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  1. As long as they keep the lavae in for at least a few rounds with Dfly (which already worked a few times, she only went to the ponds i already had walled off), it was worth it Thanks!
  2. Happy Willow! Big project, finally almost done. A bunch of moon caller staffs later and I got this:
  3. Someone told me that topic was fake. The roses wouldn't fit in with the skin, those are the roses from the Tragic Torch skin. So I think they locked it to avoid confusion or something.
  4. I personally make sure I have a wormhole close by, works like a charm.
  5. Started a new server. Oasis base. Antlion spawned. Good for my symmetry but.. Come on game.
  6. My general area, storage and gathering / farming presents. My favorite of this is my little boss area, the tree has their ornaments as well. There's usually a tent up top but it just ran out so just imagine there's a tent there. My closet is so full because of the hats I get out of the presents, I don't use most of them. This is of course just decoration, but it makes me happy. You can see a tiny bit of my bees up top, I built a pig village to the right of them (pig skin farming) and the whole right of this is bunny vs spider. Have two nests planted and over 20 bunnies. I don't know btw if this is a bug or not, but tree stumps as decoration, the birchnut ones work, but the pinecone ones disappear when I log back in? Strange. And this is where I deal with hounds.
  7. This makes me sad on so many levels.
  8. I usually use this mod to make sure I have a few setpieces, as I play solo as well and i need the world to save me sometimes. I actually have these guys (yes I used a panflute): right below my base and I was wondering what to actually do with them.. So this is a very neat topic for ideas.
  9. I just copy the cluster I want to save, paste it on my desktop in a map I made for servers and rename it to my server name + days reached. Works for me, if I lose servers I can just check that map for the latest backup and paste it back into the cluster.
  10. The Clusters in there are the worlds you have. Cluster 1 is the first spot in your server list and so on.
  11. I got booties, red sneakers and green sneakers last week.. I guess they know of my shoe addiction.
  12. Rip shipping is higher for me than the actual item
  13. 1. Stingers indeed. I never touch those. I ended with three chests full of guano in my last game as well for some reason (bunnies around most caveholes, stacks up fast) 2. Grass, I'm always running around for grass. 3. The place that has the wormhole to the swamp.. I'm lazy. 4. Since recently, that would have to be those big giant forests filled with spiders. I mainly build, so getting rid of that depressing dark green is a task I never want to do again. Mosaic as well of course. 5. Basic Farms 6. Dragonpie & Honey Ham 7. I'd say getting food is a little too easy in a game that has this name. 8. No idea.