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  • Biography How I write might sound like I'm shoving things down your throat or simply being an *******. In actuality, pretty much everything I write is for the sake of discussion and often I just tell what my opinion or objective conclusions have been made on certain things. So please, refrain from acting hostile towards me. Thank you.
  1. Yet I didn't... And doesn't Klei not care about griefing in the game? They seem to not be doing anything decent trying to prevent it, tbh, so locking a thread because griefing is being discussed as pranks seems quite bizarrely off. @CaptainChaotica pranks and douchebaggary are very close, to be honest, at least from my perspective. You know that prank where some guy squirts out water to the guy next to him, as if to imply he's pissing on the floor in his direction? Classic prank XD
  2. This: Locked and no moderators or administrators commenting on why at all. So, why? Don't want to encourage griefing? Well, in that case, make the game less griefable or something? Anyway, I just want to know what the hell is going on.
  3. In before they make him immune to gunpowder... The main hardest thing with gunpowder is getting the nitre. Charcoal is easy from lighting a forest on fire and rotten eggs can be obtained in masses after pengulls die, or you could get a bunch of monster meat from spiders/hounds, feed them to bird in a cage and let the eggs rot for the few days that they will rot for. This strat makes it extremely easy to beat him, so, my guess will be that Klei will make him immune from gunpowder because of how much cheese your strat actually is. It's even more cheese than Bee queen and tentacles! Now that I think about it, why am I not making a bunch of gunpowder all the time and just bowing up all of the hard bosses? Well, all except toadstool...
  4. 2) I honestly think she should be more like a treeguard or spider queen level boss and there should be more of them in the world, but that's probably something to look into after ANR. I think you might be one of a few pros that don't find jelly beans useful. Trust me, they are, and immensely so! 4) Green gems can still be abundant then if you kill her every Summer instead and just get more gems. So, you can only beat her every 56 - 94 days or so days, so, on average every 70 days. Okay, lets just multiply the amount of gems she drops by the times of days she drops the gems, so, 70/20 = 3.5. 1.5 green gems x3.5 = 4.75. So, 3 guaranteed gems with a 75% chance for the 4th. Less killing Dragonfly, a more awesome fight and the amount of gems you get is more or stays relatively the same. Sounds fair? 5) Nope, currently you can simply whack her enough, she drops a scale, let her despawn and respawn and repeat the process for hoards of scales. If she instead dropped these extra scales if enough damage to her is dealt while she is enraged instead and she could drop extra scales EVERY TIME she's enraged if you deal enough damage within time, then that might balance out the exploit a bit more and give an incentive to enraging her. 6) Perhaps, although if they are a very low chance, who knows. Just as an extra. And I mean, they don't really have a proper origin, where as red, blue and purple gems do. But... The jelly beans would still be the drop you'd always go for and so far it seemed like you didn't like jelly beans... You're weirdly confusing. Ehh, I'll stop arguing, it feels like I'm talking to a 5-year old...
  5. Nooononono... You should embrace the lewdness! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @V2C could we also have the thulecite walls as part of the ruins regen? It's very fun for me to hammer them down for thulecite fragments, plus, they're like the main source of them! And it's a hefty amount of extra thulecite, so these would be good as part of the reset too. I think they're the only things in the ruins that are not part of the reset. The plants there are part of world regrowth (light bulbs, lichen and glowberry plants).
  6. What we need is the game to hint for those things itself. If you have to resort to googling half the content or scroll through wiki to learn about the game, there is something wrong with its learning curve. I'd propose to keep posting more suggestions, or coming to agreements on discussions of topics so that once ANR is finished, the game can be patched up to have a better balance. I myself will be making a thread after ANR and newbie support will be one of the core hot topics of the thread. Although yes, some people can't even use common sense when playing this game... They probably don't want to or don't learn about the game as well anyway, in which case they're a lost cause and we can't do anything about that.
  7. Oooh, right, I forgot about that. Well, in that case, if after going through the giant tentacle entrance you can't summon the stalker, using him in the fight will be impossible. Though I'd like to see a match between them if one is spawned near the other!
  8. 2) The armour might accidentally break if you're in a bad situation, similarly as do moggles... They quite often break for me... In any case, royal jelly would still be there for the grabs. You prolly wouldn't, but I certainly would go for the fight to get the jelly. 4) They should fix them at some point. Green gems aren't so abundant so that you would use them to renew gears all the time. It's a waste of green gems as it stands. I don't know why you're so keen on keeping gears so rare and unobtainable. Keeping them away from newbies is the exact thing I don't want to do. I already often do with pig skin so that I could make more houses and some other things. Don't want to have my inventory littered with crap as O currently need to do so. 5) I'm starting to not take you seriously. Scaled chests everywhere, the flooring is quite decent if you can be okay with not too great aesthetics of your base, scalemail, if you want that armour, will always require more dragonfly attacking or even killing and so forth. The suggested attacks don't even make the dragonfly any more or any less needed to beat than she is right now, so what even is your problem? 6) So? I'm not really understanding your point. Well, if she's easier than ruins regen and you can get a bit more gems than normal by killing her every summer, why wouldn't you go for the kill?
  9. Even then, I have two words for you: over time. Likelihood of that happening? Quite low. But it would just increase over time even if you end up losing just one firefly per thousand years, the fact that it is still a big possibility if not for the desert pond is sadly daunting. Or, how about if the normal players along with host hand out miner hats to multiple new players left and right that never come back, since they did not know that fireflies were not renewable? (Saying "were", since they are now, but you get the gist). I mean, I try to hand out lanterns to as many players as I can when we have enough bulbs and basic resources for it, so, miner hats aren't that far of a stretch. And newbies do take rare stuff sometimes, never to come back again.
  10. I heard once from someone that the way you enter the heart of the ruins is a bit meh, with the whole giant tentacle. Unless this has something very significant to do with the lore, then I think I have come up with a more interesting way of getting to the heart of the ruins: The Ancient Gateway. Essentially it could function kind of like the teleportato does in single player; you craft a divining rod, find certain pieces of the gateway via it (perhaps a boss could hold onto one of them, so the divining rod would lead you to the boss first instead, so, say, toadstool for instance) and then you would need to assemble all of these pieces to enter the gateway. It could look similar to an actual gate perhaps, or be more like a stairway, but anyway, once you have all the pieces assembled, you could enter through it in order to get to the heart of the ruins. Oh, and, I recall the developers once talking about how the caves could be generated more like a layered doughnut, in a sense, so you would have the entrances at the edges, and more dangerous things near the center. The ruins themselves could be nearer to the center actually and the heart of the ruins at the very center of it, albeit you couldn't see the heart of the ruins from the ruins edges yourself until you are at the heart of the ruins, but you could see, by mapping out the caves that there is a big hole for the map of the caves i you explore enough, hinting for something mysterious being there. The guardian could perhaps guard the ancient gateway/stairway too perhaps, so he would be more of a guardian than just a keeper for the ruins portal key.
  11. Nooooope, if the game itself can't guide the player with just a slight ledge from other players, then you know it is broken. DST's a great game, but its multiplayer execution requires execution \/_\/ and there's some other shenanigans like bad balance, the game becoming more of a world-management one than a survival one... Well, I've said all this before, so what am I even doing anymore... I do wonder though why some people try to fight the "broken" aspect of the game. I mean, devs do listen to our feedback, just that at the moment ANR is taking quite a bit of their time and focus and there's a few of them working on the game at this moment, so, I guess we shouldn't really expect instant wish-fulfilment for the game.
  12. What if some jackass or noob picks a whole bunch, leaves and never comes back or uses them all for fueling a miner hat they made/found because they hadn't discovered lightbulbs? Yeah, that would suck ass, to not be able to have a miner hat, wouldn't it? Oh, and don't forget that lureplants, splumonkeys, krampus and possibly some other mobs may steal them from you.
  13. What? How? You have other mobs like pigs and bunnies always at your service. In any case, that would simply be a step towards changing the boss. Grumble bee amount mechanics could be tuned later as well in any case.
  14. 2) you need to kill the queen to get the armour in the first place and you get blueprints for bundle wraps too. Royal jelly is useful, fight me 4) Re-read what I wrote, especially the part about REPAIRING the clockworks. And by newbs, I meant newbie WX players gobbling them up like they're everywhere at all times. And no, iy's not fun picking tumble weeds for 5 days straight, at least not for me and it's only 1% chance, so 1 in 33.3 weeds picked (because you get 3 items per tumbleweed). 5) What? Do you know how Dragonfly even enrages? I think you're misunderstanding what I'm trying to imply here... Every TIME she enrages, then if you deal enough damage you get an extra scale, so you'd want to get her enraged as many times as possible before killing her in the end. You could let her despawn to get more, but who would really waste their time and effort for going through her spawning lavae, then trying to beat her whilst dodging her when she enrages... Even then, still better than what we have now. Or, she could also despawn and take a while to respawn if she had enraged during the last fight at least once, or something along the lines. 6) Scaled furnace blueprint. Nuff said. There's no incentive to killing her now either, since you can get gems by regenning ruins, so, this would have no real impact.