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  1. I swear to GLADoS, if anyone does it again to me... YOU WILL HAVE BAD PICS!
  2. Considering only Charlie has got this style so far, should Wilson fear for his safety ?
  3. Sometimes DST throws (mis)adventures at us which make us wholly redesign the abbreviated title. For me, the times of playing on The Taste of Canadian Lumber inspired the line Don't Slack Together. @Dudedude suggested a thread showing off the instances of when you think up a different title for DST with the same initial letters. Some of my suggestions: Don't Ship Together: Don't Screw Together: Don't Stalk Together: Don't Squeal Terrifically (that is @PanAzej's fault): Don't Seduce Trees:
  4. Got kicked from @Weirdobob's server due to admitting to my ways of honouring smallbirds fallen in battle with their abusive relatives. Before that, I WAS PRETTY!


    It was a good day.

    1. minespatch


      Whoops. Not a good thing to say to a tallbirdologist. :wilson_ecstatic:

  5. LOOOVEEE!!! This is sooo good, I can't even...!
  6. GuysguysguysguysguysGUYS!!! Worship what @Ninjanemo created!!!




  7. Essentially, I've just got the sexiest exoskeleton so far, not counting WX's custom chassis?
  8. Why. Just... why.

    1. minespatch


      People want attention?ariel confused shrug.png

    2. Arlesienne


      It still sucks.

  9. I can see this notification: Bernie Greatly Disapproves. My lips are sealed.
  10. You genderbent me !!!
  11. For GLADoS's sake... WHY. I just abhor chain mail. Mind the two words instead of one as I've got nothing against:
  12. Gee, Prometheus and Epimetheus were NOT gods... From a writer's perspective, I doubt Klei would give us a name just like that. Naming is taming, you do not want to make the parasitic archvillain more relatable. This is vastly different from humanoid villains, here, you want doubts. THEY are distinctly bereft of feelings. THEY just watch. I do not believe THEY and the Ancients are one. Topmost, while the style Charlie uses is none of the architectural styles (look at the columns) derived from different Greek periods, the concept of Muses is unique to Greece.
  14. I know I am not voting. The poll is built in a way which does not show anything. You can choose multiple people, possibly all together, tallying it up will be a nightmare. I will wait for single-choice polls.
  15. Nah, don't worry! It's on DA (the same nick, yeah). "Valediction". Didn't end well since HERE is based around a victim on the Throne. An act of self-sacrifice just makes it all burst at the seams.
  16. You favour quality over quantity, which is good :D. Every post you deliver here is quality. We can wait!
  17. Ha. I am the first to upvote this update! Do I get a sip of ambrosia from the hallowed Potato Cup?
  18. Uh... I wrote it. Apart from favourable reviews, it didn't end well.
  19. Work is temporarily over, so I'm formatting "To Hatch a Crow" to schedule it for publication (best make use of the scheduling option while Core lasts). The thing is too big to go as a single work (will offer a separate PDF download, I think), so I've got to split it into meaningful chunks. I guess I could use the Kubler-Ross BABDA model. Thoughts?

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    2. Arlesienne


      You never cease being helpful, Milord! Well, I figured out that, since it's a tale of accepting slavery in a gilded cage, it would fit. First, we'll publish the chapters of "Denial" when Zev is all starry-eyed and doesn't understand his fate. Then, "Anger" (for the hazing scene). "Bargaining" will contain some training snippets and the meeting of Rinna. After it, "Depression" comes (I'm formatting the beginning now). I hate it. Finally, the resigned "Acceptance" will hit. What do you think?

    3. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      I don't understand what you mean by "to hatch a crow",I  mean sure crows are the most intelligent birds since they can crack a nut and eat it but that's besides the point.

    4. Arlesienne


      Stefan, it is a commission of mine now scheduled to appear every day until the 31st on DA. You are invited to read it if you'd like.

  20. It is ready for carnage!
  21. I have just realised what I ought to secure: a picture of the boys standing atop of a pile of meat (*cough* one million dead Wilsons *cough*) and shrieking "SCREW FARMING!!!" to the farthest reaches of HERE.