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  1. Even in a solo game? That's good to know, thanks :/ I have plenty of room there to expand so I'll be working on that next I guess.
  2. I hammered two side fences, chased them in (Took me a while, not recommended :P) and when three finally got in there, I used the panflute to close them off. And I don't take that grass out for now, I just don't want new gekko's to spawn basically. I have more than 40 grass planted, so it should be fine for now.
  3. I'm gonna post a few pictures here. I started a new server a few days ago with Winter Feast enabled and I'm not very far yet, my whole main area is a mess right now so I won't be showing that to anyone I'll just show the parts that are sort of done [for now] I guess.
  4. The devs are fully supporting the Island Adventures mod, which is good enough for me personally.
  5. I love this topic. I hope more people use it to show off their bases!
  6. Don't say I didn't warn you O_O At 7.45.
  7. You think that's horror, wait until you see Momma Tallbird laying an egg..
  8. Aha. That Antlion fix was welcome. Thanks!
  9. I always thought you couldn't sew the beekeeper hat because it had rope in it. Because, who sews together rope, you know? You can't sew a tent either after all.. But you can sew a hybernation vest, because there's valuable items in the recipe.. Or something. No sense was made on this day.
  10. There are so many options!
  11. I'd rather have the young skins/creepy skins at this point. We already have two sets of fancy ones. What in the world do you need to get that fancy for in a survival environment..
  12. Might have been a premature happydance from my side, my second drop was a common. Ahem *cough* .. Sorry.
  13. Me and two old friends played for an hour or so and we all got distinguished items as a first drop.. Is there something special going on I don't know about or is this a coincidence?
  14. This is actually very good to know, since I am going into my second summer. Looks like I'm gonna have to kill it day one then :/
  15. You literally used my question about the Deerclops eyeball as a way to defend your way of thinking, I just corrected you. If you are going to mention my post, the single one post with anything about giant drops, I am going to respond to clarify myself, especially if you are twisting my words. Apologies to OP for the slight derail.