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  1. Can I request a perfectly cropped/magic-wanded/whatever the official term is closeup of Untriumphant Maxwell's face doing the /annoyed emote? I lack the skin and the skills to do so and I want to use it for a mod I'm planning to make. Edit: Just the closeup will be fine, actually. I'm sure I can manage. It will take 97 years to get the skin myself.
  2. I got yet another Purple Jammie Shirt drop, so I want to trade the one currently in my inventory for a Blue Jammie Shirt or Purple Jammie Pants so I can finally /yawn and /sleepy. Although I'm open for other offers for Spiffy apparel. I'm also trade hold free at last, so nobody has to /cry. Trade here. EDIT: Thank you, @sosiskaKi! You saved me!
  3. You're using Extra Equip Slots.
  4. puzzle

    Whoa! It's the Wild Bunny by Sander Cohen! Contains a word starting with an f, in case you're allergic to such words.
  5. That's perfectly alright. Thanks anyway!
  6. Ha, sorry, I had my mind somewhere else. I'll send you some Classies in a day's time. Will three be enough?
  7. In that case, are there any Classy skins you're looking for in particular in exchange for the Jammie Shirt?
  8. I have a duplicate purple Jammie Shirt and I want to replace it. I'm mostly looking for the Jammie Pants, blue Jammie shirt, and Scribble-Black Overalls. And perhaps maybe a Loungewear, seeing that they are in the same price range. But I'm always open to other offers. And apparently Trade Holds are still a thing, so... sorry. My trade link. EDIT: Wow, thank you for the Overalls, @Kittydub! EDIT2: @Kittydub, @Kittydub, that's our man/lady(?)! If they can't do it, no one can!
  9. My Winter Feast's drops summed up in one image: Sorry for sloppy editing. I'm still an amateur.