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  1. Does this mean that Shipwrecked is after DST?
  2. I think I'm in the minority of not wanting to attack the antlion. Love the big kitty but that's just me.

    mobbstar's wondertea.png

  3. Hello my latest nightmare fuel...*whimpers*
  4. Loving those color swabs at the ground. IT has a earthly texture to it. Also loving that jagged light source. IT fits the angular look to the game.
  5. The ruins is no frickin youtube channel... Unless we're THEM.
  6. http://www.buzznet.com/2011/08/tutorial-getting-vhs-tv-effect/

    Doing a vaporwave image of John C. Reilly's Dr. Brule and this tutorial is hilarious. I wanted to get a tv look to my pic and will probably add this link to my tutorial section.

    1. minespatch


      Holy crap, my picture went from a classy vaporwave piece to something that looks like it just came from a David Cronenberg movie. How'd the hell did that happen?:wilson_shocked:

  7. Sounds like the nightmare fuel spurns aspirations depending on character?
  8. So we can be stalker shepherds?
  9. His quotes do imply something of that nature but let's hold back until we find more info.
  10. Wilson looks like he's just overcoming a heart attack.
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    2. Arlesienne


      @artistcrab offers only quality content. I love it.

    3. minespatch


      She didn't make that, the piece just made me think of her.

    4. Arlesienne


      Then who do I worship for this art :D?

      Just to clarify, Crab still offers quality content.

  11. OH boy, that pink one doesn't look or sound friendly... "His city in tatters"? He didn't know about what happened? Wait, "World's fabric"? More portals? DAAAAAAAAw, they're so cute! Look at dat bone spidah, eetsocoooot! Eeetssmiling! That walking skull thing is pretty cool too.
  12. Daaaw, that's so cute.
  13. Would hitting Albert with a Hambat make Albert behave?