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  1. Great tip ^_^ thx I've always been a fan of bee boxes. I think they're cool. They don't fit well into many crock pot recipes though, so they get pushed off. This gives me a good reason to go build a dozen of them now haha XD
  2. Looks awesome! You say you survive off of honey only? Do you just eat honey straight? Is it because honey has such a long parish timer?
  3. No clue how they did it, but it seems cool. I just use the mini map mod to see the map without taking my character out of view. This would be pretty nifty ^_^
  4. I think the crafting tab should include any open containers to determine if you can craft an item or not. There is a lot of time wasted just moving things into and out of boxes, idk why this isn't a thing. I'll check to see if there is a mod for it, but I feel it should be in the base game.
  5. Games certainly should be re-balanced based on how successful a game feature is, and how much player engagement it brings to the game. Beef taming - for example - is highly criticized for how time consuming it is to complete, how costly it is to maintain, and how easily that work is lost. Most of the conversations I see on the forums here include comments about how they've never done it, or did it but it felt like it was way too challenging for the reward. I got my girlfriend to play with me once when the feature was released, she loves pet systems and such in games, but when we found out how much work it was she quit. DST needs to compete with many other games and part of that means streamlining the experience. New end game content like Toad, Bee Queen, and Fuelweaver are added to give experienced players a reason to stick with the game over alternatives. Players aren't afraid of a challenge but there is a pattern of player engagement, difficulty, clarity, and satisfaction that needs to be checked to provide the best experience possible. I'm not saying Summer Smolder is going to ruin the game, or that people will quit over it - but when you consider what the player engagement, clarity, and satisfaction are for this feature it really comes up flat. I played DS before summer and smolder were added, and I've always questioned how much thought was put into adding it to the game. It is a very chaotic hazard, and random things happening "just because" are rarely satisfying features, hence why so many people (pretty much every thread I see here and every person I talk to) base in caves through the season. Again - I don't need help living through summer. I know how flingo work. I also know that there is no reason to deal with summer or smolder so I just go into the caves... I was very happy when the Oasis re-work happened and they cut smolder from the Oasis. My base building is now almost exclusively in Oasis just to avoid that feature... Again - the theme is pretty consistent - people aren't engaged and challenged by summer smolder, they avoid it. Campfires are a player construction, not a game hazard. Red Hounds (and hound waves) are engaging, and you receive a warning when they would occur which gives the player clarity of the situation they are in. There is also a reward aka meat, teeth, and red gems but also the player satisfaction of facing the hound wave and winning. Compare to Summer Smolder - there is a visual cue which may or may not be on screen, no warning, and there is no satisfaction - which is why most people just base in the caves.
  6. That's exactly how I feel. I really do want to tame a beef, but I don't have buckets of grass / twiggs to spare, or dfruit either. I don't have a season to just sit around taming, and I don't want to worry about it being lost if I dive into the caves for spring / summer. I wonder if taming will receive any tweaks to make it more attractive or if they only intend it for the 500+ day worlds like some kind of "base builder end game" content.
  7. WX - This is a great "tank" type character. If you are worried about lag, or want to be able to take a few hits to more directly deal with problems, this is the character to play. You will want some gears to up the stats. These can be found initially on the top side by fighting clockworks (typically an easy fight) and tumbleweeds. Otherwise you'll need to go in caves. When you get to spring you can let lightning strike you to get an overcharge which gives you a fun boost of speed and light to help you get more done ^_^ Max - If you like building a base then Maxwell is the guy for you! Shadow puppets let you access the best harvesting in game for logs and rocks so you can easily build up a mega base quickly. He has high sanity recovery so you just need to worry about hunger / health. His health is low, so always keep some type of armor with you, and equip it any time you get in a fight (even if the fight won't be too tough). The Shadow puppets can also lock his sanity low enough to spawn shadow creatures by having 2 duelists and 1 harvester (I think) so you can easily farm a lot of nightmare fuel to make dark swords, night armor, and other magic things. Wickerbottom - Survival Universalist - This character excels at everything that isn't combat (not that she is bad at combat, she just doesn't have any perks for it.) If you are an experienced player and want to help some noob friends play I strongly recommend playing her. She can maximize on berries / twigs / grass production to provide tools and food for everyone. As long as they chop some wood and mine stones you can build up a mega base very quickly. Wes - I play Wes a lot. The main reason I play Wes is I'm not particularly fond of any character's perks. I'm indecisive and don't like feeling like I killed a giant successfully because I did 2x damage, or built a mega base only because Max or Wicker farm TONS easily. Wes has a damage penalty so it's smart to use the world to help you out. Pig and bunny villages are important, as are tooth traps. Always have armor with you and throw it on if you get into any combat. I haven't tamed a beefalo yet but their damage is not reduced by Wes penalty so you can do that to help with combat too.
  8. As a "Suggestions and Feedback" forum, no - he isn't. The answer is never "You can just turn it off." It is a suggestion and feedback. Not because I find summer smolder difficult, but because I find it needlessly tedious and highly restricting while offering no player engagement. This is something Klei should actually - really - genuinely - consider. It is a part of the game that adds little, if any to the game by way of challenge and player engagement. It would not be missed if it were removed. If it weren't part of the game and you had to argue why it should be added you would find you have no argument - which is as good a reason as any to take something out as any. None of you are providing any reason for summer smolder to be in game - and none of you are developers of Klei. I'm not asking for a mod, or asking for help. I'm giving my suggestion and my feedback.
  9. I was gonna drop it, since you aren't a developer, and haven't posted any real argument so really I shouldn't care - BUT I am going to do this: I am going to play a few games turning summer smolder off. I postulate that I will find the game much more fun, and no less dangerous for it. A key sign that the feature is needlessly limiting without adding anything to the game. Both of you have a simple position of "It's there, don't change it." This is a suggestions forum, the argument "b/c that's how it is" is meaningless here. Further - summer smolder is a complete outlier in how it does not engage the player, or add anything to the game. It doesn't even add danger as much as it simply forces you into the caves for the season. I do agree that the Dust Storm may be a bit much on the world - but with the ant-lion already being a seasonal "kill or satisfy" with the sinkholes and rocks I don't think the Dust Storm is even needed. Summer is already difficult with overheating, faster spoilage, wilting plants, fire hounds, and then the ant-lion that I feel summer smolder is needlessly excessive, and pointless.
  10. My question was "what good does Summer Smolder do for the game." Not for the player. Darkness, freezing, overheating, starving, going insane, these things all do great things for the game. They set the player on a path towards progression and mastery over these elements. They are all interacted with, through different methods of lighting, crock pot recipes vs what food is available, heat rocks and seasonal clothes, ect... Summer Smolder is unique in that it isn't overcome, or defeated. You just avoid it by going into the caves, or living in the Oasis. Worse - this is DST - someone could join a game in Summer and ruin EVERYONE'S progress without them even knowing... Not even griefing, but just by running through the top side base in summer the base could become ruined. What does Summer Smolder do for the game that makes it interesting or fun? Nothing. You don't play with it, or interact with it the way you do any of the other challenges. It is an outlier that delivers quiet and harsh punishment that is avoided by ignoring half the world for the season.
  11. Yet still none of those comments say anything about what good Summer Smolder does for the game...
  12. "Turn it off" is not a rebuttal. If you can only say "turn it off" then you are essentially conceding my point. People don't play through summer, they avoid it. What good is a feature if it essentially turns half of the game off for a season? I'm not asking how to handle summer, or complaining because it's too hard. I'm saying it turns half the game off, gives no interaction, no challenge / reward. It does nothing for the game, and adds nothing to the game. If you don't believe me, try turning it around. Just because it's there, and has been there, doesn't mean it's good. If summer smolder wasn't in the game - why should it be added?
  13. ^^^ As stated - I know how to deal with Summer Smolder. My point is that it is pointless, tedious, and adds nothing interesting to the game. Did you even read my post or just decide to give some 1 line quip in response with the pre-conceived notion that ~I~ don't know how to deal with summer? It isn't a challenge, or a game interaction, or in any way interesting. It is a random F-U the player gets if they don't completely avoid it, by ignoring half of the game during Summer. While it was grandfathered in, I don't think it was a great idea when it was started in DS. Further - with the addition of the Ant-Lion and a summer thing, and the dust storm... I see no reason to not just drop Smolder in favor of Dust Storm weather throughout the world (like rain in Spring.) Just because it can be dealt with doesn't mean it is good, or adds anything to the game. The game could have a Giant with infinite health spawn and follow you all Autumn smashing any structures you were near and eating all drops... You could play around it, but would it add anything to the game? No.
  14. tl/dr - Summer smolder doesn't bring anything good to the game. Replace it with a non-constant dust storm. There are different things in games that add challenge and identity to the game. In Don't Starve we are presented with several clocks that constantly tick down on us as we play the game. Starting with darkness and the day / light cycle players learn to build a torch, and later to build miner hats, lanterns, and other light sources to keep the darkness at bay. In Winter the darkness time is increased requiring players to adapt to better light sources, or suffer huddled around their campfire wasting time, still consuming food... Other challenges come such as sanity, combat, and even Giants. Giants threaten our base and force us to be on guard during their seasons. We must be ready to flee our base and engage in combat lest they destroy all we have worked for. Giants are both a curse and a blessing, as besting these challenges provides us with rare loots that we can use to create even more effective gear. Basically the world gives us challenges, ways to overcome them, and then rewards that allow us to be even better in the world for besting these challenges. Even Frog Rain gives us the reward of a million little jerkys for dealing with them. There is one challenge that stands alone as both unrelenting, and unrewarding. Summer Smolder is a constant threat in summer to burn anything. It can start from trees, butterflies, twigs, pine cones, ect. It can even start from seeds dropped randomly by birds, and from world-regrowth tree samplings. The punishment is harsh as great swaths of the world can be destroyed. There is no reward for dealing with summer smolder, and no more efficient way of handling it. We have 1 structure that becomes the defining point of our base design. Every structure needs to be within it's reach, and we must constantly fuel them in paranoia of our base being entirely ruined... OR - we build our base where there is no smolder. Going underground during Summer or the Oasis. I don't believe forcing players to simply avoid a large part of the game is an engaging feature. There is no challenge or reward or incentive to deal with it, so it becomes a black spot on the map where you simply avoid it entirely... Unlike dealing with the temperature where we can craft better clothes, our options for Summer Smolder are to design our entire base around Flingo-matics or build the entire base around avoiding it all together. There is no engagement here. With the re-vamp to the Oasis and the addition of the Ant-Lion we already have a better method of challenging the player during Summer anyway. We hear a rumble alerting us to the Ant-Lion's punishment allowing us to react as best as possible for our situation. We can also spend time fishing in the Oasis and returning a few times to feed the Ant-Lion presents, OR we can simply fight the Ant-Lion and be done with it for the Summer. It gives us an engaging challenge that we can confront in different ways, with different rewards for how we act. At this point in the game I feel we can simply be done with Summer Smolder. Most skilled players simply avoid it entirely by playing underground or using the Oasis, which shows just how un-fun it is to deal with. Granted, playing in the caves is fun - but in Summer it isn't by choice. The caves give us their own challenge and reward without needing to be shoved down there for a season. Summer Smolder is also incredibly uninteresting. It's simply "Fire can happen at any time." There is no anticipation to it coming, and no elation for overcoming the challenge. It would be more interesting to have the Dust Storm as a temporary event across the top side world similar to Rain Storms in Spring. This gives players an incentive to get the goggles even if they don't live in the Oasis, but also doesn't force them to wear the goggles full time like the Oasis does. The Dust Storm would be very challenging in tandem with any other event such as the Ant-Lions tantrum or a Hound Attack, but would not be lethal on its own. It gives a more varied experience in play where you may live through a Dust Storm + Ant-Lion or Dust Storm + Hound Attack as you hold everything together for the season compared to Summer Smolder where it is an ever-present, indirect threat that is never experienced as a challenge, only as a punishment. At this point I think Summer Smolder just needs to be removed from the game. (To anyone who says to turn it off in world gen: This isn't about MY experience, it is about the game's experience. I could turn it off in world gen, but instead I just play in the Oasis and Caves during the summer. This perspective is not that Summer Smolder is too difficult, but more that it is completely uninteresting. It doesn't give any fun to the game the way every other experience like Hound Attacks and Giant Spawns, Ruins, Full Moon, New Moon, Frog Rain - ect. Everything else in the game can be fun, and challenging, where Summer Smolder is like if there was a Giant that you couldn't kill, but had to endlessly kite all season long...)
  15. I like the Oasis for the no-smoldler. I kinda hope Klei develops the game in a way that removes summer smolder and adds some other challenge. I don't mind fire hounds, but summer smolder is tedious and limiting in a way that doesn't make the game better. In fact if they simply removed the smolder and added the sandstorm as a temporary thing that can happen anywhere on the surface (like rain) I think we'd all be better off. Not constant, the way it is in the desert (they could leave it constant in both deserts.) When not in the Oasis I look to put a base where I can access Walrus in winter, and have a wormhole nearby. Then pick what sinkhole to mine up and build in there for summer. I'll build around the sinkhole for a basic base, and then find ruins and build a bit of a base there too.