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  1. Same. I was doing it right and neat at first, but then some kind of crab ate two of my people while they were sleeping and I took it as a sign.
  2. For the few times I did host, I always had food as my server name.. Like 'Penne for your thoughts'. Or 'The one cake that ruled them all'. Or 'You look radishing!' .. I'm so lame sometimes.
  3. This is what I use. Exactly what you described actually, lol.
  4. Yeah.. That's Antlion for ya. It's a new creature, in the desert (usually the smaller desert, not the one with Dragonfly in it) you need to babysit and give toys (Trinkets, things fished up out of the new Oasis near Antlion) or he throws a hissy fit like this. Sorry about your base :[ You can watch this video by @Electroely, it covers most of that update.
  5. I just realized there might even be a new player/boss in the game. Remember this? "Charlie didn't make that one!" - Maxwell about Klaus
  6. Welcome to the forums! ^^ I'd like to advise you to check the market prices first, this offer is a bit on the unfair side to say the least.
  7. Someone found stalker footstep sounds in the files as well. That might be an interesting use of the Shadow Atrium and the Odd Skeleton. Other than that, I think Charlie's other side is going to take over. The 'not so pretty, not focused on decorations, very harsh' shadow side, she has been way too nice to us lately. At least, I hope so.
  8. Antlion really needs to be reworked. I don't want to come up from the caves every four days to give it a toy :[ I have just gotten used to spending summer in caves, feels so wasted right now since I might as well stay upstairs. Although, I have never looked this tough in game, so that's a plus.
  9. I didn't know that. Tbh I thought it was just a thing that happened with those 5 skins that were added.
  10. Yeah.. I noticed this back in december when those 4 or 5 skins were added, included Shearling Coat.. I hope this wasn't intended.
  11. Waiting patiently for the drawing from the art stream to hit the forums. ^^
  12. I live on a smaller desert separated from the Dragonfly. Maybe I'll be fine. ;-;
  13. Rip me, I just decided to live in the desert. Looks super awesome though!
  14. Happened to me once or twice before too. I had to manually remove all the mod maps out of my designated Steam map and unsubscribe to all my mods, restart Steam and it was fixed for me. Then subscribe again.