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  1. Granite and Sandstone bonus is multiplicative, i.e. x1.1 or x1.2. Only things with positive decor should be built from Granite or Sandstone. Buildings with negative decor (e.g. pipes) get a boost with granite or sandstone, it's making them "uglier". At least for now.
  2. Airlocks let gas through, expecially if dupes decide to stop in them to catch breath or to do something. A water column won't let any gas through while duplicants can pass through it with no problems.
  3. The problem is that pump needs the same power regardless how high you pump the water. Make a deep hole, put a pump at the bottom, pump the water at the top, and put twenty water generators in the way. It's not like the game shouldn't give you sustainable energy (it does) but it shouldn't be too easy and too unlimited.
  4. If you click on the generator, there is a slider. That defines the coal delivery in similar way how dupes will run on hamster wheels - when batteries drop below that value (by default 50%), dupes will start delivering coal. When the batteries hit the ceiling, dupes will stop delivering coal until batteries drop below that value again.
  5. Neat, we don't need to build compactors at each destination.
  6. Oh, right. I totally forgot about that option.
  7. Powered airlock door with restricted access for that single dupe to pass one way, and something that's guaranteed to get him there. For instance a cod assigned to him. Unbreathable atmosphere if you want it to be over soon.
  8. I'm 100% sure they don't. Once I had a pack of charged batteries disconnected from everything for a few cycles and they didn't lose single unit. It may change in future releases though.
  9. Yeah it works that way for now. There's a bug with pipes that any gas or liquid packet in them won't change temperature if it moves. So you cannot cool water by sending it in a pipe through something cold, but you can cool it if you dump it into a pool and run pipes with cold water or gas through that pool. Takes a while but you may even use closed cycle with no pumps, a valve is all that's needed to keep the pipe contents in motion.
  10. I am almost 100% sure it's going to stay. First, thermal regulator produces heat smaller but proportional to amount of heat it takes from the gas going through it. It heats up on concentrated hydrogen way more than on e.g. oxygen. And second, the game could not possibly have sustainable ending if it obeyed conservation laws. Which leads us to Wheezeworts which are laughing very hard to any kind of conservation laws. And you can cool anything with Wheezeworts, even a battery of thermal regulators cooling your hydrogen. With wheezeworts, the small difference on the regulator is completely inconsequential, it's actually more power efficient to cool your regulators with wheezeworts than to let them cool themselves.
  11. Many things in ONI don't work the same way in real world. It's a game. It does not have to be realistic.
  12. It is both unrealistic and inconvenient in terms of gameplay for these two to overheat at 75 degrees. Heaters in general can sustain much higher temperatures by nature, the heating element in them is often at much higher temperature than the temperature to which the heated medium is heated. And we should be able to boil water using these. If devs claimed that they don't want to prevent players from doing so, why do they actually do that? I am aware there are hacks that make tepidizer to boil water, but they're hacks. It should be possible simply by sinking the tepidizer into the water and running it until the water boils, without damaging the tepidizer - just like it's done in each regular electric kettle.
  13. The game physics engine is tile based, i.e. a tile can contain either solid matter (terrain or wall tile), liquid (water, polluted water, or magma), or gas. You cannot have two or three of these in single tile (not counting items such as dug minerals which do not fill the tile). So an air pocket is a gas tile surrounded by a solid tile above, and water tiles on the other sides in a way that doesn't allow it to escape. Most of the time they appear if a room is suddenly filled with liquid. They do not signify anything, they're just results of how the physics engine works. Regarding exploits, it's up to your imagination.
  14. Personally I consider air conditioning with pipes glitching even if it's not a closed loop because the packet in the pipe won't change its temperature until it's dumped out of the pipe again. But I consider glitching fair game too since ONI is a single player so the only cheating is what you consider cheating and the pipe heat exchange will certainly get fixed in the future. On the other hand, I consider closed loop propelling fair game because I believe this will not be changed, it's an artifact of how the piping system is implemented.
  15. I had similar thing to store CO2 and chlorine but I didn't like the CO2 tile buildup (got exactly what you have) so I swapped it for a machine that stores it as a gas in sealed room and runs a scrubber inside the room every time it gets over pressure. Had quite some fun designing it, too. Here's an older version, the room is now bigger to make the scrubber more efficient. I also tried keeping the CO2 in liquid state but it has such a small temperature range that it was too hard to handle. And since there's a way to get rid of it completely, I went for that.
  16. Since water is renewable thanks to geysers, the oxygen source of choice is an electrolyzer. It can be made fairly cheap if you leave it free standing and just build a hydrogen collection space above it and send that hydrogen to hydrogen generator time to time. The other are various kinds of getting polluted oxygen which can be turned to clean oxygen through liquefication. Your dupes can still breathe pure oxygen and be perfectly healthy.
  17. I found that to not be entirely true. I had 99% fresh meal lice and 100% fresh bristle berries in the same fridge (in sterile atmosphere) and they were eating berries. I did not look too deep into it though so I don't know the reason.
  18. There's a catch - liquid or gas will not change temperature while it's flowing through the pipe. You can make it even closed loop propelled by a valve or a bridge and it will keep pulling your base towards average temperature of whatever you used to fill the pipe with. I use similar system too, though. Less dense, mostly it's just pipes going through ladders and floors and even that is plenty. And I can add pipes through it if I need to send some gas/liquid from somewhere to somewhere else.
  19. I think there's not at the moment, though there are ways to avoid it, at least partially. You can give your mush makers higher priority so they deliver them there before they eat them, and you could put a ration box/fridge for them behind a restricted access airlock so no dupes but one can take them out. In long run, though, bristle berry is the sustainable food. Diseases are no problem at the moment and raw lice is much less time consuming food than processed ones.
  20. I think the grid overload system needs a more substantial change, something where normal and heavy wire have different purpose, not just one being a more durable version of the other. Something like that you build local grids with normal wire, and a distribution network with the heavy wire - allowing to have centralized power generation, but not supporting energy transfer between local grids. Then you would not need to replace your standard wire network with heavy wire.
  21. Decor. Send one dupe making statues and painting paintings, make him master his art and you will have zero stress in no time. Put paintings and statues around places where dupes spend time - beds, mess tables, showers, lavatories, storage containers - and you will be at 0% stress almost constantly. Another thing is sweeping. Make sure it's clean around these places. Before you get there, massage tables. With sweeping and decor, stress is such a non-issue that I actually think it should be made a bit harder. Maybe the artist dupe should take longer time to master or something. Use mealwood at the beginning, then keep switching to bristle berries as these are the sustainable food source. If you have about four per dupe, you almost don't need to care about them, they'll harvest themselves when they're ripe enough and dupes will just pick the food from the ground when they're hungry. You only need to select some harvests if you get to food shortage state by chance. The only concern is keeping suitable temperature. And you need a source of fertilizer but running sufficient amount of fertilizer makers to process your lavatory and shower output covers your fertilizer needs with reserve. I'm certain there will be. Research period is way too easy and short at present, but the game is alpha. Not a bad idea, haircuts/hair color and default clothing changes would be nice. Regarding gender, I prefer dupes the way they are. And I don't think skin color needs to be changeable. The game gives some tasks a priority lift, for example fertilizing plants appears to get a +3 modifier over priority of the plant. It might be either artifact from times when there weren't priority settings, or devs added that on purpose to prevent dupes neglecting their lives while performing tasks of different priority. In any case, the game is still in Alpha and a lot is up to tweaking. I'd call it 'farming' but yeah, that's a good idea. Or maybe the chunks of water/fertilizer dupes will deliver could be made customizable, similarly to how there's setting for how much they eat.
  22. Heh yeah, figured that out in the meantime. It still stops heating at 80 some C (unless abused). And its energy consumption is insane.
  23. Or there could be a trap building that you need to make in appropriate place, eventually put some bait in it and it will catch the creature when it gets too close. Then the trap will turn to "trapped creature" item and that can be swept into a cage.
  24. There are already other "facilities" countering stress - mess tables, showers, lavatories, even their cods and storage containers. As long as you put enough nice decor around them. Dupes spend quite a lot of time around these and the decor can reduce their stress level immensely while they're doing meaningful tasks, not just relaxing on the table.
  25. Some time ago I proposed at least to split the 'All' category into 'volatile' and 'non-volatile', I believe it would solve the most basic problems with the storage. Some people would definitely like categories but I think they might be overkill as in most cases it's irrelevant where the thing is stored, the only things that cause problems are volatile substances like slime, polluted dirt, ice, or bleach stone and there is just a few of them and don't need that many containers in total. I would love a resource transport system though, where you connect two containers with a kind of pipe and can then pick from any of them whatever is stored in any other of them.