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  1. I'm surprised you did this without erasing, I really like it!
  2. I showed @Weirdobob this in Discord but forgot to post it here.
  3. @DragonMage156 Here's the finished eyebone.
  4. I... uhhh... *runs*
  5. My terrible art threads are spreading, and they have now officially invaded Oxygen Not Included!
  6. Yeah. Obviously. Sure. Yes. Affirmative. No.
  7. I love you
  8. Took a while, but I love how this came out in the end. Thank you @Battal for the tips on animating it
  9. I'm sorry for the hat, Pax. Here's something from your wacky friend to partially make up for the loss.



  11. It's @Weirdobob
  12. Well the style of the concept art is really quick and simple sketches, while the other drawings are messy garbage worked on more.
  13. Tim Burton-style @Fortie I made yesterday but didn't post here. Also game concepts for a game that will never be made because I can't code.
  14. Gotta love that table of contents.