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  1. The temperatures you can set on the thermal switch are whole multiples of 5 on Kelvin scale.
  2. Most of the time I'm not fishing for some particular value around the middle but for the very first click at 3xxx mg on the gas valve because that's about the only useful value for mechanical filters. I'd be perfectly happy if the value the slider provided was on logarithmic scale. I don't need it to be perfectly accurate, I just need sufficient resolution at each scale.
  3. You can have one full time on hydrogen generator for each 8 dupes. That's not 'useless' or 'temporary' in my world.
  4. Agreed, the oxygen overlay only shows pressure of oxygen, it would be nice to be able to see pressure of other gases as well.
  5. Resources in a map are generated randomly, it may not be fault of the latest release. Coal can be generated by Hatch creatures eating solid resources, including ice or solid carbon dioxide. Apart of that, there are other ways to generate energy such as using the Hydrogen generator. Last but not least, it is possible to save power by only running devices when they are needed.
  6. They have limit on how far they're willing to go underwater. Apart of that, I am not aware of any distance limits besides the extent of the map.
  7. Check how warm is the water right around the tepidizer. I think it only goes up to 80 C or so, then it will switch itself off.
  8. You're not the first to suggest this. There's a catch - the valve would need to release the packet anyway if something else arrived. And if the pipe was empty for too long, the stored packet might freeze and damage the valve. But the main question is, what would be the purpose? Am I right that you're trying to save power? There are ways to get around this even without having valves that collect packets.
  9. Since the whole pipe transport system is one colossal cheat on physics, paying a little power for a pump to get the liquid or gas into a pipe isn't all that much.
  10. Makers don't destroy the water, they just make unreasonably large reserve and they don't use it if the pipe is empty. When it collects 450 kg of polluted water, it will stop collecting more. And valve won't save you in case the Maker goes out of power, or is switched off. There's no point putting a valve before the Maker.
  11. Lavatories add about 5 kg of liquid every time they're used. You cannot run them on completely closed cycle, you need at least something to dump the excess. Like this: But of course you don't have to dump that excess water, you can send it to some other use since it's already in a pipe.
  12. Chlorine is released by bleach stone - and by hand sanitizers which use bleach stone as disinfectant. The water may be coming from your compactors, if your dupes stored some ice in them. Sometimes it even turns to water while they're carrying it, so it may be creating puddles at completely unexpected places.
  13. Go and check the latest Klei Twitch stream
  14. I use headphones all the time. My gaming my is personal thing, most of the time I don't need my whole family listen to all kinds of sounds my PC produces while entertaining me. And they keep me isolated from the sounds and noises they produce as well. Speakers are for when more people at once want to listen to the same, and they have all kinds of drawbacks - the sound gets distorted by reflections off the walls and furniture, mixes with all kinds of ambient noises, and disturbs those who are not interested in listening.
  15. I highly recommend headphones. Superb sound quality (if you buy a good brand) and nobody will complain.