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  1. 1. That drawing is awesome. 2. I may be losing my mind more every day. 3. Pepperoni.
  2. Melting from Nuclear Throne Unsure if I'm improving or getting worse.
  3. (Inspired by @Mezukie.) How hugging works: When a Dupe's stress is 20% or less, they will attempt to hug stressed Dupes. If a Dupe has a "Not a Hugger" negative trait, they won't hug others and when Dupes try to hug them they push them away, adding stress to both Dupes. That's my idea, but it's probably completely awful and if you have any questions ask!
  4. Oh no, another Tim Burton wannabe..... EXCEPT YOU'RE ACTUALLY GOOD I'VE BEEN REPLACED! R E P L A C E D ! ! !
  5. Yeah, in fact there's even a link in the main menu of DST!
  7. In Don't Starve, I once thought "Green Cap" meant hat and I tried to wear it.
  8. Did you remember to check off SW before starting, and did you try running the game offline or something?
  9. It's just a Tim Burton-style dupe. It's an ONI-style Wilson