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  1. First like risu said you misng output pipe second , can you tell us your version ? the last update its should fix this bug need restart after fixing pipe
  2. So "spent without end" that mean you want they not consume coal when your battery X% right ? Yes you can they wont replace \ Refill when 0 coal in generator but when coal already refill , generator will consume to runout i hope my poor english reach you -------- sugestion my seting "Set 75 or 50%" and periority set 7 or 8 enough and your other diging / build set to 6 that with this they should do refil generarot when off ( empty ) when battery touch the 75%
  3. How you made it one place ?
  4. over 2.3K dont have any broken onlly notification
  5. why Hatch not poop ? Because They need walking and clean space ! clean for any debris except coal Owning 10 Hatch
  6. Hai Because this live version minor Bug need to fix Hydrogen Generator Manual Generator
  7. Congratulations !!! So with this Klei official make termal update into alpha not preview branch any more ? We waiting new innovation for the next update
  8. Hahahah i think mybe later after TU full release and balance
  9. Really bug or it is dev setting ?
  10. Well ihope they update with flow control of valve if 1 pipe liquid/gass meat branch its will make delay if normal we can make 3 hydrogen power supply
  11. How single wheezee can cooldown all gass room in that room ?
  12. Liquid Pumps should properly pump liquid when only partially covered by liquid. Previously if the bottom left cell was gas, the pump would run but fail to pull liquid into the pipe. Whats is this mean ?
  13. How did you lure the puft