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  1. Packets travel at 1 tile per second through pipes. You can set up a pipe loop of exactly the right length rather easily, just count the tiles. You can set up a detector that will notice the packet going through certain pipe segment and will e.g. send some natural gas or hydrogen to a generator to produce some power when that happens.
  2. Psst don't wake up the devs. We need atmo and pressure switches in places where dupes can't go. Either because it's too hot there, too cold there, because they'd bring wrong gas there, or because they'd ruin carefully established thermal balance of the machine. Having to let dupes to them to make each adjustment would make some more complex designs very inconvenient if not impossible. Also, enough on the fact that they already have to go to adjust each valve setting change, but they'll only go if you're lucky and in other cases you have to deconstruct the valve and make a new one to get the setting applied.
  3. My empirically established scheme: gas pipe with 1000 g packets of hydrogen at -17 C will keep the bristle blossom farm at exactly right temperature. It assumes the room is insulated (at least insulated tiles) and most of the volume are farm tiles with bristle blossoms. Also if you irrigate them, you send the water through abyssalite pipes so temperature of water has no impact. I don't irrigate them though, they were making a black hole in my clean water pool.
  4. My argument boils down to "I don't think it's necessary to support the gameplay". Your only argument so far was "I want it" with no indication you actually have a practical use for it.
  5. Also consider the generator will spill polluted water - put it on mesh tiles and build a reservoir with a pump below it, or build it above your polluted water pool.
  6. There's also not much need to build such logic circuits and where it really is needed, a bit of clunkiness doesn't really matter. There are other games where you can build logic circuits in much more comfort than what ONI could even offer, such as Minecraft.
  7. You probably will want to route some to your fertilizer makers. And for the rest, build a large enough pincha pepper farm.
  8. Does the temperature of water routed to irrigated tiles matter? It seems to me that if you use abyssalite pipes, it does not at the moment. The farming tile does not seem to be affected by temperature of water stored in it, and plants seem to generate their own temperature, also independent on the water. Here's a shreenshot of my non-irrigated Bristle Blossom farm. No water is routed to it, it has stable ideal temperature all through everything but the plants, and all plants are around 17 C, warming the whole farm up. And here's a screenshot of my Pincha Pepper farm, again everything but plants is at near ideal temperature, there's polluted water at 12 C routed to the tiles but the tiles are not affected, and plants are cooling the farm, apparently also starting at nead 20 C but gradually warming up as they grow: To me it means the temperature of water in the farming tile is irrelevant.
  9. Okay I was wrong about it. The planter will pop out that ugly 'material missing' icon, the plant has an 'Awaiting fertilizer' debuff, but it keeps growing. So running out of phosphorus is not the end of good meals,
  10. Pincha Pepper uses Phosphorite as fertilizer. You can't make it so you'll run out of it eventually. And I believe when it happens you cannot grow it anymore. Mealwood is sustainable but it gets useless as food - good maybe to let it rot and turn to fertilizer, or to feed hatches. One of closed testing patches came with "reduced gas geyser production" note. It should be what Risu is mentioning, i.e. one gas geyser should sustain about 1 2/3 of gas generator, what we see in the game is a bug. I'm just not sure how long is it in there, if it was always that way and the reduction was from something even higher, or if this bug was also reverted. Or maybe it's just my old save(?). Unfortunately I started using them too late, I was fine with fertilizer maker production for quite a while.
  11. Air Scrubbers -> more polluted water
  12. For the time being... But in long term it's about balancing fertilizer makers and gas geysers.
  13. Well it certainly is possible with what the game offers, just a bit clunky. Build a natural gas generator, and send natural gas to it through a pipe that's limited to 60 g/s. Build a filter off that pipe and when you power the filter, it will start stealing gas from the generator, switching it off. That's your not gate. But if you're interested in building logic circuits, maybe you could simply concentrate on pipes, valves and bridges. They offer a lot of interesting options without even any power generation involved.
  14. Sadly no, this idea doesn't work in ONI physics. A tile can only contain gas or liquid, and a bubble of air can only go up in liquid if it can exchange places with the liquid above it. The water cannot enter the gas permeable tile, so the air is trapped there. Even if it worked, you would not get a lot of cooling from that. What you can do, though, is build a meandering gas pipe in your water pool and send cool air through it. It will slowly cool the water through that pipe. If you want it a bit more efficient, send cold hydrogen through that pipe rather than air.
  15. Okay, that's strange. I don't see any problem there. Maybe make a post in the Bug Report part of the forums, including save file of your base?
  16. I can't tell from your screenshot but the most likely the cause is that you routed clean water to your farms before, now they have a reserve of it and so they refuse to take up the polluted water from the pipe. You need to remove the reserve from the farm tile first, which should normally be done using the Empty Building button but that reportedly doesn't work in current build and you need to rebuild the tiles instead.
  17. The one that is actually used oscillates between 2 and 5 kg per tile and I'm using its actual production since the very beginning, it didn't have anything collected around it, the geyser was blocked by terrain tiles. The other one is still at 400 kg/tile but it is not used, it's connected through gas bridge and the pipe under the bridge output is full of 1 kg packets all the way to the used geyser.
  18. I'm running six fertilizer makers, and have two geysers tamed, but the gas is drawn only from one of them, the other is blocked 100% of the time. And I am running 8 natural gas generators out of that 100% of the time. Assuming the fertilizer makers produce 20 g/s each and the generator uses 60 g/s, that means the geyser is feeding six generators, averaging on 360 g/s despite what it reports on the mouse tooltip.
  19. I guess it's one of cool ideas that was added to the game in the early pre-alpha stages and there wasn't time to reconsider yet. It does not affect gameplay too much, it's not hard to work around that limitation, it just does not make much sense. Personally I would also prefer if dupes were only limited by the time for which they can hold their breath when moving under water. Plus maybe instead of limiting the pathfinding, the game might make dupes seriously slower when underwater, depending on how much water is in the two tiles the dupe occupies it could be anything from 100% (no water) down to e.g. 5% (completely submerged) movement speed. It would make more sense to me that way and players would be more careful about sending dupes through water too.
  20. It's got a bit too wide range, hopefully devs will reduce its range somehow in future releases. The problems is that devs don't have much time to play the game so they only get idea of ho sounds work in large later stage games from saves that players post here on forums. You may try to post it as a bug report along with your save to let the devs check how much of impact does the sound have, they do such tweaks all the time.
  21. Decor does not pass through walls. If you need to draw the heavy wire through high traffic areas (which is not a very good idea but anyway), build walls around it and its decor impact will be only limited to that narrow corridor. Also, there's no difference between 0 decor and -500 decor for dupes, they take both as "no decor". Heavy Wire has such negative decor impact just so it's not possible to compensate it with art.
  22. Geysers spawn randomly in swamp biomes (the green ones), just explore the map and eventually you'll find a cavity with a geyser somewhere in it.
  23. It is both unrealistic and inconvenient in terms of gameplay for these two to overheat at 75 degrees. Heaters in general can sustain much higher temperatures by nature, the heating element in them is often at much higher temperature than the temperature to which the heated medium is heated. And we should be able to boil water using these. If devs claimed that they don't want to prevent players from doing so, why do they actually do that? I am aware there are hacks that make tepidizer to boil water, but they're hacks. It should be possible simply by sinking the tepidizer into the water and running it until the water boils, without damaging the tepidizer - just like it's done in each regular electric kettle.
  24. Where they will go for the water depends on their position when they pick the delivery job. They always choose the closest place where the material is. If a dupe delivered some water to the musher and decides to go for more, he will again look for where's the closest water to the place where he's standing now. That's why it's good to have a well nearby.
  25. Okay, you can set up a small pool of water next to your musher. Just a "well" of five tiles with a liquid vent at the bottom and route water to it - the vent should block when it becomes completely covered with water. Dupes may take the first deliver from afar but once they're at the musher, they will take the following deliveries from that pool.