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  1. Don't Let the League Starve

    But... you suggested I try...? Well, Akuma and then Siegfried getting creeped out.
  2. I claim no responsibility over this den of iniquity, a lot of people from the forums made me do this. Yeah, I wash my hands in innocent babes. Simply put, I've got DeviantArt (like you couldn't simply figure it out just by typing my nick in the right place in the URL), I usually post smaller works I'm commissioned there, but a bit ago, I started littering it with DST fewmets as well. Because of that, you get visual manure like: - this: - this (for @Youknowwho): - this (for @DragonMage156): - this (for @minespatch): - this (for @Weirdobob): - and this: - or maybe this: - perhaps this little abomination: - possibly this: - and definitely this: - and this, both for @PanAzej: - or this: - and if that reaction, this one as well: - and for sure this: - and without doubt this: - or this: And many a visual abomination to haunt you till the end of time. By the way, thanks to @Instant-Noodles for the many references. Now, I'll find the door after picking up the bits of dignity I've still left.
  3. Busy with work, slacking in terms of DST. Still, I speedran the Atrium today (got there on Day 14 somehow, that 1% chance for a Krampus's sack definitely loved me today, vide screenshots) and that requires a little celebration. Got some more works, either ready or as half-WIPs, but they tend towards other universes and an AU.
  4. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    Uh... yeah. I'm scared, Ariel!
  5. Who exactly is Wigfrid?

    Two words: Konstantin Stanislavski. Wigfrid is acting the act of a Valkyrie. Scandinavia fits, warrioress fits, finally CROWS FIT (Odin's birds, Valkyries worked for Odin and held some kinship with crows).
  6. Are you serious? What do you achieve by banning people you consider too old (which is questionable at best, if you use the computer, why should you be considered too old?) or casual? What is the system assessing who fits this description? You also have a serious flaw in allowing a single disconnection. Third-party technical issues should not be persecuted. Where is the list of disabled characters again?
  7. So all in all, we got another skin which is Tencent-exclusive? With the entire DST and Steam refusing to cooperate, I cannot really bring myself to care. Is that aiming for my Shipwrecked Maxwell caricature?
  8. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    FRANK, DOUGH AND PETER!!! This raccoon performed a sneak attack, am I right? I found this... creation on Discord, and I hold onto the question: WHY NIPPLES IF THAT'S AN AMPHIBIAN. It's Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, He Whose Ribbit Rings Doom, Conqueror of the Pond, Supreme Ruler of the Kawaii-Savvy, Smiter of Those Who Are Not Sick of This Madness Already, for you, puny mortal!
  9. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I LOVE THIS EDITION!!! Honestly. So many goodies. Your Priapus roleplay. Little Krampii. Ancient Ariel (looks fantastic). All the Festive Pack pieces. And the beauty above... There would have been a distinct sound of *fwoosh* and the sweet, sweet FIREBALL... Yes. As Fan says, fire magic .
  10. June 10th hype or bust

    So is anything happening?
  11. It says I was summoned, but I really weren't... *shrug*
  12. Me too. Ever since the bonus update. Disc defragmentation and a clean installation didn't help.
  13. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    ... Sold. Ah. You play me like a fiddle. Presenting Stomageddon, Dark Lord of All, also known as the Ribbiting One, He Who Rides the Backpack, Conqueror of the Depths, Lord of the Flies, a chaotic neutral deity of causing strife among the humanoids.
  14. Spindlewick's Art

    I see awesomeness going through the roof in this thread. Great artworks. Subscribed!
  15. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Piggies, WX, comics, Charlie, oh my! Spoiling us rotten, you awesome person, you :hug:. Clever father. Got to love sensible questions. Then, Chester and the puppy. Growling! So many goodies. The collection posts make my day. Finally... coffee. I FEEL LOVED!!!
  16. Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to ask for your assistance with the issue I am having with the 64-bit version of DST. After the last update, I booted the game up only to find over 200 mods pending enabling (ones which I never subscribed to), making the game unplayable due to asking for them to be turned on, being out of date and some-such. I went to clear the mod cache from the game, it did not work. What I did notice was that I can no longer manually remove anything from my mod directory even though I am the only account on my 64-bit Windows 10 with administrative rights. I decided to uninstall the game, which worked while not removing the mod directory's contents. Trying to install it again results in the error as follows: Deletion of the directory through the command line of my system does not work. I am attaching the last log I have. What additional information should I provide? Yours faithfully, Arlesienne
  17. Mena's Random Arts of Stuff and Things

    RRidiculously Awesome.
  18. Thanks a lot. My own coding abilities don't go beyond quoting, but I'd love to play on worlds with, say, just swamps and deserts plus the pig king village in the evergreen forest.
  19. The 100 Day Free-4-All Challenge

    THE SHINY IS OUTSIDE! And INSIDE as well, but that's what you know anyway, you magnificent Gnome-Forged, you!
  20. Usefulness of Certain Biomes?

    Savannahs, deciduous forests and arguably mosaic areas are relatively safe, mob-wise (unless you get beefalos in heat, hound waves, meteors or play Webber and get too close). Savannahs feature a lot of grass you can never have too much of. Yes, other biomes have grass, but if you just want to fill your slots with grass, a savannah will be the best. Manure from beefalos can be obtained in other ways (pigs, bunnymen, koalas), they are also for farming (something not everyone cares about besides a few for cosmetics) or as fuel. Rabbits can be found around meadows too, but either way, you will want at least four: for a presti. No four rabbits, no presti, bye, magic. Deciduous forests offer His Plumpness and Glommer, neither of whom you can relocate. You can move pigs, replant birches, bribe catcoons long enough to build a fence around them, mushrooms grow with some randomness. Can't move PK and Glommer though. Yes, I myself find them a bit boring, but they are useful. Mosaic has something awesome: meteor fields. Get renewable rocks on the surface even if you turned tree petrification off. Troll your friends if you're That Guy. Hide in this biome few ever scout thoroughly if you want privacy. Heck, it's even frequently worth it for digging up all this cobblestone. Instead of crafting it, just use your pitchfork. 100 charges included. Finally, the rock den/critterlab. It spawns in the mosaic biome. Finally, these biomes with the exception of the deciduous forest (which you can go around by running a bearger or a gang of chopping pigs through it, have Maxwell's shadow diggers clean up) feature a good deal of space for bases. Wormholes are a great thing too. My good sir, you forgot mob-stomping by tentacles/spiders/merms plus all the loot from these wars. Usually a sinkhole as well. Out of surface biomes, only swamps provide you with fish and frog legs all year round. Play with me, I will show you the ways of the swamp witch. You will never be the same .
  21. Simple: because more often than not since the branches were merged, you will once again see griefers ruining the world, with or without normal players screaming to get out so that they roll back, or reset (thus removing winter), or anything like that. Unless you play on non-default settings, it takes a considerable amount of time to devote before you get to the juicy bits, especially if players literally pape, root and billage the server, picking every sapling close by, killing all tentacles "because they are scary" etc. - not fun. A good portion of people can't/don't want to devote so much time to playing on a random server whose admin they don't know. Even worse on dedis where you don't have an admin 24/7. I've been playing dedi-hopping over the last few months, getting in, getting something good for the collective, handing out my loot and logging off. Every time, my helping spree would be stopped by a griefer, Webber, Wickerbottom or Willow. All in all, it's rather tiringwhen nobody cooperates by talking etc. - ultimately, public servers which go on for some time become recognisable by the fanbase. For example I know I can feel safe on @raoglu's servers in spite of PVP, because the moderating staff reacts to acts of griefing (like burning pighuts just because) and the people who frequent them try to cooperate, even if that means going separate ways. I can't remember when any of my servers was last griefed; somehow they kind of... started avoiding them. If the server's admin is someone you know or heard good things about, you are more likely to take risks like entering in winter. Random servers? Usually a waste of time.
  22. On the map, with your mousewheel. In the game, a mod. Honestly, @ThemInspectors, this is an amazing mod. I can see so many opportunities to use this (once my game works again, that is). Can other modders work off your code to create, say, worlds which are entirely swamp-based? Or have the desert and some swamps here and there?
  23. Not in DS(T). In HERE, only beefalos, pigs, bunnymen and koalefants are allowed to defecate. Problem solved!
  24. The Globe of Ragtime Suffering strikes again...
  25. I think I'm keeping a decent Henderson score with @Weirdobob so far.