Yes. When I was very young and still learning to be a warrior. We Thulecitians won’t deny that we once used the substance to make our tools but we’ve been finding alternatives that don’t require Nightmare Fuel to make our armors, staffs, spears, everything. We once got by without it so we don’t see why we can’t go back to those ways. We don’t want to depend on it anymore since the discovery of the flip side of the uses of Nightmare Fuel. Exposure to raw Nightmare Fuel for extended periods of time without intervention or consuming far too great amounts can have terrible affects. Even on us Thuelcitians, it can change us from what we are into… into… *shudder* I saw it happen. Someone in our village who couldn’t help themselves. They were addicted to it and used to much and… It… It… It was… IT WAS AWFUL! I refuse to the touch the stuff. Yes, it does have its uses but after what I saw I don’t EVER want to use it. I don’t want it to do to me what I saw it do to that villager. What it’s done to other creatures in the ruins. I don’t… I don’t want to… S-Sorry… I just want forget I ever saw that whole thing. I’m sorry. (Based around a few quotes Maxwell has said in regards to Nightmare Fuel: Nightmare Light - “The overuse of fuel was their downfall.” Armor Skeleton - “Like all things, it craves the fuel.” Minotaur - “My my, the fuel has changed you.” Yeah Laika is terrified off the stuff and in no ways wants to be near it out of fear of what it can do to her. It’s the one thing that can scare her to the point of tears due to what she saw and what she has seen what Nightmare Fuel can do to creatures if handled improperly.)