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  1. Rip shipping is higher for me than the actual item
  2. 1. Stingers indeed. I never touch those. I ended with three chests full of guano in my last game as well for some reason (bunnies around most caveholes, stacks up fast) 2. Grass, I'm always running around for grass. 3. The place that has the wormhole to the swamp.. I'm lazy. 4. Since recently, that would have to be those big giant forests filled with spiders. I mainly build, so getting rid of that depressing dark green is a task I never want to do again. Mosaic as well of course. 5. Basic Farms 6. Dragonpie & Honey Ham 7. I'd say getting food is a little too easy in a game that has this name. 8. No idea.
  3. I use this to make sure I have at least a few setpieces of each: Works like a charm.
  4. The way you described everything in this topic is very understandable and I get where you're coming from in most of your suggestions. I guess now it's just that time where we all have to sit back and wait for a bit to see what they have in store for us. I'm sure they have seen all the suggestions made by the community and are keeping track of what everyone wants and needs in the game. You can't please everyone of course, but I hope some of your suggestions do make it, the game does get easy after a good amount of days (Making me start over again and again) and support for newbies is definitely needed. I'd enjoy a new 'hard' game mode personally, because Plus really isn't that bad actually and light's out is not something everyone is interested in. Not everyone is interested in hard mode either, some just want that social club feeling, so a new mode would be needed. Too many items have no use like you said or could be more than they are now, so you are completely correct with most of these. Thanks for rephrasing your previous topic and making it more readable.
  5. The Servers themselves are saved under Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether The separate clusters are the place your world takes in your server list. Is that what you are looking for?
  6. My absolute favorite of all time..
  7. Thanks, I totally forgot the name. (as you can see by my description of the thing, lol)
  8. One of those cosmetic icethings you can get after fighting Antlion.
  9. Don't play on this Server anymore though.
  10. I don't know if there is a command, but if you just keep 6 in a pen close to your grass farm, they won't spawn any new ones. I've been keeping my six for over 300 days now. And they drop some grass in winter, which is nice.