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  1. Simple tile=200kg abyssalite Insulated tile=400kg abyssalite Same thermal conductivity. Both can do the same task - insulating a room. Tile gives +5 decor, insulated tile -5 decor. Why should i use abyssalite insulated tile over the first one, or insulated tile made of any mineral?
  2. You can use a gas filter to send only hydrogen to generators, if you can provide it enough power... or if you want to get rid of hydrogen completely, go for the electrolyzer .. trick(pouring water on it - you will find some topics about it).
  3. I think it's the thermo regulator, but it won't heat up as fast as liquid tepidizer away from water(bug).
  4. Sorry, wasn't at my laptop and i took it from an image, but my answer is still valid.
  5. Granite's hardness is 80, while abyssalite's is 100, so no.
  6. I didn't try to cool my main tank because... well... water is consumed so fast that I need to constantly pump from geysers => 20 C gas can't absorb more heat than the hot water will bring in the tank (i think, didn't test). If I run <0 C gas in pipes, the water will partially freeze, because ONI doesn't respect natural laws. Even if i stop the gas, it's inevitable.
  7. Currently, I'm losing at least half the time watching the water cooling systems in order to extract at the right time, and my electrolyzers are depleting my precious main water tank (~20 C) at a very fast rate. Maybe it's a stupid suggestion, but I'd really appreciate if thermo switches could be built right on the liquid pump, for maximum efficiency. I'd like to build thermo switch on the black spot. Here's why: Thermo switch set to "colder than 30 C". Case one: Liquid pump won't extract water at 28 C because thermo switch detects 35 C, resulting in cold water loss. Case 2: Thermo switch will detect 10 C and the pump will extract 50 C water. Then my main water tank will get way too hot. I know that electrolyzer will produce 30 C gas regardless of water temp, but it would be alot better with this.
  8. I think I ”didnt build” the system correctly... hydrogen gets voided and oxygen is generated without limit 10kg oxygen/tile... And only 111.9g hydrogen which gets voided My whole colony is full of oxygen now
  9. Show Us Your Colony

    Is it possible to stop the bones from falling "to infinity and beyond"? Im curious to see what happens if a dupe sweeps that. Will a coal generator be fueled with them?
  10. Show Us Your Colony

    This is my 4th attempt, the best so far. Cycle 277 reached, pretty young colony, i could say. Going strong with 15 dupes. The only problem at this moment is pure water production. I ve built a pretty big steam room near magma, but in the same time Im forced to use some sand for purifier because i cant keep up with the consumption rate (and im using a lot of valves to reduce it, but still ...). This is the overview: North part, with water tanks(the one in the left is directly connected to the steam chamber) and coal generators. I send the produced carbon dioxide to all my plant rooms in case of chilling. East part, with 2 of my 3 plant rooms, completely sealed from the rest of my colony. South part, allocated to storages and batteries. Im planning to expand this one.. West part, with an emergency water tank from the start, a contaminated water tank waiting to be boiled, and the "contaminated oxygen to pure oxygen" room. Im using just one thermoregulator and looping the gas in it untill -190°C. 10/10 Would build again. Im waiting for the upcoming update.