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  1. Extoller's Art

    Yeah, I've been taking fine arts classes and just learned about adding white to tinted paper or watercolor to help add depth. And about composition, actually. Thank you very much!
  2. Extoller's Art

    Have some Wigfrid She's very hungry to attempt something this desperate.
  3. Dupe Art

    S'okay, don't worry about it @Docile_Dragon. I haven't been super active either. Is it just two random sisters, or did you model them off real people?
  4. Gosh dang it! I totally forgot about the stream! I really need to get back into going to them.
  5. Dupe-A-Day!

    Dat's my hair dye. I'm just gonna pretend that technology has advanced enough to not only rewrite DNA, but add to it in impossible ways, like changing the pigment in your hair.
  6. Dupe-A-Day!

    I drew myself: (Have some Meal-lice-in-blankets.) I also drew a friend from Tumblr, I'd like to come up with original ones later.
  7. Chlorine is Floating above CO2?

    I guess I just assumed that the environment of the underground colony was more or less similar to earth, since the dupes seem to be based off of humans, and we need pretty specific conditions to survive. Then again, normal humans can't walk through chlorine gas with no ill effects regardless of if they hold their breath, so maybe that WAS a brash assumption on my part. Still not completely sure I'm wrong, but I guess it doesn't matter too much anymore. Sorry if I sounded rude or mean, I was just really unsure.
  8. Chlorine is Floating above CO2?

    I suppose you have a point. It's still a little weird, but since you mentioned that, it's not quite as bothersome. I guess the dupes must have special bodies or something to exist in this weird environment. Either that or the devs did make a mistake. For the time being, it is a mystery.
  9. Chlorine is Floating above CO2?

    That is technically correct for a single chlorine atom's weight. However, chlorine gas is ALWAYS bound with another chlorine atom, making it weigh twice as much. I suppose, but it's kinda annoying when i planned my digging out so that the CO2 would float on top, since it's impossible for a single chlorine atom to exist in nature. >_<
  10. Dupe Art

    It's so cute! The dupes are so fun to draw; I love how they were inspired by Adventure Time. Is that you as a dupe and a friend/sister, or just a random design?
  11. The Chlorine is floating up, above the Co2, which doesn't make any sense, because chlorine is a diatomic molecule Cl2, so its molecular weight is 71 g/mole. Co2's molecular weight is 46 g/mole, so it's quite a bit lighter. Is this something I don't understand about chemistry or is it just something that will be fixed in the next patch?
  12. I had two Snazzy suits for two easily stressed dupes. Now one of the dupes is not wearing his suit. Do they wear out eventually, or is this a bug?
  13. Extoller's Art

    Does this look a little better? IDK if it looks better or worse.
  14. Extoller's Art

  15. Don't Starve: Resumptus

    Ah, okay, I was thinking that Bobbie was acting a little bit mean, but that makes more sense. Thanks for answering!