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  1. Gonzo's Wilson P. Higgsbury. Oh geez, a good portion of the forum were metheus addicts.
  2. Impressive! With a bit more organization, the anatomy will look more natural but I like what you have so far.
  3. There's always time for Klezmer.
  4. @ImDaMisterLMind putting this in your first post? I was trying to find assests for my latest art piece and this might be important to post in the first post.
  5. The game is full of action figures. Might be a toy with really long limbs?
  6. All the chester-babies~! Love the subtle references to the weaver.
  7. Congrats, Noon. Strut that cane.
  8. Webber tries to live on the streets. Poor child. Those blank eyes just tell so much.
  9. Keeps judging.
  10. Here comes the pain train. He'll be needing a lot of glands.
  11. I'm having the funniest image in my mind of Batdork running on emergancy battery wheel.
  12. Try typing in the search bar "puzzle buddy" and that'll help you on your way.
  13. I swear, Scaramouche might be the same build as WX but his face just makes me think of Maxwell. Might be the grin. Then Albert suddenly strips to Bobbie's horror. Bobbie: NOT LIKE ThIIIIIIIIIIIIIS-