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  1. How many jobs does this man have?
  2. Oh, a "becoming the mask" trope. Might be a good idea. Plays alongside Albert's own existential dilemma.
  3. Love the difference between the soil and Groot's wood coloring. IT's a nice subtle touch. Even those blue lines.
  4. Citations on that?
  5. Wilson be spooped by a smiler.
  6. I love the faint but of pink in the distance. It gives a vantage point for both the characters and viewer.
  7. I don't care for the griefing aspect, I'd like to dissect the bigfoot and find out how it would work. The idea of doing rockclimbing might be a fun aspect for players who want to go above the clouds(and I don't mean that defunct mod).

    This video genially horrified me. It made me think of things I don't want to ponder on while also reminding me of this one Children's book which I've been searching for years but can't remember the title of(not like candle cove, this book existed).

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      holy shnitzell

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      Jordan Underneath's resume to Sesame Street.:wilson_sneaky:

  9. How did Klei and DHX release a floppy miner hat at the same time?
  10. Return of the Boosch? Also, Did you draw that?
  11. I regret not clicking your signature. Got to you through @ImDaMisterL's status. This looks like you invested a lot of time into this.
  12. Dammit, now I want to draw a schoolgirl merm in the future.
  13. You unintentionally came up with a interesting addition to what good the biigfoot could be used for. The scales could be a alternative to scales giving more reason to scale farm.
  14. He wouldn't look out of place in Fullmetal Alchemist in that outfit. If Webber hugged MAxwell like that, MAxwell would have a hard time trying to push Webber away with a finger in disgust.
  15. Skeledork can really be friends with Elizabeth so much. The two can plot how they can throw waterballoons at the magician. Love the way you added lines on Webber. The white helps. Wilson wants the merm-senpai to notice him so he can study the merm. Pacifist tactics aren't working.
  16. @StarmanNess needs some help getting 's attention. He doesn't know how to get a title for himself.
  17. Winona would cosplay as a shepardess in secret to hide her sweet side? Actually, thank god someone finally is asking about those Aku-like shoulder pads. That question has been bothering me for a while now.
  18. Only reason to add the old bell is so you can call your friends to tackle a giant foot and climb to the top. Might be a fun mechanic. Not to crush enemies but to get a better lay of the land. Imagine characters like Wolfgang and Wigfrid using equipment to throw spikes into the foot and climb its scales. IT'd be so cool~!
  19. Same, kind of shocked the people I tag on the threads haven't gotten their badges yet.
  20. #Relatableproblems heh. William is having a bit of Mick Jagger in this version. Strutting that sass. I like the smugness in her face.
  21. There's a sense of fury that you don't really see in Wendy. Simple but works in Willow.
  22. It's the color palette to the grass that got your attention. A soothing green. Future request: A excited Webber shouting PIZZA TIme!
  23. Is Melting shocked due to the neck missing a part?
  24. Depending on the artist, Wilson's hair has skunk like streaks. Now I can't unsee it.

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      Just a few years in the wilderness can do something to a man, @minespatch.

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      Midlife crisis fun?

      taking a page from bilbo baggins.pngtaking a page from bilbo baggins copy.png

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      Oh yeah, now I see it.