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  1. So it's just fine to generate 30°C gas in your colony, isn't it?
  2. What about the hatches? Aren't they affected by 30°C gas?
  3. Oops, my bad, i just quoted the OP's statement and I wrote 20 instead of 30. But in this case you need to grow bristle blossom outside your colony (requires temperature between -23 and +23 °C - from wiki). And dupes will use the doors endlessly to get in there (to deliver fertilizer/harvest), and this will destroy some oxygen from inside your colony.
  4. So, if i give the electrolyzers 90°C water, i'll get 20°C oxygen?
  5. It's not about the water, it's about the oxygen made by electrolyzers. As Jumpp states: I didn't test this yet.. For the moment I'll believe it.
  6. You can't grow plants if air's temp is higher than 22.9°C and you can't keep hatches inside because they can't regulate their internal temp and they'll most likely die, resulting in 0 coal production. Why don't you try to cool water from multiple geysers at the same time, in different tanks? I've had the same problem untill i finished "megaprojects" for 3 geysers. It was hard for me untill cycle 280, when i managed to do it. Now i'm planning to build two others. The only problem is that you must constantly watch them for the right moment to extract, but you'll get used to. Gas pipes filled with cold hydrogen is the best way to go. You can also use Nativel's system(Spoiler), but it didn't work quite good for me, despite the fact that i set the valve at 1000g/s. It was quickly overwhelmed..
  7. Yep, you re right. Before: After two dupes ate from that refrigerator:
  8. From [Game Update] (Preview Branch)- 210162 : Fixes: Dupes will always eat the least fresh item out of a food container. Set priority 9 for Microbe Musher to avoid delivering fresh meal lice to refrigerators, as Kasuha says.
  9. It wasnt him. I watched the showers for like 5 cycles nonstop. They re still dancing around.
  10. Unfortunatelly, it doesnt work for me... I built valves on the output, long pipes, and dupes still leave the shower unfinished. Valves are set and working correctly. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Why don't you build the machine in water? Less time consuming... Just maintain a constant flow from a water pool. This is my cooling system btw. I can easily cook while cooling down the microbe musher. PS: Ignore the dupe who extracts directly from the water pool xD ... Not-so smart A.I.
  12. Check my last post in the ”Hatch not pooping coal!” topic. I think i have the answer for your problem there...
  13. Minerals only. You can use this for maximun efficiency. Hatches will eat minerals in the right corner(unreachable without the mechanized door) and poop coal only in the left corner, which can be picked up whenever you want. When they ate all, open the door, refill and close.
  14. I think I ”didnt build” the system correctly... hydrogen gets voided and oxygen is generated without limit 10kg oxygen/tile... And only 111.9g hydrogen which gets voided My whole colony is full of oxygen now
  15. I placed the shower where my supercomputer was(after i finished the research tree - for you to get an idea). Constant temp. You can cool your whole base from the first cycles, you just need one pump, a small body of water and a hill like surface(top of the picture).
  16. Nice, you made the math. Unfortunatelly, i don't have so much free time to do it myself, so thanks. I will build 17 next time, then.. because the next update won't load on my main colony...
  17. Is it possible to stop the bones from falling "to infinity and beyond"? Im curious to see what happens if a dupe sweeps that. Will a coal generator be fueled with them?
  18. I'm glad I could help xD
  19. Look at this Master level editing hahaha
  20. Post a picture with liquid overlay then xD... that includes the new tank
  21. First, make a special tank for pure water, but only for pure water and ill show you how to do the bindings xD
  22. The upcoming update will fix this, wont work anymore: Now the absence of soil or the injection of a fluid not suited to the machine (like the contaminated water for the shower) breaks the device.
  23. I dont even understand what are you trying to do, lmao. Which is the contaminated water tank? I can draw on your image but first... would you mind posting an image without an overlay?
  24. The green square is input and the gray one is output. You reversed them(upper right corner of the screenshot, for example). Replace the gas bridges and rotate them this time.
  25. Bring in some physics and resolve the exercise. It depends on how much time the only thermoregulator is used and the lenght of the enclosed circuit, compared to 17 thermoregulators.