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  1. Hot Lava© toys: Don't Starve limited editionWolfgang with nipple and arm action.
  2. Going to wait until L has the say, I'm not a mod.
  3. How many of those puppers is she going to adopt?
  4. I believe you should make a thread in the DST server bulletin. General is more for gameplay and lore discussion. Sorry if I assumed.
  5. @ImDaMisterL, mind moving this thread?
  6. Maybe he's going to go rocket-surfing with it?
  7. If I could suggest something, you might want to try sketching Webber's mouth and trying different expressions with that mouth.
  8. 'Cause Wilson and Boof get a golden tickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet(It's ours Charlie!).
  9. Going to bed, my heart's acting up.

    1. ImDaMisterL


      Rest well and take care.

    2. minespatch


      Got discharged  from the hospital again. Didn't get my hemorhoid removed yet. Will have to wait until May 4 until I can drink soda and coffees again...

  10. Aw dammit, if I knew there was going to be a floppy rain hat, I could've added that to my drawing.
  11. Who's Pyrocynical upset at?
  12. Thankfully Wilson has all four in my opinion.
  13. I like to think of it, not as evolution, but lifecycle to be honest.
  14. I think you were inspired by a particular thread~?