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  1. Okay, good. Glad to hear it, Palecwsmalec. ...Notorious
  2. It's the little bell dangling off the top that gives it away. : P ...Notorious
  3. YES. All of the yes. Especially the bolded part. ...Notorious
  4. Sigh. Not EVERY guy who sticks up for something a female says (or the other way around, for that matter) is a "white knight" douchebag who's just trying to get laid. Sometimes, there's this thing called...actually being nice? I bet guys who actually ARE decent, polite human beings who get accused of that all the time online get _really_ sick of it. Sorry, but that's a modern attitude that REALLY bugs me. :\ In this case...maybe the people sticking up for me actually DID agree with at least some of what I was saying, or really DID think Toros was going too far with the personal attacks? It's a possibility, anyway. ...Notorious
  5. Exactly. Also yes to the stuff about hats instead of vests and ditching the backpack (permanently) being pointless. I go out on a lot of hunter/gatherer runs. Why on earth would I want to have LESS slots available to store the loot I find? No offense to those who _don't_ use backpacks, more power to you--but I think there's nothing wrong with USING them either. I too get through the winter just fine with a beefalo hat and thermal stone. Heck, sometimes _earmuffs_ and a thermal stone if I spawned too far away from the beefalo and can't get to them in time. Carrying fire materials on you at all times is handy for more than just the light, too. ...Notorious
  6. Yeah, that's the part of that I didn't like either. : P (Mainly because I'm sick and tired of "MY CHARACTER COULD BEAT UP _YOUR_ CHARACTER!" "NUH-UH!" "COULD SO!" "COULD NOT!" comparison threads that get insulty almost _instantly_ against the "peasants" who play Character(s) Poster Doesn't Personally Like Here. Not to say Chaos2's post was quite like _that_, but, in general.) Other than that it was a decent list, though. ...Notorious
  7. Chaos2: Now THAT sounds a little more accurate of descriptions. It's got more than just three categories and the emphasis isn't completely on combat as a measure of skill--I notice that the wording is "can TAKE DOWN all four seasonal bosses", rather than "solo" or whatever. This means that tricking them into other stuff that kills them for you can still count! Kudos! (And if that isn't actually what you meant, take the compliment anyway. : P) But at any rate, I do like the idea of finer-grained categories than just "Noob, intermediate and expert" (and MLGPRO). According to this list, I'd be a "Higher intermediate", and THAT, I can actually see. Also, thanks guys. It means a lot. ...Notorious
  8. Wow, Toros. PHRACK you. "Veteran noob" ? Good GOD why do so many people have to be such _arseholes_ about how others play this game. Oh, little ignore list! Come here, buddy! I've got another snack for you. You know what makes _me_ dismiss a person as "not mattering"? When they act like THAT! Especially towards someone who has done _nothing_ to them personally, and completely doesn't deserve that. GOOD-bye! (KNEW this thread was gonna go here eventually. Freaking KNEW it. Hoped to death it'd stay civil, but noooo, that's not possible around here...!) EDIT: Well, at least it seems others do agree with me on the "Combat isn't everything when it comes to evaluating skill" thing--if the number of likes my first post in this thread have gotten is any indication. I'm not alone on that. People like Toros are probably gonna be like "Well that means there's a lot of noobs who _think_ they're good playing this game!" but, screw that. I know I am not a noob. I have never PRETENDED to be advanced, but instead have always presented my skill level both in the game and here exactly as it is. All I'm saying is that I don't SUCK, and I _know_ I don't. I am confident of that much at least. I can survive for hundreds of days on my own in any combination of seasons. I always have materials on hand to help anybody who joins at night or in a bad season not immediately die (backpacks for the win, y'all). And I always explore and gather rather than just turtle at base during summer/winter. Heck, sometimes I can even get leeches to contribute simply by using the right words! I KNOW I'm not any kind of "noob" or "pretender", but instead a comfortable hunter-gatherer-survivalist. And I don't need the approval of gamer-elitists to tell me that. ...Notorious
  9. I think I would disagree a bit with the "Extreme Beginner" listed earlier--a REALLY Extreme Beginner is someone who doesn't even know yet that light at night is _not_ optional, or who is so unfamiliar with any character other than the one they picked, they say things like "We need to revive the ghost" when a Wendy with Abigail walks in. (I'm sorry, I know it's a bit mean, but that _still_ cracked me the hell up. : P When I realised just WHO they were talking "to" with the "Go to the portal and click on it, you'll revive" I was like _wow_... Even better? The server in question is SURVIVAL, not Endless!) I also feel that coming from singleplayer Don't Starve would be a _help_, not a hindrance, as you already know the basics of how the world works and things like "Winter happens?! OHMYGOD!", are already prepared for summer wildfires, know that if you steal a Tallbird's egg be prepared to run a LONG time, etc. And I'm not just saying this because that was _my_ background going into Together...although it was. : P Knowing the basics of how the world in general works so that all you have to learn is the _Together_-only stuff...means you start off knowing the basics. (shrug) ...although us singleplayer vets DO have to break ourselves of the habit of OMGGRABEVERYTHING. Heh. And no, this topic isn't actually important...but human beings like to rank and categorise themselves, and when it comes to gaming nobody wants to be seen as the dreaded Noob. Most of us definitely started that way. (I...technically didn't in this case, but that's because I started off watching a Let's Play out of curiosity about the game itself, then _kept_ watching because it was entertaining. That taught me stuff like the tallbird-egg thing, darkness, winter is coming and don't get too close to a red-butt beefie.) I don't at all see myself as _good_? but I do not at ALL want to be thrown aside as "Pff, you're one of _those_ players", like I don't even matter, because I'd rather lure Deerclops into the swamp instead of fight him one-on-one. As long as he's dead, the base is intact and no cheating happened...does it matter? So...yeah, I'm just trying to lump myself in with "not the bottom", rather than anywhere near the actual top. : P ...Notorious
  10. I was gonna say!--wouldn't a noob be the player who DOES go around destroying unrenewable resources, _because they don't yet know the consequences_? And...why would anyone want to knowingly do this on purpose? To me doing stuff like digging up rabbit holes or mushrooms is a sign of impatience, lack of game-knowledge and probably also immaturity. Anyway. I...don't agree with the categories as _any_one has written them here so far. This whole thread is way too combat-worshippy without acknowledging that other skills are valuable too. I STRONGLY disagree with the idea that if you don't single-combat bosses, you're a bad player. If this was a game where combat was absolutely necessary and you couldn't progress without it, full stop, then sure. But this game is a sandbox that gives you OPTIONS--and that's one of the awesome things about it! Exploring, trickery, knowledge of the land, crafting, recipes, knowing the ins-and-outs of how the world ticks and being able to deal with the seasons--even when they surprise you!--are perfectly legit abilities too. Maybe we could have more than one category per "rank", like "Intermediate Survivor" and "Intermediate Fighter" or something? The way this thread is written so far, it makes it sound as if strategic players who can survive a whole year without a base, no problem are on the same level as those who don't know that beefalo go red-butt sometimes. That is definitely NOT the case! ...Notorious
  11. Sometimes when the Deerclops is close by it seems the screen is shaking so hard, it's jostling my eyeballs out of their sockets! But I'd rather have the warning than not have it, so... But yeah I could see an argument for some toning down, sure. ...Notorious
  12. Ooh, the puns. _Ow_. That "I Antlion" one especially...not only groan but WINCE-worthy. I salute you, sir or madam. (salutes) And ooh, ouch, the Bearger story. Oh I HATE when that happens--he destroys your stuff like the Deerclops _and_ takes your food supplies. Luckily for quite a while now on both my main servers, I've got a Bearger who spawned away from the base _years_ ago and is still there, so the game doesn't spawn any new ones in. Every now and then I go by and am like "Hey" or get him to fight hounds for me. One of my servers, especially, has a spot where the Bearger likes to sleep _and_ the Spring Giant likes to set up nest, right near the Bee Queen's hive! But far from being terrifying, it's actually perfectly safe to walk through 'cos the big things all fight each _other_ instead of me, and smaller hostiles get wiped out by 'em. Mwahaha! ...Notorious
  13. (considers posting her picture of a kittykit sleeping in a boat to stir up trouble confuse people) (decides not to) (slinks out of the thread) ...Notorious
  14. It's always sounded to me somewhat like a big, deep cat hiss. Which is actually kind of a bit creepier, 'cos it's less human... Anyway yeah. Don't get caught in total darkness for more than a couple seconds, and ALWAYS. HAVE. A LIGHT SOURCE READY. I mean it. _Always_. This is not an optional in this game, it's a necessity. Actually you know what else this reminds me of? (Besides the obvious "It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.") Shadowgate! Anybody else played that? It had this mechanic where darkness instantly = death. Like, the very SECOND your torch went all the way out, you would "trip over something" and BANG, dead. It got to where after a while, the torch-going-out music would haunt your nightmares. You know the Sonic drowning music? Yeah, it's on THAT level of fingernails-down-the-chalkboard-of-your-nerves. IT'S A SAD THING THAT YOUR ADVENTURE HAS ENDED HERE... ...Notorious
  15. Their bacon of hope... : P Reminds me--one time, I had three pigs following along behind me in the summer. One of them was named Bacon, and GUESS who caught on fire. "NO! DON'T COOK MY BACON! wait..." XD I'm so mean. Actually he was okay, which always mystifies me. But yes, Bacon got cooked. Heh. ...Notorious