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  1. Actually, a way simpler way to do it (while also preventing slowing from spider creep) would be to add the following line of code under your character prefab's master_postinit function: inst.components.locomotor:SetSlowMultiplier( 1 ) This sets the speed of the prefab when it is slowed by any source. Setting it to "1" is basically saying that if your character is slowed, they'll move at 1x their original speed.
  2. In honey_trail.lua, near the top is the function OnUpdate: "for i, v in ipairs(TheSim:FindEntities(x, y, z, rad, { "locomotor" }, { "flying", "playerghost", "INLIMBO" })) do" is a loop that only executes if it "finds entities" WITH the tag specified on the left (locomotor) and WITHOUT the tags specified on the right (flying, playerghost, INLIMBO). This means in the prefab file for your character, you can use inst:AddTag to create a new tag for them. Let's call it "honeywalker." Then, copy honey_trail.lua into your own mod prefab folder, and alter the above code like so: Simply add "honeywalker" on the right. This lets the OnUpdate function know not to apply the speed multiplier to your prefab, since they have the honeywalker tag.
  3. In dynamicmusic.lua, there's a table for TRIGGERED_DANGER_MUSIC. This determines what music should play during "special" situations, such as being near the Bee Queen or the Moon Caller event. My mod directly edits dynamicmusic.lua in order to have special music play for my boss; however this is awful for a variety of reasons, such as incompatibility with future updates and other mods that alter dynamicmusic.lua, like the awesome Dusk and Night Music mod. MY QUESTION IS: Is there some kind of function a la AddRecipe that allows me to add music events without editing dynamicmusic.lua? I assume it cannot be directly accessed from modmain.lua since the table itself is local. Thank you in advance for any help/clarification!
  4. Beneath a Crimson Moon The Shadows are relentless, chattering in the dark, gnawing into the back of your skull... but what if They aren't the only malign, otherworldly presence in this strange world you find yourself in? Other dark forces are at work, finding purchase in this world through profane, esoteric rituals, and they covet blood. STEAM WORKSHOP: FEATURES A new magical staff with which to destroy your enemies. Two new creatures with new, strange behaviors. New world interactions involving the Moon Rock and a spawning structure, the Wretched Altar. A new, terrifying boss that plunges the world into eternal darkness. Eclipse Caller's Staff "It seems to be calling out for something." - Wilson The Star Caller's Staff, once a wondrous magical tool that brought light wherever it went has been corrupted and twisted by the Thing that sleeps within the new moon. When cast, it summons a hole to the infinite void where your cursor is placed, consuming the life of anything that comes near - including yourself... To obtain this terrible weapon, you must repair the Moonstone and insert the Star Caller's Staff, just as you would if you wanted to create the Moon Caller's Staff. However, you must wait until the new moon rather than the full moon. You must defend the Moonstone as usual, but when the event is finished, you will find the Eclipse Caller's Staff has replaced the Star Caller's Staff. Wretched Altar "A ghastly display of theological fervor." - Wickerbottom Deep within the fetid marshlands, the Merms have built a disturbing center of worship for their twisted gods. They are protected by the Zealots... and hold the key to awakening an unspeakable evil. Merm Zealots "They serve the dark machinations of their twisted gods." - Wendy The holy men among the Merms, the Zealots conduct their insane rituals among the poisoned marshland earth. At most times, they are content to stay near the Wretched Altar, but should you successfully create the Eclipse Caller's staff, you will soon find they covet your new weapon... and will hunt you down and kill you if need be. They lead parties of Altered Merms, and fling orbs of dark lightning in combat. Altered Merms "Exposure to their gods has... affected them." - Maxwell Monstrous Merms that have regressed into an even more primal and vicious state, they follow their Zealot masters and mercilessly chase down whoever the Zealots direct them toward. While idle, they occasionally vomit up pools of a strange black liquid. Repulsive... and deadly. The Eclipse Caller's Staff offers terrible power to those who dare to wield it. But should it fall into the gnarled claws of the Zealots, they will attempt to bring it to the Wretched Altar. Pray they do not reach it, lest the Thing be summoned, and the world cursed, plunged into a horrible night that never ends. Destroy the Thing, and perhaps you may yet see light again. TRAILER BUGS AND BAD THINGS Now that I have released this ineffable cosmic terror upon the world, it is up to YOU to make sure it works properly! If you find any bugs, please report them in this thread, and if a crash occurs, please provide the log text found in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/client_log, and/or a screenshot of the error message that displays when the crash happens! Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions as well! I am very open to criticism and improvement! Most of all, have fun and DON'T STARVE! CREDITS Merm Zealot, Eclipse Caller's Staff Moonstone FX and black liquid pools are edits of existing DST assets (Merm, Moon Caller's Staff, moonbase_fx, and honey_trail respectively) Altered Merm and Emissary of the Abyss are edits of Shipwrecked assets (Dragoon and Quacken respectively) Emissary of the Abyss battle theme = The Final Combat (Darkest Dungeon OST) Merm Zealot battle screams = Fallout 3 Feral Ghoul sounds. Emissary of the Abyss screech = Banshee scream from Mass Effect 3. Other sounds from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. All scripting done by me SELF-PROMOTION I have another mod! It is called Plague of Garms Together and it is the first mod I made for DST. Check it out of you like this mod, or just want another mob in the world to make life harder!
  5. Nah, the problem was that I didn't make the network aware of it. At least I think that's what the problem was because it was fixed after I did that. I even figured out how to get the music to play when nearby, Bee Queen/Toadstool/Dragonfly style. Thanks though!
  6. It's such an incredibly stupid and random error that I just can't figure out. Makes fighting the creature a lot lamer than it could be. Pretty much works fine otherwise too, which is double lame. It plays when you get hit near the creature, but it doesn't play when you hit it. I AM using a custom song, but I know that's not the problem because it was doing this before I implemented it too. The creature doesn't have any tags that would suppress combat music like "prey," "noepicmusic" "wall," etc. I'm not sure if there's any relevant code I could post because I have no idea what the problem is. I'll include the zipped file though if anyone wants to trouble themselves looking through it. It doesn't currently spawn in the world so just use "c_spawn("kraken", 1)" if you want to see it for yourself. Thank you in advance for any help! EDIT: Here's modmain.lua since posting that seems to be protocol 'round these parts. Sorry!