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  1. Ha. I am the first to upvote this update! Do I get a sip of ambrosia from the hallowed Potato Cup?
  2. Uh... I wrote it. Apart from favourable reviews, it didn't end well.
  3. Work is temporarily over, so I'm formatting "To Hatch a Crow" to schedule it for publication (best make use of the scheduling option while Core lasts). The thing is too big to go as a single work (will offer a separate PDF download, I think), so I've got to split it into meaningful chunks. I guess I could use the Kubler-Ross BABDA model. Thoughts?

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    2. Arlesienne


      You never cease being helpful, Milord! Well, I figured out that, since it's a tale of accepting slavery in a gilded cage, it would fit. First, we'll publish the chapters of "Denial" when Zev is all starry-eyed and doesn't understand his fate. Then, "Anger" (for the hazing scene). "Bargaining" will contain some training snippets and the meeting of Rinna. After it, "Depression" comes (I'm formatting the beginning now). I hate it. Finally, the resigned "Acceptance" will hit. What do you think?

    3. PiturcaClaudiuStef


      I don't understand what you mean by "to hatch a crow",I  mean sure crows are the most intelligent birds since they can crack a nut and eat it but that's besides the point.

    4. Arlesienne


      Stefan, it is a commission of mine now scheduled to appear every day until the 31st on DA. You are invited to read it if you'd like.

  4. It is ready for carnage!
  5. I have just realised what I ought to secure: a picture of the boys standing atop of a pile of meat (*cough* one million dead Wilsons *cough*) and shrieking "SCREW FARMING!!!" to the farthest reaches of HERE.

  6. Sounds very tempting. I would have to learn to eat white cheese, artichokes and vinegar for a start, then visit North Carolina. The last part piques my interest the most. PS I've just sent a note to Ambarina on DA.
  7. I will break you all know. Arles does not like pizza. She tried so hard and ultimately gave up on trying to enjoy it. Unless she makes a sweet one, that is only with nuts, raisins and vanilla sugar on the "pie", she can't consume it.
  8. Great picture. I enjoy the guy. Re-reading Dickens only amplifies his liking :). The second part: is this a request? I mean, if you need lore research or something, I will happily help.
  9. @TheBlob has just made me understand what I've been missing in my base the whole time:

    I'm going to call him Benny.

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    2. Arlesienne
    3. minespatch


      ayenths rustling intensifies.png

      Also, shocked! Glad to see more of Wilson's laboratory to get more love. Curious if the grandfather clock will get a mod next.

    4. Arlesienne


      @minespatch, that pic. You rock XD.

  10. Welcome to the forums. Have you tried verifying the game's core integrity through Steam? It is one of the options in your library on right-click. I've got two different PCs on W10 I use to host DST, so I'll try to help. At any rate, when you start the game and encounter errors, a log will be created. With this log in the Klei directory in Documents, you are able to submit a support ticket through the bugtracker. Most recommended.
  11. You get titles for epic personal failures on the forums (mine came when I noticed a bug showing Hallowed Nights' free costumes in Steam inventories, reported it, then sobbed publicly as every person in my friendlist had them while I didn't).
  12. You can make games here, just follow the rules pinned. Tagging is with @, then typing the name and clicking. Signatures are edited in the profile dashboard. I do not understand the last one. Was it helpful?
  13. This might be a fun mod, you know. I like the low health.
  14. SEXY CHASSIS YOU HAVE HERE. Maybe you should :)?
  15. Sooo... what did I miss? Apart from literally farming upvotes. I somehow doubt so many just honour discussion.