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  1. I vow to keep excellent care of it, and to never, ever feed it rot, wet goop, or spoiled food.
  2. Oh, well I would very much enjoy having a Bearded Dragon, but you don't have to go out of your way to get it. Thank you for performing this incredible and very generous stunt!
  3. Bearded Dragons and Wyverlings too?
  4. That's perfectly alright. Thanks anyway!
  5. Ha, sorry, I had my mind somewhere else. I'll send you some Classies in a day's time. Will three be enough?
  6. In that case, are there any Classy skins you're looking for in particular in exchange for the Jammie Shirt?
  7. I have a duplicate purple Jammie Shirt and I want to replace it. I'm mostly looking for the Jammie Pants, blue Jammie shirt, and Scribble-Black Overalls. And perhaps maybe a Loungewear, seeing that they are in the same price range. But I'm always open to other offers. And apparently Trade Holds are still a thing, so... sorry. My trade link. EDIT: Wow, thank you for the Overalls, @Kittydub! EDIT2: @Kittydub, @Kittydub, that's our man/lady(?)! If they can't do it, no one can!
  8. My Winter Feast's drops summed up in one image: Sorry for sloppy editing. I'm still an amateur.