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  1. Any word on a potential BETA and/or BETA keys? I'm so in for this game I've already forgot about ONI Kappa (But seriously, I need a major update to ONI to refresh my interest)
  2. I mean, if the Hatch can't swim, why in the flying * do they venture into deep water? I've lost far too many hatches because they think they can swim. Worse yet when they're drowning, they don't fight to get back on land. KLEI, please fix!
  3. Please see the attached picture. Out of nowhere, my dupe was transported into the water from who knows where...
  4. I'd like the ability to name my hatches, morbs & pufts! Any plans to implement this into the game?
  5. What do you guys think about doing a timer for electrical grids. You could toggle portions of the grid on/off based on cycle day/night.
  6. Ahh gotcha! I did try lowering it but I still had framerate loss
  7. No issue with resolution 1080 ti OC 4770k OC 32gb RAM OC All watercooled and not running hot
  8. The game is insanely slow whilst panning across the base. This is likely due to the complex array of power/liquid/gas pipes highly concentrated on the right branch of my base. See attached world file Bonus: The liquid-cooled fan is not functional (see log file) Eggertown 75.sav
  9. I think that the game is lacking in the skill 'training' department. We should have the ability to specifically train different skills. ie Strength (barbell set) Athletics (treadmill/hamster wheel) Learning (Library after Science) Creativity (Drawing easel - throw away drawing after finishing) Just some thoughts... It would help tremendously to be able to have targeted skill training.
  10. Anybody know if the ag update gives us the ability to level up the strength skill?
  11. What if it were part of an 'expert' research tier? In order to unlock a hazmat suit or oxygen tank you need to research expert medicine which has a crafting station to make these products. This would no doubt cost INSANE amounts of energy to create but would be well worthwhile for those who want/need to explore.
  12. Interesting thought - research is too quick. You can get your research done by cycle 20 with ONE duplicant if you get a lvl 10 Scientist from the start. What if, in addition to the 'expert research' what if you had to unlock the research buildings? ie another research tree for research (redundant I know). Who says we should just 'know' how to make an advanced research station?
  13. I'd like trees to make it into the game but I think that they need to be HUGE and require irrigation. Ie we're trading off space for CO2 scrubbing and/or food. If there were only 2 or 3 trees in every generated world it would make the trees just that much more special as well. Not only would they be special, they would be sought after and force us to mine FAR, far away (Forrest Gump anyone?).
  14. I definitely like the idea of hairstyles/body styles etc but I'd like to see it implemented at the printing pod. Ie you get to choose what the dupe looks like when they're printed. The styles available are those that you receive in, in-game item drops (like DST).
  15. I would like to see this in the game. Built your powerline with copper but you ran out? No worries, we'll start building it with Gold/Wolframite/Iron (our next most abundant source).