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  1. I'm back from my PC hiatus of just being lazy to get on the darn PC, I'm mostly dead on the forums really. so I'd like to apologize to anyone who was following my Don't Starve Art thread since I'm most likely not going to draw another work for it in awhile since I kinda lost interest of Don't Starve When it comes to art. (except drawing my boi Webber.) and I'm more into Overwatch lately, I'm more active on Discord, so that's another reason why I've been not so active. I do however plan to make a Non-DST art thread since @Paxtonnnn suggested it, I just need to stop being dang lazy, for now enjoy this video.



  2. Wait really?? Aw, that would of been interesting to see though!
  3. I doodled a smol webbr and I guess I can post it here. 


  4. Tfw I want to animate stuff but at the same time I know animation is going to be the end of me.


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      ANIMATE STUFF OR I WILL... Uhhh... I will... uh...



      Be more annoyin- Wait, that's impossible.

      Let me think- Wait I can't do that either.


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      @Paxtonnnn If I'm not so dang lazy I would gladly post horrible animations.

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      happy birthday toastie!

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      Oh wow happy super late birthday

  8. I keep getting mentioned here by my friends and now I feel like I must spread the good word about my buddies. @Arlesienne When I first got DST, I had really no friends to play it with and was very shy to play even a Klei server for a good amount of days, It was lonely and boring so I came into the Forums and met Arles here. I saw her kind remarks on a post and I thought. 'She's very nice, maybe I can chat with her?' And bam! we became friends and I got introduced into randomness and so on, blah, blah, Basically I give Arles so much credit since without them, I'd probably wouldn't be here since I'd back out due to shyness and wouldn't be so great at DST now. Thank you, so much Keeps, I truly mean it. You deserve so much really. @MeingroessterFan HOLY NEBBY, Mein was such a fun-guy who just appeared one day and decided to join or join and I fell in love with him. (PLATONIC) And I started to call him by "Mien" since I wanted to make a "Sam & Max" jokes with our nicknames being kinda close to it. (I'm called Nein since my steam/discord thingy is NeonNinjaB1ue) He's a really cool guy who writes really cool stories and He's the best WX I've ever known and he should be proud of himself and I would gladly spam him my cute art if I wasn't so lazy at times, Stay awesome Mein!! @Youknowwho My bwuddy Toaster, we haven't been friends in a long time per-say but I had great times already in the servers we're in together and how much fun was. Love your art and how you're just Toast. very creative If I do say so myself. You're amazing Toaster! @Paxtonnnn Fellow Edge-guy, I like your art style and the servers you host that have Myself, Toaster, and You are very fun and hilarious at times. You're great and you shouldn't say so negative stuff about yourself buddy, I'm rootin' for ya Pax, ask me whenever you want some cute drawings! @minespatch I just wanted to say thanks for all the positive comments you would say in my art thread that usually had myself and others interacting and just chatting in it, yeah I want kinda nervous to post my art at first but, thanks to you i'm really not so shy now about posting, You're amazing and your art is really nicely done! can't forget the memes either! @GiddyGuy Fellow memer who is also a Wicker main? heck yeah he's great and cool! @Ootay Last but not least, the meme queen herself, I had fun and talking with you is just great, I also love all the meme jokes and fun times we had, you're amazing and I'm glad we became friends! It's like, 2 AM when I wrote this, if I missed anyone, just let me know so I can edit you in here and throw myself into the void.
  9. Ha? Really?? Webber is wearing a scarf that a OC of mines wears and I kinda put it on him as a shoutout no one would get except for myself. (Since I haven't posted non-DST related art yet.) and I gave WX a Navy-bluish one since blue is my favorite color. What a coincidence.
  10. Thanks bby I love you too, strictly platonic though. <3 The struggle is real isn't it.
  11. I've been dying! Haha get it?? cause I was dead lately and I need to finish my art for once? I've been slacking with DST art but that's okay since I can post this in the meantime since I'm re-drawing some older sketchs lately, (I'm still workin on Giddy's and Mein request I swear i'm just slow and I'm sorry. ;-;)
  12. Watched the Starver's Carol and I get to see my boy Webber being all happy and I can't,,


  13. Haha, Thanks Mine! I'm doing fine. Just gotta turn in some school work and then I can finally focus on art. Ironically, I got Webber's Skull after killing one spider as Willow. Oh geez, Hallo! Thanks for finding my art to be cute!
  14. It's our girl Abigail.
  15. It's ya fellow memer/artist back with. bear with me with this... More sketches since my Internet was being weird and I had limits to sites I could go on until now!! This is what I've been working on during school hours, I gotta get to coloring it soon. Can you spot the new OTP with Brrodling and Kittykit?? Re-do of some old sketch. It looks way more better and cuter than the original. Oh hey look, I finished a artwork finally. Slowly but steady finishing Giddy's request. I broke the rules of Mein's request of some formal Webber and I added Glommer. Last, but not least! we have this drawing I did, so yeah. sorry for the slow progress by the way. I wanted to finish some drawings yesterday but I got sick and suddenly took a long nap, Whoops.