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  1. First of all hello! I'm Laizorr, this is my first post here! I saw there was a forum for sharing interesting, funny, and chaotic experiences and wanted to post mine here as well. Since 'Cheesebearger Done Rare', we've moved on to a new server. This one is a dedicated server created specifically for myself and my pals. We have super long autumn and spring, in case you want to know. Our crew also grew by two people. We now have a Maxwell and a Wendy! From now on I'll just refer to them as the characters they play, to avoid confusion! Me, Suisei, Syvanna, Lazy, Wolfen Story 1: "Seeds of Destruction" Webber had gone for the day, and Wickerbottom and I were just hanging around the base. Cooking food, and making the place pretty. We have a small berry field, and I was aiming to pick all the berries that had grown. I happened to be holding a torch, and I accidentally clicked on the gate enclosing our berry field. Big mistake! The berry field was up in flames within minutes. I was yelling and panicking and my girlfriend was laughing madly (voice chat). It was pretty funny in retrospect, though. We began flinging water balloons like nobody's business and finally managed to put out all the fires, but... half the berry bushes were gone. I was just happy it didn't spread to our machines. Story 2: "What A Ribbiting Trap" Kind of a short one. I got hit by a frog, a trap fell out of my pocket, and it trapped the frog. I thought it was hilarious and perfect. I have to say, it was an unfrogettable experience. Story 3: "Beam Me Up -- Wait, Don't!" I made a shadow manipulator, and with it, constructed a telelocator staff. My girlfriend and I went out to test it out. I teleported two frogs, which was pretty funny. But then, accidentally teleported myself! I ended up in some remote corner of the map, where some pigmen and spiders were having an all-out war. There I was, in the middle of it, with incredibly low sanity. I panicked and had to teleport away. At this point, I was practically at 0 sanity. It's funny how familiar roads can look so foreign when you're off your rocker hopping mad. Anyways, I finally managed to get back to the base, but was chased around the room by terrorbeak. I hit it a few times, and managed to make it go away long enough to regain my sanity. Wickerbottom couldn't see terrorbeak, and was trying to get me to stop moving so she could give me food. I was yelling "IT'S GOING TO EAT ME!" I guess loss of sanity carries over into the real world, but then I doubt I was that sane to begin with, heh heh heh. Story 4: "The Rod, the Librarian, and the Wardrobe" This all starts out with the spring season rolling around on us, and with spring comes rain, and with rain comes lightning. We weren't prepared for lightning, so when i heard the telltale signs of thunder, I began to panic. My girlfriend has a bit of a crappy mouse situation, and she happened to have all the gold in her inventory... and couldn't seem to drop them or give them to me. So, the lightning came, and hit the wardrobe. Funny enough, even though there were things surrounding it, the wardrobe went out, leaving a sorry frame, and nothing else was ignited. I was able to get some gold and make a lightning rod before we were hit again. It was a shocking combustion, to be sure. Story 5: "Cheesebearger Done Rare" I was alone on the server, and was attacked by a Bearger. So I did what any man of science would do in that situation - run around like a headless chicken, hyperventilating. After calming down somewhat, I equipped my trusty spear, football helmet, and log suit, and began kiting that unholy beast down the road north of our base, hitting it intermittently as I went. Unfortunately, the beast got too close to our camp, and smelled the food in our ice boxes, going straight for them. It knocked down carefully placed stone walls and other such monuments - three rows of walls I had set up, to be exact - and depleted several food items in one of our ice boxes before i was able to lead it away through anger and a trail of meats. Unfortunately, many beefalo died during these horrible few days of Bearger rampage. The result though, was more beefalo fur, meat, and horns than I know what to do with. Looks like we won't be going hungry anytime soon! Rest in peace, Beefalo. We knew you well. "Oops, I blinked. Can we take that one again?" Story 6: "This Is the Truth, I Antlion" Our Wickerbottom was doing a little reading (haha) and found out about the Antlion. It was nearing the end of Summer and we hadn't done anything yet. Of course, panic gripped us, mostly because, well, we hadn't appeased the Antlion yet, and we didn't want to incite his wrath. Unfortunately, I was the only one around at the time, and so it fell upon me to appease the Antlion and save us from a summer of disaster! As quickly as I could, I grabbed our best shovels, and spent a day in the nearby cemetery, digging up some trinkets. After my little grave-robbing spree, I had to spend a little while back in camp recovering. Apparently being in a spooky graveyard does things to your mind. Maybe it's the ghosts! After recovering, I gathered up all my trinkets, and delved into our nearby wormhole. This wormhole ends up right near the desert. Unfortunately, it being summer, there were sandstorms. Oh, it was hell. I had to make an endothermic fire pit in the middle of the desert - as well as a regular fire pit to cook food on - in order to keep myself fed and sane. I found the Antlion. The worst part was that he was surrounded by Hound Mounds. For three days I sat in the desert, fending off hounds in a feeble attempt to appease the Antlion by offering him trinkets. For three days, I made the trek back and forth from my fire pits to the Antlion, fighting hounds all along the way, their teeth threatening to rip me to shreds, their howling and growling mocking me in the night. Fortunately, yours truly doesn't give up so easy! Once I felt I fed him enough trinkets to be satisfied, I started slowly making the trek back to the wormhole so I could head back to camp. At this point, I had run out of food, and was basically surviving on cooked monster meat the hounds had left behind. I was out of armor and not doing so well. I could hear the buzzards, see them waiting for me to starve to death. I couldn't give them the satisfaction of feeding on my corpse! I just barely managed to make it back to the path through the forested area, and with my last bit of strength, made it back to camp. There, I stuffed myself with turkey dinner and honey ham. Hey, I feel I deserved it! I almost wasted away in the desert, man! Of course, right after this, there was a hound attack. I don't think they liked how I was able to fend them off in the desert for so long, heh heh. Story 7: "Revenge of the Bearger" Summer was coming to a close, and I had appeased the Antlion and was spending most of my time fishing at the Oasis. Wickerbottom decided to stay home, and Maxwell was off cutting trees somewhere and dealing with the Treeguards he kept summoning due to his wanton deforestation. All was well, everyone was happy, and we had tons of food. Life was good. Perhaps... a little too good according to Charlie. Autumn arrived and Wickerbottom begins screaming. I rush back to camp.... destruction. UTTER DESTRUCTION. At the crack of autumn, the Bearger charged into our camp, knocking down two walls, destroying each and every one of our chests, and in the time it took me to get there, ate ALL OF OUR FOOD. All of it. This includes a ton of turkey dinner, honey ham, meaty stew, meat, frog legs, berries, butter muffins, various seeds, meloncicles, bacon and eggs.... he ate it all. I got back to camp, led the Bearger away, and we finally managed to defeat him once again with some hit and run tactics, as well as using a few pig friends as backup. But we lost all of our food. Oh, and we have a Stagehand now living with us, I guess. Anyways, the stories may be a little lackluster until we recover! Wickerbottom and I standing amidst the destruction caused by the Bearger. No idea where Maxwell went. I guess he's camera shy.
  2. New story in second post! might move most of them to the first post so the second post doesn't get overcrowded in comparison. Edit: Moved the stories to the first post!
  3. we've moved over to a dedicated server now, so we started completely fresh. the lack of caves kind of stinks, but we have the sinkholes so it's possible to add it on later, i just have to go about doing it at some point. in this server we have tons of beefalo, so we're all good! and i definitely will add more stories in the future! i already have a few pretty crazy ones, now that we have a Maxwell and a Wendy!
  4. haha! the 'beam me up' story was pretty exciting to experience. and yeah, i love it when things fight. i once witnessed a treeguard vs beefalo vs hounds all out brawl. all it needed was a bearver... though i feel like the scales would tip in favour of the bearver. who knows, it'd still be exciting to watch!
  5. Name Assuming

    that's the silliest thing i've ever heard of. it makes me kinda glad i only play with friends. still, it's pretty upsetting and i'm sorry your friend had to change their name just because of that stupidness.
  6. Saving this post for room!