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  1. I was playing DST once as a Wickerbottom. A Parasite (Player who will reap all the rewards and give nothing in return) joined, and asked for the base location. I gave it to them and they just infected my Cell of safety. It was PvE and I didn't have any water balloons (Cause I don't care much for them) to rid of this pestilence. I thought maybe I could change the way they acted, so I tried to convert them. I gave them a simple task (Like go get wood or get flint) a bit of food, and hoped for the best. They learned to work, Crock Cook, and fight. They did die, and I can't recall the name, but they were a WX-78 and I reprogramed a computer virus!
  2. It aggravates me when my Spanish friends who is bilingual gets kicked from every English server we join. We find a server on an early autumn day, go to the established base, and have my friend kicked! JUST BECAUSE THEIR NAME IS SPANISH This isn't really a problem now since they changed their name, but it is still stupid how people kick and ban because if your name is in a different language, you can only speak that language.
  3. Winter Audio Glitch

    When I am on a server and the winter season is active, some ambient and character sounds become muffled