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  1. As an update - there was a piece of rot on the pond, which must have prevented it from spawning.
  2. @jhonrv06suddenly very silent...
  3. Hmm will have to check that. I placed some tooth traps very close to it. Maybe they were too close. Is the sandstorm ever there on day 1 or 2 before the pond fills up, for you?
  4. Unfortunately I didn't take any and summer is over. Will have to wait to see if it does it next summer.
  5. Summer just ended and I was living in the caves during that time. Three separate times I came up and the oasis was dry, despite the ant lion being there as well as the sandstorm. Ant lion appeared normal as I was able to give her trinkets. I am 1000+ days in on this server and this is the first time this has happened. Anyone else having issues?
  6. Yes, in fact Wicker is the only one affected. My other account playing Wigfrid still knows the recipe.
  7. If you have a version mismatch from one processing the update but not the other, you can't see the other person's server. You can only see servers w the same version.
  8. In the example above, are the names "master" and "caves" reference to the folder name or the shard name in the ini file? I ask because I want to set up a server with 4 shards (2 caves, 2 overworlds) and I need to rename existing Caves folder to Caves_1 and create another for Caves_2. Would I need to change the command above to Caves_1 and add Caves_2, or just make sure that the server name in the ini file matches what's in the command line above?
  9. 1. What is the difference between the name and id and how does it affect the operation of the game? Is the name simply a descriptor and reference with no real impact other than distinguishing for someone reading the logs what was happening in the game? 2. Do the names of the folders where the ini files reside e.g Master, Caves (if using the quick set up guide) impact the game i.e. if I change the names of the folders will that cause something to break?
  10. This link does not work, it simply goes back to the originating (this) thread. Where can I find the correct link and/or information?
  11. I am getting ID_DST_INCOMING_CONNECTIONS_DISABLED error on the console when I try to connect to the server (via another computer). On the client side, it says "server is not accepting new connections temporarily". There are no players, and a max of 8. I previously connected, regenerated a new world (from scoreboard (i am an admin). The regenerating world screen was on for couple minutes so I disconnected from the server and when I tried to relog I got the above error. It is noted that when I go to log in, the server info indicates it did not regenerate, as the day count is still the same as it was before.
  12. I'm aware of what a paypal subscription is. I have multiple paypal subscriptions. And my reference to seeing similar experiences is in reference not only to double subscription payments (not Citadel's fault) but also failure on Citadel's part to appropriately respond to customer inquiries and closing support tickets without explanation. Thank you for clarifying the discount. I was attempting rent 2 servers at the same time.