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  1. with new update im start play new game , making food by musher and i make small water tub surround by all degree more that 10*C but some how it become ice block i tough its sand falling but its ice block wth this heppen
  2. They keep running event Battery Full and priority set to 5 but still there other job Priority 9 they didn't do other job keep ruining
  3. New update ? When ?
  4. i do that but what we got game crash gahahha
  5. hope there is better flow gases without delay , im use valve to control presure but seen not working keep delay 1 second
  6. i kno wwe can "paint" use debuger but once i use that debuger i will lose my interested . i think there some bug about this ^^
  7. replace its not helping its already fill with Hydrogen 1000Kg T_T so open the door mean all waiting so long gone T_T , the valve work at the outside befor the intersection Gast tank > valve 400mg/s >valve 100mg/s intersection 4 Pipe > Hydrogen gene Valve will broke because presure in gast tank ?
  8. helo ^^ thanks for answering but as you can see its already "set up" by dupe if not setting yet . it should show "waiting to set up"
  9. its my valve or i dont understand how to use valve gas ? valve use to hold pressure right ? and make it flow how we setting ? but why its become 1kg gass T_T can any one explain to me how valve works ? because base on my intelligent its should control the flow and My dube already set it right after i set the flow rate
  10. answer simple there is no hydrogen to pump ^^ . gas flow really slow bro ^^ that mean hydrogen get close to your pump are randome from gas behavior your hydrogen gas move to corner left and right
  11. now tey this use over 5.8Kw/s without break break the wire before they fix the bug ghahahah
  12. can we see your Screnshot ? mybe same like me every time im install new pipe ( gast or liquid ) i need restart the game
  13. OMG what use for ? and how posible he can swim more that 5 block ?
  14. thats mean i keep creating endless ?