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  1. I voted for Walani because she seemed like she'd be an interesting queen.
  2. We're just ignore Wes, because it goes without saying that he wouldn't have needed any of that. He'd just go in and out with 100% sanity and health, of of course.
  3. Oh, that's lovely. The world seems just a bit friendlier with Charlie, since you have your pals and pets and decorations, but a bit more hostile because of the new threats? Does that make sense?
  4. That's a good question. Probably Robin stuffed him in there. Or one of he butter Serpentine. (Depending on how much of the show you've seen)
  5. Need to remember to check tomorrow if they have Loyal skins for St. Patrick's day. It would make an already very good day better.
  6. Thanks, @minespatch. I'm excited for the movie after reading the description, but I'm currently having a ton of fun watching the show. I found another DtS, with all the Ninja, this time. Cole was tough to draw. Zane was harder.
  7. Since Wickerbottom can't use a tent, make sure you have a lot of good food or healing items to get sanity or health back quickly. As @Rellimarual stated, Jerky racks, and finding a green/blue mushroom field in the caves is a huge boon. Cooked Green Mushrooms = 15+ sanity Cooked Blue= 10+ Raw Blue = 20+ health, but a sanity penalty. (I believe it's twenty but it could be less.)
  8. Ah, ah, ah, forgiveness. .
  9. I've been watching Masters of Spinjitzu lately. This was a draw the squad meme off tumblr, but it originally had one more person. I wanted to put Cole in... but sadly I was not able to figure out how to fit him.
  10. Wait, was there really a puzzle or are you guys just joking around? Either way, Forest Stalker is awesome!
  11. This year for Christmas, I receive a Don't Starve Lanyard and a Don't Starve WX-78 pin. I continue to use the lanyard, but unfortunately, I lost the pin quite quickly, due to grip of the pin being rubber, and loosening quite easily. I am going to make a suggestion to change the pin backs to either metal, or to make the pins clip in the back. Please take this into consideration.
  12. I assume what happened to the Ancients went something like this (also, yay, Lovecraftian lore): They should have known better than to trifle with powers beyond their control.
  13. Agreed that is pretty fun. So, I'm speculating here, since I haven't found them myself, but does anyone think the cave-ins might have something to do with the final update? Or are they just rocks falling from the ceiling while you are in the caves?
  14. Oh, man it's been too long since I've checked this thread. (Life sucks). I had no idea you were making another animation! Dude that's awesome! Can't wait!
  15. Yeah, I was thinking of that while I was drawing, but I was too tired to figure out how to fix it. This probably looks a little better: BTW, thank you for the advice! I love it when you critique my pieces!