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  1. Looks like Willow loss and Webber won, time to pull out the dancing spiders as celebration :^)
  2. Holds up a "Team Webber" flag from the void
  3. Thenks uwu the cringe is real fam save yourself *Gives you Blue* Enjoy the smol oc. Don't mind me adding more cringe into my art haha i want to meme
  4. No you can only have one :V
  5. Are you guys ready for "Ancient cringeworthy" sketches I found and decided to randomly finish since I can??? I hope you're ready for this.
  6. Pharah is a furry too, her default armor looks like a hawk or a eagle, they are bOTH Furries. It was hilarious of how our Genji actually did chase me around while I was trying to go find scrapes of metal for him, and throughout the whole time I was just like:"I'm tRYING GENJI PLS" Adopt a smol Inigo today.
  7. EFX is a huge dork of a friend of mines, he's a huge meme and we like to playfully argue a lot about if the Sun/Moon is better. i'm on team moon, sun is for scrubs fight me X: and we like to talk about anime because we are trash friends like that. Also because of this:
  8. You come into my art thread and say something like this, you guys just tricked yourself because I actually did it. Here's some bonus art since I feel like sharing more of my oc's since @Ootay is in love with the ones I have shown so far.
  9. *Heavy Breathing* bless you Toaster,, the inspiring based of my style so good man,, bless. It's byootiful ;u;
  10. The title of the art thread is a lie, Good art IS included!
  11. The memes are truly dank here.
  12. I love the videos, better editing than I will ever do!
  13. I'm interested in doing the puzzle, if you want to add me on steam my name is luivul

  14. Anyone interested in doing the puzzle together? hit me up with a Pm if ya do!