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  1. I'm imagining that I hosted that server, my PC would kill itself.
  2. That one player that came to your base and do nothing but eat and explore near the base you made.
  3. It should if you made it as intended. But for help can you give some screenshots? Also all of your actions taken.
  4. As for the busy time I've had, I made few progress towards editing the thread. But I may sure to edit the thread on the weekends if possible. Only a note for people waiting for this. Also there are incomplete post on the main post.You could read it and I'll not be bothered about it. Anyways those are my announcements on this thread. I hope to finish it first and then let this be pinned but due to real life circumstance I've no time. Sorry for the inconvenience
  5. A Certain Discord Chat Discussion Starring: @Fidooop @Aeschwutz @Mr.P @Sketched_Philo @JellyUltra @Master Jand @KoreanWaffles
  6. Low effort MS Paint Meme.
  7. You're a madman ;-; Edit: You are nightmare fuel itself. Edit: Give @Fidooop a title worthy of the name Unnatural Selector. Edit: Edit: Devotion to (Fidoop) @Fidooop - I have the tendency to write his username wrong Edit: He really deserves it as part of my numerous edits. Soo please.......... give him a title.
  8. Don't worry I noted only one dev to spread to all other devs about Unnatural Selection. @Fidooop
  9. Oh yeah @nome (as Klei candidate), don't you dare step on @Fidooop's dreams.
  10. Let me help you @DarkXero . Edit: TOADSTOOL_EDGY_HEALTH = 99999
  11. @Sketched_Philo You know my secret I brought up to you, right?? This means I (we) can have napsacks for days.
  12. For now I don't have one. But I do intend to make an art thread with art concepts in the future like my US suggestions and as well as my Metheus work. I only need more artworks for posting. But I do intend to finish my Caboodle of Know Hows. @minespatch
  13. Oooooh. *Sees Metheus related stuff* Here (my personal Metheus artwork)