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  1. You should twerk your spelling
  2. i lost my kidneys while making this
  3. metal slug related, i haven't drawn anything don't starvey lately, sorry just... enjoy this pretty much out of place doold
  4. more CPU, i'm still working on his design. i think i will use him for future project. i mostly thinking about making games, but i have no idea about game programming so at least i'll make some comics for the project. this is the latest design of him, though i still have to add some more stuff on him, maybe juice dispenser inside his belly? or a gun between his claws? or both? don't ask why is he holding a rocket, i was bored
  5. webber is destroyed
  6. oh boy. now i know why people can get those titles. i always wondered how and wandering around the profile settings for like 30 mins
  7. i want those in my house
  8. abigail trying to comfort her sad sister by acting as a chair. it helped a bit
  9. thank you! though i still use the concept art for less confusion. (but still confused anyway)
  10. i got sucked deeper to this dying fandom woops yeah some doodles i did everytime i feel bored
  11. idk im just randomly drawin this and suddenly 11 pm
  12. i love metal slug, i used to play it when i was little
  13. the original doesn't but i think the steam version does, but we can't change it manually. it'll change automatically every christmas and halloween, if i'm not wrong.