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  • Biography How I write might sound like I'm shoving things down your throat or simply being an *******. In actuality, pretty much everything I write is for the sake of discussion and often I just tell what my opinion or objective conclusions have been made on certain things. So please, refrain from acting hostile towards me. Thank you.
  1. But then... Yes... I came back just to point this out...
  2. I would rather have balance, not just specifically buffs or nerfs.
  3. You still don't get what my point was; the item isn't useful for its sleep mechanics is what I meant. Like come on now, I highlighted it twice already.
  4. Sleep effects could be used for various things depending on the resource income of a given sleep effect tool. But yes, bosses are quite common for that. The point though is that the item is not useful as a tool and more useful as a product. How is that a counter point? If you're thinking that shroom douplication makes it a useful utem, I refer back to what I wrote above.
  5. So, mechanically, napsack is indeed an inferior pan flute right now. I thought of something that could just make it more useful and in-balance with something like the pan flute... How about instead of being thrown at opponents like the water balloon, you squeeze it for its effect? The range would be quite short, but would activate quicker in the direction you splurt it in (I mean, it is a "napSACK" and not a "napsplat" after all). It would hence have durability, which could be of something like 20 or 30. For the sake of balance, it would not be refuelable and you would lose it upon using it up. With this, I can actually see it being used here and there, while still making the pan flute useful as an alternative for a field of enemies instead.
  6. No, the green gems are by far short in amount, even if you keep resetting the ruins every 20 days. And those green gems can be used to either renew thulecite or craft thulecite gear for cheaper, being able to craft more of them, rather than something like a napsack. Remember, this is 1 deco use for extra 3 more napsacks. For Pan Flute, you can deco it for 9 extra uses and pan flute is by far superior to napsack in its field of effect and speed at which it carries out its sleep effect after use. STS being the best by far, however since it's not usable by all players, makes Pan Flute a bit more useful. So, unless the pan flute's durability was nerfed to 3 from 10, napsacks will simply be inferior pan flutes.
  7. But you still use up the deco staff... While inventive, still doesn't make the item any more reliable than using it without using the deco staff. Although I guess that's one easier way of multiplying shroom skins.
  8. Why would they go for this? This doesn't make any sense. Why go through the effort of creating a structure or an item (which napsack seems to have had quite a bit of effort put into it, btw) that none will ever really take use of, because it will just be teporarily taking up a slot in your inventory that will stay there for a bit until you use it for something you didn't even need to use it for. This isn't some real-life physics where creating certain things out of various elements may give you something useful, while making something using neon just makes you something that will look good at the cost of effort. This is a game. And in games, balance matters, because the moment that is thrown out the window, people will start to not use certain things, despite this being a huge amount of content. And it's not fun to find out that something you were first quite intrigued by turning out to be a complete waste of time and effort. Why bother with something that ultimately just boost up your hard drive data that you will never use? What is the point? More content for the sake of more content? If it's done like a "novelty", it will almost feel like that extra content doesn't even exist. And as for OP items, it will make you into an "MLG-too-pro-4DST-mega-base" type of a player, turning your mindset from the game needing to be a tough, but balanced survival one to a social club and a farming simulator which shows a middle finger to anyone new who joins later on in a server due to certain conditions that the game, and possibly other players, have created. I can understand decorative stuff. But this isn't decorative. It is an item with a function.
  9. I was thinking of that too, but, nng, not too good if we're trying to keep the game's mechanics relatively simple and fluent in style... not that there isn't plenty of stuff that already isn't fluent in the game in relation to it... but anyway, a nerf would make more sense in relation to the game, I feel. At least for the core game. And in any case, it's probably best to get used to carrying less as opposed to carrying as much as you possibly can.
  10. okay, thank you for clarifying, this should have been done by someone since the beginning. I can understand why someone would think "you would think that" would come off as rude. I didn't intend it. I often intend what I write as if I were to speak in a normal speech. Some people simply talk in a way that others may find rude and not realize it. A friend of mine does this on a regular even worse than me and it gets me thinking "does he even realize the way he just said that?" There are different levels of sensitivity. None is going to be able to write things to a point where everyone can see that it's not rude. For some people some things you find completely normal or would even be shocked that they are considered rude (hurr hurr) are things they find extremely offensive. You can't not offend everyone. And neither can I. A lot of things can be interpreted in different ways. I for one never thought that what I wrote would even come out as rude, I only thought of what I intended to write. Since writing in terms of tone can differ on your intewpretation... not my problem if you find it rude. And yes, I did think other people didn't understand my topic... what else do you think I thought? I'm trying not to be a walking contradiction. I don't demand that people take my feelings into consideration. Say what you will, but be constructive is all I ask. Can we FINALLY get back to on-topic now? You might have a bit of a point in napsack, although players find things quickly and so far napsack hasn't seen any reliable usage for anything that would not be possible/as reliable to do via STS, Ice staves or even Pan flutes. And bone armour, people already found some ways to use it as an exploit item, so...
  11. @Donke60 While I can't understand half of what you've said, I can kind of understand what you're trying to say. And alright, I'll try that. In fact, already applied that to my next topic. Although, in terms of that topic, a bit ironic what you've done here and over there. Trying to get back on-topic, has anyone got any clue about how balance may end up so bad for some items/things in the game? I guess the "on-paper, but in practice" thing makes a bit more sense, but wouldn't Klei note that some items may just simply be superior to what they're trying to implement the way they are (for underpowered/unreliable/barely useful/useless items, that is)?
  12. Even the WX-78's change in wetness damage? I thought that was a pretty cool thing for making him less OP :/ There's a certain limit currently as to how much I can do. I tried to work with Dragonfly, but encountered issues when trying to change it to only spawn in Summer. Partly because the code wasn't entirely clear to me about it. Even tried using the Antlion for reference, still nothing But cheers for the heads up. I hope over time this method can help us all out in deciding what we would like in the game. I could make an attempt for that. But something bothers me personally about that... not sure what.
  13. @Glhrmzz Thing is, I don't understand because people aren't giving me examples of how and why something is rude and how it could be written to not sound like that. Either way, I'm not going to respond anymore. In any case not opic is made, or is allowed to be made in regards to any particular person, so you backfire here. And that is not what my signiture is meant to imply nor implies, unless you have a particular bias against me. Tired of this time-waste, I'm done responding.
  14. I think you don't have a clue of what I mean by "thick". Either way, if you want to continue this "discussion", PM me. This is not what the topic was made for.