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  1. Ha! I also suck at combat, and often use other mobs to take out mobs that are chasing me. And I've rarely killed a giant any way but with traps or by accident. Deerclops once spawned near me while I was right near the Dragonfly...and I think the Bearger has now taken out poor MGoosey TWICE on another server (apparently this one, exact, spot of meadow is prime hibernation AND nest-building real estate). Later on I have a big trap field set up for the huge hound waves (the small ones I normally just fight myself) but if I'm not at home when the barking starts, anything that will distract them will do. Spiders, treeguard, tentacles, pigs, tallbirds, bees...beefalo of course... But hey, at least I _know_ I suck at combat. That's probably the only reason I've survived so long! : P ...Notorious
  2. Exactly! Also, if I was bopping along happily through the jazzy, flower-strewn spring forest and saw little baby kitcoons* following the regular ones around? I think I would probably squeak in the ultrasonic range. Also here's an idea: Maybe the little ones could sometimes copy what the big one does right afterwards, like they're learning! Big catcoon pounces at a butterfly, and mrrows. Little catcoon pounces, squeak! OH MY GOD DEAD OF CUTE. You better BELIEVE I'd have the F12 button on standby. Problem, though: If the varglings follow the big hounds around...well, they only ever show up as hostile mobs attacking you. I predict a LOT of tragedy for anyone using tooth traps...or are they immune to that even _before_ they actually become a pet? Hmmm... ...Notorious *Yes, I KNOW they're called kittykits. They're what I almost always have for my pet. Kitcoon is a better name, dammit!
  3. I wish I COULD explore the map in only 12 days. : P Looking at these categories...I guess I'm mostly a hunter-gatherer! Huh. Who woulda thunk it. Although I do also explore--like kineticdreamss and Sinister_Fang said, that's necessary to find out WHERE to get the materials FROM. In fact, I got the wanderin' feet so much, I don't even turtle during winter/summer--I still go out and gather whatever is still unpicked/unwithered. But I do also base-build when I get a chance. However, "when I get a chance" is the key phrase here, as it's probably the reason why my bases tend to be small and haphazard, even after 580 days+. When I'm playing alone (which is most of the time), I have to do the gathering for materials AND building all by myself, and sometimes the gathering takes too much time. So... Yeah, now that I think about it--my best base so far, "Camp One-Foot-in-the-Grave", was built by my being out of camp probably MOST of the time! Playing as Wigfrid, I'd go out and kill things, pick things, remember where things were for later...while, on the occasions she was there, Kittydub played cook/base-sitter. Although she definitely didn't do any of the decorating--all it takes is ONE look at _her_ awesome bases vs. mine to see that. : P (I also tend to leave plant resources where they are if they're close by, which is why no huge berry farms or whatever. I COULD do that myself, but...why put all your plants in one firetrap?) ...Notorious
  4. Oh, like with Jerkface of Jerkface and Dumbarse (Attourneys at Law!) whom I told the story of earlier in this thread (near the bottom of page 5 if anyone's curious). HE kept pestering me for my one, lone, gear. Which was needed for a fling-o-matic you nit! Rocks, silk and honey are WAY less rare--it might take a bit to find them, but you _can_. So go do it yourself! I can happily say that, as a host, I have never EVER just sat around base and tried to make other players my minions. If I operated like _that_, nothing would ever happen and I would be alone 100% of the time instead of around 75%! ...Notorious
  5. Okay, good. Didn't really know about the plans for the PS4 users, but very nice to see that there _are_ some. There ya go, Josonic. Several people answered you better than I could. ...and just WHY the hell are you so _hostile_ about this very idea in the first place?! Seriously, every. Single. POST in this thread that's pro-Rose skins you're like...well basically your reply ALWAYS, always boils down to "You're wrong. And you're stupid for thinking what you just wrote." You act as if it's vitally important that you rain on everybody's parade. You just CAN'T let anyone say anything positive in this thread without tearing it down, ripping it apart, and posting some dry, angry-sounding little paragraph. STOP. "CORRECTING". PEOPLE. I'm not saying you have to be _positive_ about everything all the time either--and let's not even GO down the whole "You're mind-controlled sheeple who lap up everything Klei gives you no matter how flawed!" route because PHRACK that--but, really. Do you have to refute _everything_ people say in this thread? Who peed in YOUR cereal this morning? I mean, what would it hurt if people on both platforms got a new set of skins? Console players will get them eventually too, so WHY are you so hostile when people talk about Steam getting them? That's a step towards you getting them too! Once it's no longer regionally-exclusive... ...Notorious
  6. I don't think it's so much SHOULD have the puzzle skins, as, if they're not involved with the community they wouldn't even _know_ about them in the first place. It's not a MERIT thing. It's a _happenstance_ thing. People who aren't invovled with the community don't miss the puzzle skins because they're less worthy. They miss them simply because of lack of information! Anyway. (stands on a soapbox and pulls out a megaphone) DEATH TO EXCLUSIVES! ALL SKINS FOR ALL PLATFORMS! SAY NO TO PLATFORM SEGREGATION! (Seriously, when the Rose skins first came out, I was like, "They BETTER not be exclusive. Not really. Not truly. They're NOT...right? RIGHT?! and we still...don't...have them. I really hate that kind of business practice and I hope Klei fixes this SOON.) And I mean that both ways around. I don't want Steam to have skin sets that TenCent doesn't, either. Crush the barriers and let everybody have (potential) access to everything! Besides. If the Rose skins exist on Steam, they'll be rare, and some people will therefore pay _money_ to get them... ...Notorious
  7. Exactly! Which is why I wish the seasons randomised _every_ year. But, they don't. I found a mod that seems to do exactly that? but unfortunately it's only for DEDICATED servers! Which mine is not. (It's called something like "Dynamic Season Length", if you wanna look it up. Why only dedicated?) EDIT: I _used_ to leave nitre on the ground, because "Bah, it's yellow but it isn't gold." ...and THEN Reign of Giants happened... ...Notorious
  8. With random seasons, yes, after the game has chosen the length for each season, it will be the same as the first year from them on. Unfortunately. I'd prefer it re-randomised every time the season (or the chance for it!) comes up, but whaddyagonnado. The game can indeed entirely _skip_ one or more seasons if you set them all to random--"None" is, after all, one of the valid choices. I've had this happen at least a few times: Once where a very short winter suddenly warmed way up into...SUMMER? and we had sepia-toned lighting on top of still _fully-sized_ mini-glaciers, another time when the game decided to skip TWO seasons and I only had spring and fall, and at least one time when somebody with Season Clock or such told me "Did you know you only have three seasons?" but I died before I got to find out which one was missing. : P You wanna do random seasons properly? Turn off your meta-information mods, plant birch trees near base (unless they're already there, of course) and figure it out by...watching nature! Like in the old days! (Seriously, it's way more fun that way. "Hmm. A bare tree." "Huh, I'm already starting to sweat by the fire even in the dead of night..." More fun to figure it out by Signs and Portents.) Oh, and always make sure to have logs, grass, twigs and nitre on you (and the first three of those, you should always have anyway!) You'll thank me later. ...Notorious
  9. ...actually I more meant the PICTURE was the Willow we know and love...the actual update? Notsomuch, but it IS a step in the right direction. Finally. ...Notorious
  10. ...which is pretty much what I do. "Aww, look, it's sleeping like a little angel MURDERTIME!!" Tumbleweeds I just walk around the edges for, and if I happen to be able to catch up with one every now and then before it gets there, good, otherwise, eh. For Gobblers...I wish I knew the correct distance to go away from them because every time I try the "lure them with berries" trick, they freaking FINISH EATING IT AND RUN AWAY BEFORE I CAN HIT THEM! Ugh. And last but not least....monkeys. EFFING. MONKEYS. Yeah I don't know what they drop but if I ever do get around to properly doing the ruins, I'm thinking I might just completely turn _off_ those things in worldgen. The Shipwrecked monkeys already make me want to bash my head in; I can't even IMAGINE how bad it'd be with things that are apparently even _worse_... (Sure, once I have the materials to make the fences, things would get better, but until then...yeah. As stated in one of the Metheus puzzle threads, teeth-grinding frustration is NOT my idea of a good time.) ...Notorious
  11. I don't know about the _whole_ thing, but I myself would very much like some of the Shipwrecked only plants/biomes. Maybe a coastline could actually look like a coastline every now and then--you know, sloping down to the water, rather than being a solid wall. And our oases could have (gasp) ACTUAL PALM TREES! (Although the birch trees being there instead _did_ give me the adorableness that is The Oasis Catcoon...) My _real_ dream is still to be able to sail off into the islands from the mainland _on the same shard_. Not all-mainland or JUST the "Island Adventures" (though I'm totally gonna subscribe to that when done) but BOTH, integrated. But I do know why that will never happen. Still, wouldn't that be awesome? A bigger world with more biomes and different climates to explore? And you could bring back island stuff to the mainland to show off improve your diet? _I_ think it'd be cool. (shrug) (Also ha! Cheesenuggets, I think your mod is the one I've been using lately. Hee.) And yeah...don't know why, but it didn't really occur to me until now that console players couldn't use mods. (smacks forehead) Which causes kind of a problem...'cos the whole thing with mods is that you can have content for yourself that others--including the devs--might _not_ want for themselves. To make it so CONSOLE players can use things, you have to put it into the main game, which...yeah. That's a bit harder. ...Notorious
  12. Now THAT'S the Willow we know and love. ...unless you don't love her. In which case, it's at least the Willow we know. : P Who did that animation, by the way? It's adorable. ...Notorious
  13. Haha! I love that the beefalo gets sleepy/yawns too. XD ...Notorious
  14. Hmm. One thing I've noticed is that if you're playing as Walani on the mainland (and here I'm thinking about singleplayer Don't Starve, with a Shipwrecked-compatible compatible world--although yes, you can also use a SW-characters mod for Together--not that I would know anything about that) and you have her look at a pine tree, she says: "It reminds me of winter. Yuck." (emphasis mine, obviously) Okay, so...did she used to live somewhere with pine trees and winter in the "real" world...or on the mainland of Don't Starve's world and then, like Wilson, sailed (or surfed!) off into the islands area? Hmmm... Now, how the Shipwrecked characters got there in the FIRST place is another whole big question, and one I find kinda interesting. After all, we know far less about them than we do the others. Was there a portal over/in the ocean, or did they go through a land portal and then ended up at/went to the islands on purpose soon afterwards? Huh. As for the earlier stuff...I kinda go with Webber was eaten by the spider, grew inside it, then died and somehow left a spider skull behind (since, ya know...spiders don't normally HAVE bones), Wes and possibly also Wolfgang were there earlier, because Maxwell already knew them from the circus--Wilbur being a monkey in said circus as well is kinda interesting, since...does that mean he was actually trying to get HOME when he got to the SW islands? He is, after all, the dethroned King of the Monkeys there... The other skeletons were definitely previous survivors who...didn't survive, although if they were anybody specific I don't know, and then the parts of the storyline we more or less know through gameplay kick in. ...Notorious
  15. WOOT! Having played Willow the Nerfed all of...once and then never again, I cannot thank you enough for the insanity-chill fix. (Although, I actually just gave up on that entirely and got a mod to play as oldschool Willow* a long time ago, but hey.) Not being able to make a fire to stop myself freezing to death because of the Crawling Horrors on my butt is _not_ fun. Later on that same night (at a different server) I saw a poor Willow cuddling right up next to a big o'l fire and STILL shivering. It was about _then_ I realised just how badly this needed to be...reevaluated, shall we say. So, thanks, Klei. FINALLY! (Although, I'm keeping the mod. Willow just isn't Willow if she can't LAUGH her way through a gigantic forest fire. ;)) And, yeah, the vote-kick stuff. I haven't played on a Klei server in a while--in my case mainly because of lag--but it's good to know that for a while, at least, it'll be harder for idiots to kick players and restart worlds just for funsies. And remember, people: It's not necessarily _public_ servers that are bad. It's UNMODERATED servers. This has been a PSA from your friendly public-server admin. ...Notorious *And does this cause problems? YES it does...when _other_ people join as Willow, not knowing the difference. I'm used to it from singleplayer, however, and Together has the wonderfulness that is smouldering. So if she starts an insanity-fire because of ME, I'm usually able to put it out by hand/flingo it in time.