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  1. As co-author of a Thirst mod (see signature) this needs correction or I say we riot!
  2. Two quick points and then I'm out, because there really is not much point in a discussion if one of the parties is already wholly convinced on their position. Who knows tho, perhaps you'll consider it. 1 - Brevity, is the soul of wit. 2 - You keep forgetting that all of these (wordy) suggestions should be prefaced with: "In my opinion..."
  3. The original plan was to use water spiders to punish ppl who abused free water from ponds but this snake idea is too good... Consider it stolen. Shipwrecked Thirst Water Snake Venomous variant I toyed with the idea of making one bright band non venomous and two bright bands venomous for fun IRL snake identification games, (I could just hear players in game: "OSH*T - Which one is venomous again?") but my partner said we aren't that anti-social . Work proceeds on the mod...
  4. Interesting Ideas AFAIAC! In Thirst mod we are already coding in ways to poison & purify water wells & barrels (yes we are anti-social) and we actually have a special mob that will attack players caught using ponds overly much as a water source. It might be interesting to blend some of the ideas (snakes poison / glands - perhaps more) into our mod, here is a prototype poisoned water barrel: Reskinned with permission from Pickle It - (Awesome Mod) Regardless, your wish to be able to poison others will be reality in Thirst, and there is always this mod which I helped contribute to as well. P.S. I don't think water Beef is a great idea the way you proposed it. Certainly not in a desert!
  5. A little Haiku We are all indeed just thoughts Refrigerator
  6. Some of you guys joked about modded characters, but I'll turn this question on its ear a bit, and list what I find acceptable modded characters on my server. Walker and Wollie Walter the Botanist Weston the Wandering Cactus Winnie the Shepherdess Woka the Arctic Hunter Womp, the Abyssal Wyvard the Cold-Blooded Cavalier Someone alert that clever fellow who does that YouTube series: The [expletive deleted] Show some of these might be ripe for review. He's already done womp
  7. Seeing as we cannot attribute the invention to any one person or group of people - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_chess (as a loose source) who is to say that *Them* did not introduce the game to humanity itself?
  8. Guys these puns are terrible, but all's well that ends well.
  9. Testing well tonight: Sorry for the crazies lol.
  10. From tonight's play testing:
  11. Back on the topic of potato cups for a moment, we are playtesting the next iteration of Thirst, so potato cup action for one and all is coming soon! If anyone is actually interested in playtesting as well, just PM me.
  12. Whenever I get a drop box alert while playing I say out loud to no one in particular: "Prepare to be underwhelmed!"