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  1. How did you start playing DS/DST?

    Haha! I've seen that video, and Lewis's Dungeon-Master-esque way of not-talking about it ("The hallway seems to be empty at this time.") is EXACTLY the way I would introduce it to newbies now. All kinds of trying not to warn so you can get the other player's REAL first reactions...trying not to even have a tone in my voice... ("You're being vague. That means it's something horrible!"). Anyway. Heard about Don't Starve a long time ago, finally got around to looking it up, saw JackSepticeye and Sips's playthroughs, and only partway into them I decided the game was indeed for me--and it wasn't the art style that really made the deal, although it did sweeten said deal. No, what got me was "Wait. Wait. This is a roguelike game...where you can actually PERMANENTLY TRULY _LEARN_ THINGS AND MAKE MENTAL _PROGRESS_?!" I'd been burned too many times by Nethack and how everything freaking _randomises_ whenever you start a new game--not just the dungeon itself. The fact that Don't Starve starts everything over but what you personally learned as a player from last time is still releveant, is what first made me want to yank the controller out of the Let's Player's hands and try it myself. Now I'm also way into the characters, lore, etc. and have even done a teeny bit of fanart, so it's all good. ...Notorious
  2. screen shot show case

    Ha! That'd be nice, but I get the feeling the sinkholes weren't allowed to get any closer because Pig King--he's completely unattackable in any way. Although...maybe I should try this again sometime after stealing his flooring, and see what it looks like... But I get the impression the PLAYER'S nice floors won't stop nothin', because Don't Starve. : P Fortunately I haven't tested this directly yet--every time the rumbling starts I just run out of camp to some random patch of ground. Heh. ...Notorious
  3. screen shot show case

    Ha! Reminds me of this screenshot one of my Steam friends posted--he mains as Woodie, and so when a Jesus Tree showed up, he took a picture of Woodie standing on the shore, looking...longingly...at The Tree He Could Never Chop, with the caption: "Why must you taunt me so?" : P Anyway. The proper use of the "swoon" emote: What happens when the Antlion attacks while you're still trying to FIND the oasis... More Antlion shenanigans: It's trying to take out the Pig King! NEXT TIME ON: STARVING THRONES... This is due to a cute but...imperfect mod, but is too cute/funny not to share. I present: Jesus Cat! (and for anybody wondering, this is a pets mod for singleplayer + Shipwrecked, NOT Shipwrecked in Together.) And Jesus Cat slept upon the waves, which did glow with a blue light like unto the radiance of Heaven. And it was good. Last but not least, a more recent one (as in, I took it day before yesterday), and more blueness! Midnight At the Oasis. ...Notorious
  4. I randomise the seasons all the time, for exactly the reasons said above--more variety, less predictability, etc. I'm now trying out a mod that is supposed to properly randomise them EVERY year--so far I haven't played that world long enough to be sure. But if true, that'd be awesome. (As it stands now with normal game code, the seasons randomise for the FIRST year...and then just stick that way for every year afterwards.) Of course, using Combined Status/Season Clock or any similar mod would take away the unpredictability, surprise, think-on-your-feet aspect, so don't use those unless you wanna ruin the whole point. : P Also yes! to more events. Real-life summer could use one; maybe something that only triggers when it's also GAME summer, so that season is briefly more interesting? It's been a couple of boring hot bleh months out here in the desert and I could really use some random fun. ...even bearing in mind that "fun" in Don't Starve often involves death. ...Notorious
  5. Random Topic Starter

    Yeah, some of those I'd read about already, mainly...the three XX just said. (Oh, and the kindling one.) It's really too bad you have to have ALL that stuff from those mods, just a few of the assets or traits would be cool. Specifically the Shipwrecked backgrounds/plants. Okay okay fine I just want plantable palm trees so I can tropical-up my oasis, is everyone happy? : P I've also been known to use "Teas and Trees" or "Birds and Berries and Flowers and Rainbows and Sparkles and Unicorns with Friends" or whatever its name is, on occasion, but only experimentally. I like having more variety of plants/food around, but that makes it so there's too MUCH food. That said, the mango trees from the former would also fit in well with Shipwrecked and dude, green kitties. GREEN. KITTIES. Out of the two I'd say Teas and Trees is a bit more balanced/less obtrusive, but I do like having apples and pineapples around... ...Notorious
  6. Random Topic Starter

    I think the main problem is not everybody actually DOES hate all mods in general, but that it takes too long to sift through/find out about all the mods listed for a given server, so the easier thing to do is just brush off ANYthing with the "mod" symbol showing in the Browse list. For many people it's just a time-saving thing. Me, I do use mods, but mainly balanced ones. I understand why people loathe the "money raining from the sky"/overpowered furry anime character type mods because SO DO I! so I'm extra careful about what goes into my game. For example, one time a kid requested I download a specific mod: a WAY overpowered high-tech character so he could play his fave on my server as well, and I said no. Here's what I use on a regular basis: Willow the Unnerfed (the oldschool Willow from singleplayer DS--her downside is that instead of freezing when insane, she sets random fires. But you get a sweet infinite lighter!) Pickle It! (why can only meat be preserved an old-fashioned way? Also more variety of veggies) Shipwrecked Characters (they ARE canon! Just not in Together.) Winnie (or one version of her) Can only eat vegetables but grows crops faster; pretty darn balanced. I played as her once by myself to test it out before I made it "public" on my server--and promptly starved to death in winter. Yep! Sounds like a Don't Starve character! : P No Thermal Stone Durability I admit, this one does make things a bit easier but...I came in from singleplayer! The stones never break there! It just annoys me to have to keep track of one more thing, so I made the thermal stones oldschool. Re-equip weapon This really should just be a normal game mechanic. Animal/Trinket Variety, Painted Pig Houses--purely aesthetic. OOPS, forgot "Automatic Health Adjust", which adjusts the HP of bosses according to how many people are actually playing on the server. I end up playing alone a lot, so... And a few others I can't remember right now. I'm also currently testing out the True Random Seasons mod, by our own Electroely! Notable, very popular mods I DON'T use include...pretty much all the just-hand-you-information-without-work ones. GPS and Combined Status (and its variants) are the main examples...I happen to find it more fun to guess and figure things out on my own, but hey. (shrug) ...Notorious
  7. screen shot show case

    Man, some of these are awesome! Too many to list right now, but the "Enjoying the exhibit" one was posed just perfect. Also the lava pool right next to the Pig King. GASP! The forbidden love of Pig King and Dragonfly! No-one must find out their secret! Except we just did. And oh, my god, Nero. Those are SO GORGEOUS. Wow. The lighting, the...everything. Wow. Anyway. I have a bunch of screenshots I like, some of which I've already shown but probably a lot of people haven't seen them...but let's start with a couple genuinely new (to this forum) ones: One of my all-time favourites. It's just so atmospheric. Don't Get Rained On Together. Ahh, spring! : P Dude, the colours, maaaan... And last but not least, an oldie-but-a-goodie: The Oasis Kitties. ...Notorious
  8. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I too have never gotten around to taming a beefalo, mainly for the same reasons listed above--time and resource consumption + the chance you might lose all your work even after you DID do everything right. Also the easiest things to feed them are grass and twigs...but I needs my grass and twigs. For crafting. And emergency campfires/torches if I'm travelling away from base overnight. And in both winter AND summer, they become way less available. (Dragonfruit pies? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAright. Even as Wigfrid I wouldn't. I save those in the fridge for other players!) I mean, I like game-systems that make you really decide and the choice isn't immediately obvious--there's a case both for (and against!) both sides--in DST it's between: do I use this for me now, or give it to the beef for a possible future advantage? BUT, considering domestication isn't permanent and you have to babysit the damn thing, vs., say, a drying rack will stay there forever unless it burns or gets smashed down...I'll use those nine grass pieces for the rack, thankyouverymuch. Nothing against people who DO domesticate beefalo on a regular basis--I'd honestly like to try it someday! but...it also looks annoying. ...Notorious
  9. World Hopping Possible?

    Hmm? As far as I know, you just activate caves in the world-gen settings and then set the number of players to 1. I tried that once in an experimental world, and I got cave entrances scattered around like usual. (shrug) ...Notorious
  10. That One Thing That Is Trending

    Pretty much any of the characters doing that is hilarious. Bonus points if they're wearing a silly hat. Bonus bonus points if it's Maxwell and a cute little pet is also following him around . : P ...Notorious
  11. Who exactly is Wigfrid?

    Exactly. That's why I said she COULD maybe have an aunt named that, maybe...implying that really I think that's still her staying in character. She COULD also legit have an aunt named Hilda, but... Also bear in mind this is the early 1920's, some more old-fashionedy names we don't use as much nowadays could still be around, and/or maybe her parents are only like, first, maybe second-generation imigrants? It's possible. But would be a huge coincidence if so. : P ...Notorious
  12. World Hopping Possible?

    Actually...there is a mod for it, and it's called the Teleportato mod. (Apologies if you're on a console and I'm just being a dumb.) Haven't fully tested it out yet, but watch out--on normal settings each Thing is guarded and I mean GUARDED. I mean like large numbers, cave-only monsters... So if you do activate this mod in your world don't just run willy-nilly at the Teleportato pieces...and hope there isn't too much random newbie-death. : P ...Notorious
  13. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Ice-cream dispenser to raise morale or something? Sure, why not? And of course it would be a big threatening red button that simply makes the ice-cream because...Oxygen Not Included. Everything has to be (humourously) scary in some way. : P I sometimes wonder if the company that sends these poor duplicants out to make these colonies is from the same universe as the "Paranoia" RPG... ...Notorious
  14. Who exactly is Wigfrid?

    I've long held a jokey belief that Wigfrid is actually just some housewife named, I dunno, Sally Johnson or something from Long Island, who just SNAPPED and ran off one day...but that's just me. (Why Sally Johnson, I have no idea. It's just the name that popped into my head.) As for the quotes listed here, however...those are just her staying in-character. She MIGHT also be from a cold place, but... Whirly Fan- "The chilling breeze reminds me öf my frigid höme."--I'M A VIKING Ice Maker 3000- "Reminds me öf höme."--Again, I'M A VIKING Ice- "Reminds me öf höme."--I'M STILL A VIKING Headstone (3)- "Hey, that's my name!" (everybody says this one, it dates back to vanilla DS) Beefalo (sleeping)- "Söunds like Aunt Hilda."--She _could_ have an aunt with a very Nordic-sounding name, I guess. Maybe she's from Minnesota... Crow (held)- "Tögether again."--Norse mythology, crows are associated with Odin and all that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Really to me the only quotes that are the _real_ person behind Wigfrid are the ones where she admits that this is all a play, ("The curtain falls!" when going too far into darkness, etc.) and even those don't tell you much about her. They just show that on some level she's still aware that she's an actress--but a really, bloody, DETERMINED one who will quite literally starve herself _to death_ rather than break character... ...Notorious
  15. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Now if only I had a decent digital camera...but yes, that is an idea. Hmm. Mayhap...I might have a plan. Maybe... I just now noticed the ice-cream one. "WHY ISN'T THIS WORKING?!" XD It also reminds me of this round-robin story me and my friends were telling in chapters on the school-bus every day, and at times it seems we were competing with each other to see who could be the most random. What does this have to do with anything? well, there's this scene where the main character is in a spaceship, which is crashing. So she starts pushing every random button she sees, in a panic. "I flung myself at the big red button above my head. The ship handed me an ice-cream cone." : P (I actually meant, like, a tray with an ice-cream cone slid out, or a robotic hand popped out of a port on the wall and handed it, etc. but the wording in the actual written-from-memory-at-the-time version was "the ship", so hey. XD) ...Notorious