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  1. I might be having too much fun with this short story board. (Almost finished. Just have another wave of boards to finish but saving that for tomorrow since I'm exhausted.) Some Bobbie and Albert And Bobbie, Jenny and Charlie talking about something.
  2. Awww... That's so sweet.
  3. A wild dancer appeared.
  4. Doing a short storyboard practice this week. And by short, I mean the video is simple and is only barely 3 minutes so it shouldn't take me too terribly long to complete. Heard a song today and well, I had to put visuals to it. I have all the roughs down just need to do all the cleaning like you see here in this shot. This scene isn't part of anything in particular. Not Survive the Shadows, the DSTJ or whatever other AUs Storm and I have. It's just its own thing. I guess I could say it might be Wilson and Albert but that's debatable. I dunno, you be the judge. As for what the song is, just wait and see. Oh and just so people don't get confused, that's Edward and Albert on that bench. What they're doing their, just wait and see.
  5. Redesign of Shadow Maestro Edward Higgsbury.
  6. Light in the Shadows: Comfort in the Dark Comfort in the Dark Wendy couldn't sleep. Even though there was virtually no danger outside and she had her sister alive and well on the bed roll across from her, she still couldn't relax. She could swear it seemed like the roof of the tent was moving in closer towards her in the dark… and she hated it. Why do we gotta have our own tent? It's not fair. "Abi…?" She whispered. "Abi, you up?" "Mm…?" Abigail yawned a bit. "Yeah, Sis…?" Wendy frowned, feeling a small pang of guilt, wondering if she had woken her twin up. "I didn't wake you, did I?" "Nope, I've still been awake. I can't sleep." "Me either." Abigail sighed. "The dark may be safe now yet… it doesn't feel safe. I still feel like something is waiting to get us." Wendy nodded. "Me too." She sat up, feeling around for the lantern Wilson had given them. She soon found it and turned it on, illuminating the tent. "I don't like sleeping in here all alone either. Papa was always with us before." "Yeah, Willow too. We knew if something came they'd both be up and take care of whatever it was but now it's just you and me. It… feels lonely." Wendy got up, bringing her blanket around her like a cloak. "Then let's find Papa. He wouldn't be mad, right?" "I don't think so." Abigail got her blanket as well, taking her sister's hand. "Come on." They headed out of their tent, making their way around quietly in the camp. Some survivors were still up, sitting around the campfire, talking the night away but none of them were Wilson so the girls paid no mind to them. They soon came upon Wilson's tent, peering inside, surprised to see Wilson himself was still up. He was reading a book and taking notes by lantern light. "Papa?" Wendy spoke up. "You're still awake?" "I thought you said it was bedtime." Abigail blinked. Wilson looked to the girl's in surprise, giving a sheepish look. "I couldn't sleep. Insomnia." He gave a concerned look. "Though you two should be in bed. Is something wrong?" "We hate our tent!" Both twins exclaimed. "It's dark and it's scary and it's too far away from you!" Wilson was taken aback, nearly falling over in surprise. "G-Girls…" Wilson wasn't sure what to say in response. I thought they were excited at the idea of having their own "room" as it were. I didn't expect this. "W-We thought it'd be fun." Abigail looked down. "But it doesn't feel safe. Once the light was off we couldn't relax and it still feels like something's watching us. Waiting to get us cause you're not there." "C-Can we please stay?" Wendy pleaded. Both twins looked exhausted and there was some lingering fear in their eyes. Wilson's gaze soften a bit, a small smile crossing his face. He set down his book and journal, patting the areas beside him on his straw roll. "Come here." They hurried over, lying beside him, Wendy on his right Abigail on his left. "Thanks Papa." Abigail hugged his side. "Sorry. It's just… hard." "It's okay." Wilson stroked her hair. "I completely understand." She relaxed, nuzzling his hand a little. "We love you." "A lot." Wendy added, huddling close, a yawn escaping her. "Just… don't wanna be too far." Wilson made himself comfortable, dimming the light of the lantern, bringing them closer to him. "And I love you both so much." He brought his blanket over all three of them. "And I want you to feel safe so, you're welcome to my tent. Besides, you're my girls, I wouldn't have it any other way." The twins smiled, laying their heads on his shoulder. "Thanks, Papa." Wendy whispered. "We won't kick or nothin'." Abigail yawned, closing her eyes, curling up. "And we'll help in the mornin'." "I know you will." Wilson gave them both a kiss on the head. "But right now you just need to sleep and if any monster wants to get you, they're going through me first." "And you'll kick their butts?" "And make 'em run away?" "You know it." Wilson smiled. The twins smiled, relaxing against him. It wasn't long before they were both fast asleep, keeping close to their father. Safe and sound. Wilson gave a gentle look, shifting a bit so the girls were comfortable before closing his eyes, drifting off himself. Sweet dreams.
  7. Even if that hat and coat are way too big for her to do any such feats
  8. Pffffft love the Nightmare Before Christmas ref. Wilson would be in heaven with that game.
  9. Eating a mandrake when friends are near by because I can and make everyone fall asleep... I can be naughty when I want to be.
  10. SO MUCH GUILT. XD The M actually stands for Maxwell. He made Wiley's computer.
  11. It's a problem when parents of certain characters break the 4th wall and find out some of the horrible stuff I've put their kids through. Well, least the brother didn't find out or I'd be double screwed. Don't tell on meeeee.
  12. Lucerna… Forgive me for being so foolish.
  13. It is him. Really roughed up, but it is the Gentleman Scientist.
  14. (Spoiler just in case since I'm not sure what the limit is in regards to blood.)