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  1. Sounds to me like a good time!
  2. Capt is it possible to randomize seasons and also have long seasons set at same time? Also does random seasons randomize each successive year randomly or does it fall into a sustained pattern? Something I have been thinking of trying to get a mod going for eventually is the occasional Solar Eclipse so that you have a full 24 hour period of darkness. I haven't really thought through all the mechanics on it yet tho.
  3. You're not harming them you're protecting nature. Think of the FLOWERS! I get it tho. Sorry I tried, to me pvp settles most issues like that.
  4. May I recommend Killer's Traps Mod and lace the flower fields with deadly traps? You can even be fair and leave warnings via signs. You can still frolic through the fields safely and as I learned from my time in the Corps - Blood makes the grass grow!
  5. If wanting to try playing with difficulty mods - Kindling Fire - fire and even rope production becomes no laughing matter with the right settings there. Cannibalisim - for the bleed when injured and slipping into shock (fall asleep, whilst still bleeding out) if you using poor medical items and Thirst, (In a sort of Beta - we are still working on it to make feature complete / squash bugs) for dehydration. Oh and of course there is always - Hard Mode which I haven't tried yet admittedly my gf rages enough already when I add difficulty mods. Fun times.
  6. When they rage and kill you for one. (I know you mentioned hat - that's an unnecessary workaround imo for a less than ideal situation to begin with. Also we are discussing new players who may not know about hats?) For another, when you don't develop the skills you need to sustain you in caves, or situations where you are bereft of your beefy pals. Again original intent is to teach new players For third, farms have been consistently proven to be a "trap" of sorts in terms of reliable food production as compared to other far superior sources. Not saying you're a bad person, or making any value judgement on you whatsoever for that matter, but it's not the stoutest of advice. *Edit* - Read more of the thread and saw you modified your stance about base location somewhat. I still stand by the fact that it is not great advice.
  7. @Luckcu13 forgot to mention that Beefalo will turn on you and become dangerous during mating season too.
  8. Thanks, its going to be its own setpeice as part of larger mod, and a water source but it wont be without danger to get the "free water" for drinking ... so yes I totally understand what you mean.
  9. Just a concept / wip gif so not as smooth as an anim will be in game when rest of mod is done but .... Based Charlie for the throne forever! Also a lot of jaggies as a gif hrrrmn... much better looking in game & Spriter.
  10. Thanks for trying to see my side of things @Donke60 but its not really necessary. I'm sorry I upset you @CaptainChaotica it's not worth getting worked up over imo. The following is going to sum up my entire views on the majority of "how to play" tips discussions and what they ultimately devolve to: Duty Calls! I'm not really invested in making my point any further than I have, because as I said up-thread: There is no point in arguing with people who are convinced. I'd rather apologize for hurt feelings. Sorry!
  11. Me either since it's Wendy who gets her.
  12. l'm not going to go over well worn reasons these aren't the *most effective* strategies for a few reasons. 1 - The information is literally everywhere people have Don't Starve discussions, and available with even rudimentary search skills. 2 - There is little point in arguing with people who are already convinced that they are correct. Suffice to say it has been proven that a lot of the things mentioned in this thread are sub optimal, (not just Captain - not trying to pick on her exclusively) and I'd be personally leery of offering it as advice. Of course context counts and all that, and any intelligent person can construct scenarios where thier advice seems to work well. As for offering these things as a best practice however, that's kinda not cool imo so I spoke up. Once I said my piece I intended to absent myself from the thread. With all that said who cares? Have fun the way you like, I'd just tend to shy away from offering much of it as advice per sey and perhaps couch it in terms of: "This is what I like to do - YMMV." Frankly with any sort of time investment, even the worst sort of strategy one could concoct can be made to work reliably with practice. So who's to say what's "right"?
  13. I could type this response using my toes and succeed in communication but that doesn't prove it is efficient or even a good way to do it. Play your way and have fun. I get that and support it. I do sub optimal stuff all the time in pursuit of fun and the way I like to play. I would stay away from rationalising it as "I know what I am doing" or offering it as advice on good habits however. I empathise with feeling defensive in the face of people telling you you're having "Bad,Wrong, Fun". Why not just stick to - this is what I like to do argument, it really doesn't matter to me what's best? Once again, having fun your way I can get behind, but offering it as advice or best practices - nah.
  14. Or an "ancient". Perhaps Klei is trying to warn us about fossil fuels?
  15. I know who the Formerians were / are lol - partly why I like the term Forumites.... it fits that sort of an established legacy... you have Troglodytes Formerians Forumites etc...