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  1. Wait--Abigail is one of the options? How would THAT work? She's a ghost! (Although I do totally agree that Wendy would totally rock the Elegant Gothic Lolita look. And so would Abigail, only, all the clothes would be the transparent white version of whatever Wendy was wearing. Well, okay, they don't HAVE to match, but it's spookier that way.) I can't vote, I'm afraid, as most of the normal player characters I don't see as naturally suited (as much as anybody CAN be!) to the role, to choose Charlie or Maxwell would be laying down a definitive preference for singleplayer or Together, and there's no anarchy/"I don't know, let's just wait and see what the future brings!" option. So...yeah. (Maybe Abigail would just...float away when the shadow hands try to grab her, meaning that she essentially WOULD be the anarchy option? Although good luck getting Them to accept a ghost in the first place...) ...Notorious
  2. Mwahaha. I ALREADY named him Bernie! Obviously, as soon as I found out they were nameable at all. And the fact that of all things, she got _that_ from the claw machine, and on her first try...I was on the floor giggling. It's just so perfect! I actually do already have pictures of Sim-Willow...although I'm not sure how good they are as pictures _of_ the Sim herself. A lot of the time I got distracted by HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT SCENERY! and took a farther-away picture showing the whole lot, rather than a close-up of her. Like, there's one where you can see that her outerwear is--a puffy vest! ;)--but you have to _look_ for her under the TOWERING GLORY OF AUTUMN. : P (Seriously, even though it may not have the world's best graphics these days, the weather/seasonal/lighting effects in Sims 3 are _gorgeous_. I found myself taking pictures of the rain beating against the window as seen from inside, the fancy City Hall under a blanket of snow, the sun rising over the ocean and making a line of glowing light across the ripples or a road winding away into the distance in the morning mist. No characters, nothing funny, unusual or glitchy happening, nothing story-related, JUST the scenery itself! Why? Because why wouldn't I? And when I pause and pan and zoom the camera around _just_ so, trying to get exactly the right shot, I get to almost feel like an actual photographer!) Unfortunately I took some of my best shots including the morning-mist-over-the-mountain-city one using the in-game screenshotter and uploaded them to the Sims 3 website, so they're not the best quality...but the one of Willow being completely upstaged by her own trees isn't among those. Bwahaha. (Although it did look better when it was full-screen size.) Notes: This is an experimental firepit I got before I found the cool one, you can see Bernie in the background there, and while not much of her Don't Starve-specific stuff is visible from this angle, you _can_ see her garden--or, as Pelliway called it, her "improved farm". It has to have a fence because random HORSES keep trying to eat it! XD (Better pictures coming soon--this is just to give you an idea of what I keep getting distracted by. Heh.) ...Notorious
  3. Haha! And most of these things you'd think people wouldn't have to be TOLD not to do... (You'd THINK that, but this is Don't Starve we're talking about here.) And I already have one to add to this list--Don't Starve + Shipwrecked* = Don't Sink Together! (Don't Screw Together. I assume you mean don't screw UP? 'Cos, wow, the NSFW fanfic implications... : P) ...Notorious *Or the Island Adventures mod.
  4. Everybody's on about the new armour, but I'M over here wondering why the heck spore clouds would make your pet go hungry! : P Also I love "learn blueprints while mounted". I'm just imagining somebody riding a beefalo like this: --and getting jiggled vigorously around between every few words. : P "To make a desert goggles: First, take a--OW, quit that!--pigskin, then add a WHOAH, Bessie!--chunk of gold..." (And yes, that is our own GiddyGuy there! Hee. I'm behind the beefalo in this shot, and am (unsurprisingly) also the one talking. ;)) ...Notorious
  5. Heh. Well, trust me, in-game he looks like a scrawny geeky guy with a beaky face and weird hair. : P Actually except for the weird skin texture (which I have NEVER gotten; who the hell on the design team thought that looked _good_?) Sims 3 is the PERFECT one to do this in, 'cos not only can you customise the facial features and such (and I've got mods that allow me to pull the sliders farther, bwahaha) but you can put _any colour, design or texture_ on almost ANYthing. As for the hair...I KNEW I wasn't gonna find anything as extreme as his real hair, so I eventually went with the wild messy mad-scientist hair I already had earlier. (Willow's pigtails don't defy gravity either, sadly.) There's a ton already in the game, and if you know what you're doing (I don't) you can import your own textures too! So, basically, all you have to look for is a _mesh_, a shape, of something that you like, and then the colours can be whatever. You can also recolour the individual _parts_ of patterns--such as plaid, stripes, etc.--and if you think a pattern is too complicated/busy, hey! You can turn some parts of the same colour as each other and voila! Less stripes, bigger polka dots! Hee. I think that's actually how I got Wilson's pinstripes to be exactly that width and such. ...aaaand, it weirdly works the best so far out of all the Sims games for _playing_ a Don't Starve character, too. I mean, not perfect of course--they're very different games!--but Sim-Wilow, on her "wilderness lot", can not only garden and fish like in Sims 2, but keep BEES! And sleep in a tent (with a flame pattern on it). And there's a firepit (actually called the bonfire) that looks almost god. damned. EXACTLY like the Don't Starve firepit. Just rocks and logs. There's also an umbrella and a parasol--Willow got both of hers for "free" at the summer carnival by spending points--one for rain, one for sun, specifically, and if you have one your Sim will automatically pull it out whenever the appropriate weather starts happening and go on doing whatever they're doing with their other hand (if possible). At the same carnival I also won a teddy bear at the claw machine. On the first try. And they're NAMEABLE! It's a cyborg teddy-bear, but hey, nobody's perfect... Oh, and by the way--when nobody's around/everyone on the lot is asleep? He CHANGES POSITION. Goes from sitting down to standing up. Yep. Sim-Maxwell...heh. He's a complicated one. I swear I was NOT going for this, but to me he looks know when you run across a fanart of a character and you instantly KNOW the artist has a crush on them? Like, they're still recognisable--even _well_-drawn!--but they're just _that_...bit...too pretty/flowing-haired/trim and muscular? Yeah. Like that.'s not so much too young, as too _handsome_--even with Sims 3 "pudding-face" and That Nose, which takes some doing. And I had no idea how to fix it, so I eventually went "GOOD ENOUGH!" and plunked him into the neighborhood. : P ...Notorious
  6. Thank goodness, considering you often have to step on them to reset the bloody things! (If they're close together, anyway.) Chester and your pet don't trigger them either--I can't even tell you how many times I've seen my kitty just go "Welp. Time to sleep now!" (flop)...on a pile o' spiky death. : P ...Notorious
  7. Heh. He doesn't in actual gameplay, I swear. Though there IS a long-running problem with Sims hairdos where almost every time you find a longer/fluffier one for males, it's converted from a female hairdo and _doesn't look right_. If you're going for a transgender character or an anime bishounen it's fine; if you want a guy who has slightly longer hair than super-standard but still looks like a GUY, however... THIS one, however, is more messy/mad-scientisty. It's not even remotely like Wilson's spikes,'s the closest I can find. Also Sims 3 characters all have the problem of "pudding-face"--the skin texture is weird and _everybody_ looks a hair too baby or doll-like. And it's _creepy_ once you get up close. Kind of a shame, 'cos otherwise, this is THE game for customising a character to look exactly how you want, what with Create-a-Style and everything... It's even worse with Maxwell. Hoo, boy. I gave him That Nose and some wrinkles and everything and he _still_ looks too young and handsome! I haven't taken any pictures of him yet, and there's a reason why. : P ...Notorious
  8. Awww, thanks. And now for something that isn't a drawing but is totally something I put work into... Meet Sim-Wilson--as he fails to invent something! The original picture was much nicer, but I don't seem to be able to find it on my hard drive so I had to make do with the pixelly jpg that I uploaded to the Sims 3 website. His house was decorated from the ground up as well...and I made sure to make everything old-fashionedy, gave him a tiny little old-timey radio...and of course a GRAMAPHONE. Here's a slightly-clearer picture of his face: This is, in fact (or a cropped-down/shrunk version, anyway) also the picture my Steam profile pic comes from. Yep. Last but not least, the profile! This expression cracks me up, I swear. So you can see that he actually does have the proper nose and everything. I don't have nice closeup pictures of my other Don't Starve Sims yet...they tend to be full-screen ones showing both their romping around _and_ the gorgeous scenery they're romping in ('cos seriously--DAMN!) but I intend to work on it. Mwahaha. ...Notorious
  9. minespatch

    Actually I've been considering that already. I mean, I didn't draw it from scratch/program the 3D models, etc...but I lovingly slaved over each one for a long time before I considered their features, colouring, etc. right and also searched the 'net for clothes and hairdos that looked even remotely appropriate. Sometimes LONG, far-and-wide, searches. Man, how long it took me to find a decent Valkyrie helmet for Wigfrid...!'s something I definitely put _effort_ into, is what I mean. And besides, where ELSE would I show Don't Starve Sims but on a Don't Starve messageboard? : P (Weirdly enough, if you've clicked on my Steam profile, you've already kinda sorta seen one of these screenshots--it's a cropped-down-and-shrunk version of Sim-Wilson! Working (and grumpily failing) at his inventor's station. INVENTOR'S. STATION. My _god_ Sims 3 is the perfect one to do this crossover with...) ...Notorious
  10. minespatch

    Haha! That's pretty much what I had in mind for the summer piece, yeah. "DO YOUR WORST, NATURE!" (Nature does its worst.) "OH CRAP I DIDN'T _MEAN_ IT!!" And yeah, I think all of us have had the occasional base burn down due to a perfectly nice, functioning, fueled-up fling...that...wasn't turned on. Whoops. Oh, and if we're doing characters with "bottom" in their name...(Arlesienne will like this) Cheri Littlebottom! From Discworld! (Here's my own interpretation of her, from way back. Woot. She's also kind of the police department's forensics person (as such even exists on the Disc) so...better-read than average and even--dare I say it?--a bit sciencey. Also love the fainting from happiness, you only had two hours of sleep again?! and Charlie--or her shadow side, anyway--needing her fiiixx! Of course, now that we know more about where nightmare fuel actually comes from, that's even _creepier_... I need to do a decent picture of Charlie, dangit. Haven't, yet. Not entirely happy with my Sim of her, either--although if I feel like booting up Sims 3 I'll go in there and take screenshots of all the Don't Starve people I can. Heh. Some turned out better than others... Edit: I LOVE THAT PHOTO! I want a fluffy thing for _my_ kitty to lay down on too... That thing is just like, the ultimate cat-seat. Warm, semi on-your-lap and keeps you from being able to move your arms properly as long as the cat is on you. Perfect! ...Notorious
  11. Haha! I love that the poor Duplicant is just CRYING his face off about the codex. "OH MY GOD I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS THIS THING AND YET I ALREADY KNOW IT'S EVIL ICK GET IT AWAY." Well, there IS all that stuff I wrote in the "The Characters Are Duplicants" thread...basically that the "real people" of Oxygen Not Included's world are normal sized and proportioned, and they put their duplicants into various death-trap world scenarios and watch them try to survive/bet on them/try to sabotage other players' pawns. So in this case, if everything suddenly broke'd have a lot of confused duplicants looking at blank holodeck walls and some VERY pissy rich people.) On a more Don't Starve lore level, I...yeah, I also kind of want to vote for the anarchy option. Just to see what happens! I still kinda get the feeling that if NObody was on the throne, everything would just kind of start falling apart...and I don't mean like the ruins would get ruinier, the pigs would fall into civil war with each other and the seasons start messing up ala climate change--I mean falling APART. In bits. Somehow the throne is the nexus point of all this--no ruler/puppet, no magic. I've always kind of liked the premise that the BIG bad, the overall evil that's everywhere and you can't escape also _integral_. It _can't_ be safely removed without removing a lot of the good stuff, too--and I think that fits the overall tone of Don't Starve. The world may suck, but it's better than not existing at all! And an evil that you CAN'T get rid of 'cos doing so would kill you as well...yeah, that also sounds pretty Don't Starveish. I'm thinking the Don't Starve world is so inherently weird that it can ONLY exist by magic, and whaddya know, the shadow stuff everywhere is actually the source of power behind _all_ its magic--not just the parts you don't like. Whoops. (For anybody here who's read the Discworld novel "The Last Hero" know that one SUPER scary dark, apocalyptic painting in it? Yeah. THAT. Only without the dead turtle and elephants...probably.) Or, for a more science-y example...imagine your spaceship is being sucked into a black hole. And you're like, "Ya know? Wouldn't it be nice if there wasn't so much _gravity_ around?" and somehow your wish gets taken literally and HOLY CRAP, look what happened to the universe...! Which is WHY They are so very, very insistent that _somebody_ always be on the throne. Whether they specifically _know_ that their dimension is essentially held together by spit and bailing wire or it's just some instinct...there's GOTTA be somebody on the throne, or else there would be no land for them to rule over. BUT, that's just me. (shrug) EDIT: Ooh! Ooh! You know how Maxwell says "There wasn't much here when I arrived. Just the dust. And the void. And them." THAT'S what happens when nobody is on the throne for too long! (snaps fingers) Perfect! ...Notorious
  12. As long as they can explain how! 'Cos, seriously, that's gonna be entertaining. : P ...Notorious
  13. I'm intrigued on the 75-day winter one...I like the idea of a long but not _infinite_ winter. I'm already used to the 40-day variety myself (by accident) so COULD I go almost as long again after that? Hmmm... (Problem with decorating the base up during winter is you can't _see_ whatever nice flooring you put down under the snow! I've actually told new players: "It's actually fancier-looking than it looks right now. Wait until spring." : P I mean, you can see everything ELSE, sure, but a lot of my decorating involves stealing fancy flooring with a pitchfork...) And the no campfire of any kind for a year...? Tell me more. You can't _cool off_ by lighting a tree with a torch! Are you allowed to have a crockpot? Living in the caves without one doesn't work out well--poisonous mushrooms and monster meat aren't much fun unless you cook them into meatballs. My own spicing up? Well, there's the one I do all the time nowdays: Randomise the seasons! And do not, repeat, DO. NOT. use the season clock mod, Combined Status, or anything else that tells you stuff ahead of time. The idea is to be taken by _surprise_ the first year, and then continue to deal with whatever hand you got dealt in future years. You can get anything from your favourite season lasting forever to not existing at all, from the longest year possible (180 days!) to the shortest. You can have all four seasons or only one (the lowest I've gotten so far is two). Try it sometime--it's fun! Oh, and if you wanna keep track of what the planet is gonna do next? Don't use mods--just plant birch trees nearby and watch your character for shivering or sweating. That's it! Also, _don't leave nitre on the ground while mining_, make sure you always have some grass on you, and make a winter garment way earlier than you think you might need it. Trust me. You'll find yourself paying close attention to the lighting and basing your next decisions off of what the leaves on the trees are doing--the same way animals know when to build a thicker nest or whatever. And that's one of the things I love about it! Then there's the No Science Machine challenge which is old as dirt, aka the "We Don't Need No Education" challenge as I called it for funsies (no, you may NOT play as Wickerbottom), and the March of Civilization, which is still "in beta". I haven't finished it myself yet, as I keep switching off to my other servers every now and then. : P You spend the first (normal length) year as a "hunter-gatherer", for starters. ...Notorious
  14. Basically, I just don't like people telling me I'm not "allowed" to give advice because I'm not perfect. I made it to Day 570. Therefore my way of playing is just as legit as yours. You can be just as snotty and dismissive as you want; it won't change the fact that I made it that long in a world with harsh winters AND mostly by myself. And _that does count for something_. (God dammit. Been playing that world for SEVERAL MONTHS and you won't even let me have _that_ one. tiny. bit of triumph.) Why are so many people obsessed with the way new players learn, anyway? They're not bonsai trees you have to trim exactly right from the get-go, they're _people_! People have different brains! I really, really resent being not only told that the way I play is wrong, but that it's even more wrong for me to give advice to noobies. NEWS FLASH: I run a public server and I've _already done that quite a lot_. Another NEWS FLASH: There _is_ no right or wrong path as long as it leads to you not starving and also playing/behaving like a decent human being (unless we're talking PvP). Also also, this is not a serious enough subject to yell and make people miserable about. Just...stop trying to control the way people learn, play and talk about playing. Thank you. As for actual advice I've done that in other threads...around. I forget where they are. Topics like this come up fairly often though. ...Notorious
  15. Okay, NO! Just, _no_! "I could type this with my feet and succeed in communication" does not at all apply. I. DID. Succeed. With this. Therefore, it proves that it DOES ACTUALLY WORK. I never actually said mine was "best" practices. I said it WORKED. That it was _a_ legit way to play the game. Not everybody is a min-maxer. Or freaking CARES about being one! All I'm saying is that there is more than one LEGIT way to play the game. And yes, "I know what I'm doing" IS A LEGIT ARGUMENT WHEN I HAVE FIVE HUNDRED. AND SEVENTY. _DAYS_ UNDER MY BELT! Most of it played alone, even! In a harsher than normal world where I randomised the seasons _on purpose_ to give a bit more challenge! Sorry for the anger but I'm just SO...SICK...AND _TIRED_ OF THIS...! (cries) THERE IS MORE THAN ONE LEGIT WAY TO PLAY. PERIOD. God, the only reason I'm even on this topic is that everybody else is over at Oxygen Not Included now and I don't have it (and am not sure if I want it; it looks stressful) and I'm bored enough to click on anything even remotely answerable...I mean, we've had a bazillion tips threads. We've had a bazillion "This is the right way to do it" "No, this is" "There ISN'T any right way, just have fun!" threads. It's not as if I NEEDED to click on this one...but...well...everybody else is off at their space colonies and I don't have one. (shrug) Edit: Vioxtre and MasterJand do have some decent advice. I have seen too many people who have no idea of their own characters. Total noobies, like, don't even know the _controls_ yet, who pick Wes...and Kitty was there with me for the person who kept telling Abigail to go revive at the portal (which happened on the same server as in the screenshot, incidentally). And I would also agree with drying meat a bit after you've got the basics of your camp set up, and not eating crockpot foods left there unless you at least ask first. ...Notorious