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  1. his design was inspired by malco, though CPU makes music, not explosives
  2. here's CPU, he's my robot OC. He loves music and exploring and a lil' OFF fanart
  3. snow!! and webber!! and surrealism
  4. yes i decided to make an off-topic art thread, i love to draw other stuffs besides don't starve too, like OCs etc some recent non-klei drawings i did (i put it inside spoiler because there are plenty of stuff here) i hope you like my art
  5. 1. they actually have seen this, i think they do! 2. Maxwell and Wilson, with sins 4. And she already poisoned her friend. Detective Conan should investigate this 5. They made a deal
  6. forgot to upload dis also bonus: requests on tumble and... some nonsense (you have been warned for terrible contents, m8. open at your own rice.) no escape for y'all
  7. drawing before bed just to make myself sleepy
  8. this actually belongs to the meme thread but my art thread is dying
  9. myep its perfect. let her wear it forever "shinitai"
  10. i just found this shirt uh;
  11. it's actually a nichijou screenshot
  12. test test mic test 1 2 3 im back, i'll just put some doodles here, most of them have posted on tumblr/twitter but i dont care That's all, i guess. More comin' soon
  13. they belong here
  14. abigail abifail