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  1. Found another skeleton artist.:wilson_ecstatic:

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the torch or that fantastic headband that is acting like a babylfish between them. Love the thulian spear too.
  3. minespatch

    Page four of my father;s comic is done. Hope he loves what I did. I think there's thirteen pages in all. Hopefully I'll get the next comic done in shorter amount of time.
  4. Welcome to my thread! I got into the lore of Don't Starve thanks to my buddy @toki-wartoothxx. Hopefully I can get the game in the future but thanks to non-game materials like the comics and animations by Klei, I can appreciate the world building before I get to play the game itself. Steam summer sale wooohooooo Ready to play and maybe make comics and study sketches about. Such material inspired me to make art. Here's what I've drawn so far: Wilson and Pines Twins find Apophenia Lio has a Kodak moment with Maxwell William Carter's Liminality And some non-DS related art with the game style: Klei's Herbert West Don't Starve Bob, it's alright Don't let the league starve This page for my non-Don't Starve art. This page for my Oxygen Not Included art. To do list: Comission Quest: Info on Skeledork Skeledork interpretations: Comics: skeledork expressions: Art by my father Works featured on streams Update: 6-28-2016 Thread gets a updated title, hopefully it doesn't confuse things. Update: 6-29-2016 About to get the game, added a greeting. Update: 7-4-2016 Got the game, thank god. Update: 7-12-2016 To do list Update: 7-19-2016 Interpretation section Update: 8-28-2016 oc posts
  5. Heavy Weapons Willow? Nice job with the backgrounds on these. Blurring them really gives this a cinematic scope.
  6. minespatch

    I have to thank Jouste for that. Love that the people on the stream told him to add cat-ears.
  7. Welcome to my thread! You can check my Don't Starve thread either here or my signature. My game concept: Frontier Reaper/Boomtown R.I.P. can be seen here. Anyways, inspired by both @SirKnight's and @toki-wartoothxx 's art threads, I wanted to make my own "non-shame" corner. Emphasis on the "no-shame". Just like my toki-doki buddy I can do requests but due to me being tight on cash I will make personal "commission quests" monthly or tri monthly so you can see where your money is going into. For good examples of my non-DS work, you can check my facebook page or Tumblr page(they both post the same content but facebook gets the newer content). Comission Quest(more info): badges to do list: Though to make up for lack of references to show my newer fully colored work, I'll post some examples here so you can see what I can do when I don't do DS style: The pieces above take a entire day to make. Mainly due to painstakingly coloring each line before working on the underlayer. Though, while I'm doing comission quests, you can also comission Badges from either me or @toki-wartoothxx. We'll be selling these for $3 each, oc or not. Currently I got about 42 done and got more coming along the way. Posting badges would be more logical here than the DS thread but I'll try to get the rest of the cast done. Even Maxwell. Wishlist/quest list: book list:(least of my priorities but still things I need to collect) art Tutorials: My father's book.
  8. minespatch

    Almost done with the fourth page of my father's comic. I'll try the Klei stream tomorrow. Twitch is horrible on my laptop.
  9. Finally! Got the cat-tyranusaursfish done! Took me three days due to library having only a short amount of time but great streaming service. Decided to try to study your practice Weaver sketches. They were really interesting but even the simpler drawing were really complex to study from. You're fast, amigo! Got a lil' sad when you were erasing your study sketch but oh well. You work on fast pacing and rhythym. I don't blame you. Blindfold cat-tank And dress horse. Kind of looks like those skesies from Dark Crystal.
  10. I love the concept! Shocked you were ashamed of showing it. If I were doing my own kind, I'd imagine there'd be those ittty bitty lobsters(the ones featured at the beginning of the heiroglyphs that kind of look like if a puppy, lobster, and toddler were fused together), then the creature you listed(like with @artistcrab's nero), and then the big massive monarchs. Would love if the guy who did the Klingon language would do the language of the Thulectians/Thulians. Nice side profile of the villager. The ear-holes look interesting.
  11. Give the guy white sleeves, a funky hairdo, and black legs and he can be Wilson.
  12. Every student before exams.
  13. The dreaded hentai monster from the island of doujinshi stole Wilson! Loving the colors. Your brushing skills are improving immensely!
  14. #Relatable Wait a sec! Did she paint her suit?!
  15. Well, if it's Don't Starve related, I don't see why it would be a problem. Everyone has their own theories. I'd be happy to check it out.
  16. Whoa! Way improved since I last saw it on discord! Nice work. So they're singing a levitation spell?
  17. Kinda funny since we're in the Month of June yet his wife is called the month.
  18. Try checking out the Jouste streams for great tutorials. He tends to have great tips on photoshop brushes.
  19. Saleskrampus's place looks like a mini-mount Crumpet. Panel 2 is best face. Is that June drawing at the bottom for ONI?
  20. Kind of shocked no one has actually drawn Wickerbottom as the radio lady. Who's the oc you're mentioning?
  21. I got my skeledork persona if ya need.
  22. I feel bad for snorting with the juxtaposition and then seeing what lead up to the rock fall.
  23. quote-science-advances-funeral-by-funera


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      Not sure what I was expecting but I'm glad I scrolled down XD