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  1. A Certain Discord Chat Discussion Starring: @Fidooop @Aeschwutz @Mr.P @Sketched_Philo @JellyUltra @Master Jand @KoreanWaffles
  2. Low effort MS Paint Meme.
  3. You're a madman ;-; Edit: You are nightmare fuel itself. Edit: Give @Fidooop a title worthy of the name Unnatural Selector. Edit: Edit: Devotion to (Fidoop) @Fidooop - I have the tendency to write his username wrong Edit: He really deserves it as part of my numerous edits. Soo please.......... give him a title.
  4. Don't worry I noted only one dev to spread to all other devs about Unnatural Selection. @Fidooop
  5. Oh yeah @nome (as Klei candidate), don't you dare step on @Fidooop's dreams.
  6. Let me help you @DarkXero . Edit: TOADSTOOL_EDGY_HEALTH = 99999
  7. @Sketched_Philo You know my secret I brought up to you, right?? This means I (we) can have napsacks for days.
  8. For now I don't have one. But I do intend to make an art thread with art concepts in the future like my US suggestions and as well as my Metheus work. I only need more artworks for posting. But I do intend to finish my Caboodle of Know Hows. @minespatch
  9. Oooooh. *Sees Metheus related stuff* Here (my personal Metheus artwork)
  10. How about you try this in real life like those documented films of someone surviving on the wilderness if it's getting quite a chicken on a digital platform created by dedicated developers of a game development company to its community of great individuals just to give a simulation of the experience itself. You have your opinions and I have mine as well as other people who played and watched Don't Starve (Together). I respect duly yours and what you stand for but this is rather a personal problem of your own. Solve your little problem rather making it a ruckus instead. There are different kinds of solutions to take but you personally choose a solution which is ineffective and would deal you blows.
  11. TOPKEK
  12. Remember when EuedeAdodooedoe posted this kind of post like way back last year like this .............. ............. ............ Fresh memories.
  13. Request for help on your ideas as well. It's hard myself to motivate working on this thread so whoever wants to help me post your work here only and I'll edit some of it. For courtesy the status "Author" will be given if you posted a post whether new or within my knowledge. Thank you in advance!
  14. Your worst nightmare *badum tss*