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  1. Impressive job on this one. Doing a 180 turn scene is basically a art student's challenge for perfection. It's a nice challenge and would take me a month to do. Congrats on it.
  2. Soliel went from perky to depressed in no time flat. She needs a cup of happy.
  3. Batter's preplanning more baby murder.
  4. Aries is a spider goddess?
  5. Curious accidental dorkage goes throughout the ages.
  6. Wendy-chan's late for anime tropes 101.
  7. 1 hour ago, Instant-Noodles said:


    Me if I got the bonearmor. :wilson_sneaky:

  8. "Potato-cup worthy"?
  9. Poor Pyro. wordswordswordswordswordswords*quote* period
  10. My mother couldn't have those are bellpeppers due to allergies. They're okay to me but due to my mother, it was years before I got to eat pizza without the fear of my mother burping in problems.
  11. Nope, a effect add-on for paintdotnet called "text formations". If you want to make digital art, paintdotnet is a really good choice. Fixed. Thanks for catching that.
  12. Eyyy, I like the name. I can imagine Wickerbottom was the one who'd name her that in the first place.
  13. Kind of looks like a pouty child, which fits Wilson.
  14. Well, there is that sister of Charlie we haven't gotten a name for yet so...
  15. The queen will probably want her clothes back.
  16. 6 hours ago, Sketched_Philo said:



    Holy crap, that is terrifying.

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. minespatch


      I have to deal that every day with my cats, I don't need Don't Starve to copy my cats antics. :wilson_ecstatic:

    3. WishIHadAFridge


      I think it's a sarcastic "please". Since it only says it when spawned by the console.

      Does that make it worse or better?

  17. Drawing with eyes? Sounds like this piece is totally me. Love these journal entries. Are you planning to do anything with these after you're done?
  18. I wonder how Ayenth would feel about a twin...
  19. That's pretty good. Looks different from your usual work.
  20. That can't be good. I can only wonder if Wilson did that.
  21. I wonder if Woodie would have a practical reign? All he seems to care about is chopping trees in his Triumphant skin.
  22. You might want to doodle a diagram before testing it out.
  23. Looks like THEM are trying to give Wilson backrubs.
  24. minespatch

    I was supposed to work on the first page of my father's Don't Starve comic but the webcomic I do comes first. I just need to add the dialogue and they're good to go for him to print out. The cold held me back from my work but I hope to catch up.