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      Be sure to join the Klei team on our official Twitch channel, where we will be playing and talking about the recently released Update 217524 for Don't Starve Together! As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, May 25th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
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  1. I'll check the stream either later today or tomorrow.
  2. minespatch

    Blindfold drawings I did a week ago that I now inked. The avacado still creeps me out.
  3. Sorry for giving Wigfrid her viking outfit at parts she didn't need. If you have any ideas on what her civilian wear wouuld be, please tell me
  4. minespatch

    Finally got Moloman's reply done. I just couldn't help but see the Moosegoose and brood looking like they came out of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut when I read the word "cult". My mind came to the conclusion that she'd want to make a garland of evil flowers. Wilson's perturbed by the lack of danger she feels from a dangerous act. ANOTHER one I wanted to finish as soon as possible. Just the idea of baby smallbirds walking around with chubby sexylegs like the parents just made me eager to draw. Something the was only intended to be one drawing turned into a eight panel comic. Giving me a chance to toy around with unimplemented skins, having Creepy Wendy crash into a tree, and Charlie poking fun at the Rose skins meme. AND here's the first chapter's storyboards. I won't touch chapter two until Catness states on what they'd like changed on my storyboards before I continue. This is their writing so I intend to be as faithful to the person's vision as much as possible. Something based on a youtube comment I saw last week. Immediately pictured Wilson saying it. My final WX kaiju movie crossover. Just wanted to get Wilson, Charlie, and Wolfgang a chance to be visible while tackling Deerclops again. The kanji says: Protecting the future from weird butt giants. First page of the thirteen page Filmmaker comic. Thanks to my father's drafting, the final product is way more organized. I really appreciate his help. Still a tad frustrated with how Maxwell and Charlie came out in panel 1. Had to draw really really tiny but hopefully they came out fine. Something I wanted to draw out quickly. Just the phrase and meme went through my head. Reused another reaction image to basically show my process of the week. Just like how Matt Stone and Trey Parker have crashing days. Another idea I wanted to tackle so I could print out the amulet and glue it in my reference book after I was done. Just the idea of skeledork obliviously taking Wilson's thulecite without asking is something that's horrible and I wouldn't be surprised if users on DST have similar stories. I have a fascination with eyes. It's a thing I've had all my life. Kind of inspired by a conversation I had with my father while discussing the Don't Starve comic he drew where Wilson and MAxwell meet the pig king. He asked me how did the king speak and I explained something similar to Manstroll from the webcomic we work on. The phrase made me immediately want to draw Manstroll as a Guardian pig while the actual pigs look at the cosplayer in horror. Wondering what is going in that pea-sized mind of his. To end it off, another reaction. Basically %50 of the time when I see a post on the forums. You guys are just inspiration-fuel.
  5. New Nightmind if you're interested.

  6. I can just imagine the little games they could play while out of Milo's sight. Wait a sec, I guess Milo is a new character?
  7. @JoeW, thoughts on this? Contractual or another other reasons?
  8. You still got it. Though I bet you're really busy. Loving the color pencil texture piece with the smoking. IT's a relaxed piece.
  9. Very organized. I'd put the images in the first post to save time but links work too.
  10. Charlie, of course. #jokepost
  11. Wendy's father. Wilson did a trade with Jack for the Nightmare Throne.
  12. PAinful but a rewarding treat. Holy crap, how did you get those beautiful strokes? I can't tell if you went crazy with each line or had a special brush?
  13. Having a tad bit of trouble reading page 3.
  14. First thing that killed me was the dark. I barely knew what I was doing. Impressive that you survived until Winter. For Rose skins, I highly recommend checking out the Hobbit fashion from the first Lord of the Rings trilogy.