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  1. excuse me i think i have something in my eye q_q thank youuuu its super sweet of you to remember me q-q
  2. it's usually using the staff on deconstructing thulecite itself, then reconstructing it with a green amulet on, but i havent done that in a whiiiiile so cant say for sure
  4. i bet that's how he got charlie
  5. She's crying cause the inktober prompt was...creatively.."sad". And thank u, I try my best to make Webber as cute as he is THANK YOU so much! I owe my inspiration to comments like yours /u\ And now for some more art stuffsss
  6. love it
  7. fandom rn
  8. there u go
  9. yeah?yeah. yeah youre right
  10. Christmas came early this year
  11. The obscenely pink nail polish just had to go and why thank you hohhoho
  12. inktober junk
  13. When I saw "gasoline" I thought you were gonna sing gasolina to me... not disappointed either way tho
  14. hitting a rough patch there