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  1. Nice, you made the math. Unfortunatelly, i don't have so much free time to do it myself, so thanks. I will build 17 next time, then.. because the next update won't load on my main colony...
  2. Is it possible to stop the bones from falling "to infinity and beyond"? Im curious to see what happens if a dupe sweeps that. Will a coal generator be fueled with them?
  3. I'm glad I could help xD
  4. Look at this Master level editing hahaha
  5. Post a picture with liquid overlay then xD... that includes the new tank
  6. First, make a special tank for pure water, but only for pure water and ill show you how to do the bindings xD
  7. The upcoming update will fix this, wont work anymore: Now the absence of soil or the injection of a fluid not suited to the machine (like the contaminated water for the shower) breaks the device.
  8. I dont even understand what are you trying to do, lmao. Which is the contaminated water tank? I can draw on your image but first... would you mind posting an image without an overlay?
  9. The green square is input and the gray one is output. You reversed them(upper right corner of the screenshot, for example). Replace the gas bridges and rotate them this time.
  10. Bring in some physics and resolve the exercise. It depends on how much time the only thermoregulator is used and the lenght of the enclosed circuit, compared to 17 thermoregulators.
  11. Btw, I am using just one thermoregulator(bottom left corner of the screen):
  12. For the "pee" question, check this topic: (it talks about cont water, too) One thermoregulator uses 240 W, and 18 means 4320 W. One wheel provides 400 W and one coal generator 600 W. You will need more than 3 wheels to maintain this active. You can build like 80 batteries and wait untill they are full of energy, then switch on the 18 thermoregulators. When you reach, lets say, 3KJ on each battery you should turn it off.
  13. Hello, buddy! I recommend you to check the next update: You will most likely have temperature issues if you put dupes near hot equipment. And how on earth will you be able to constantly run 18 thermoregulators if you dont include more wheels and coal generators? And dupes dont produce enough water to keep even one electrolyzer going. This is just my opinion.
  14. I run it when my morbs generate enough oxygen. I cool down cca 50kg per 1 round. It isnt my main source of oxygen... I use this setup to send gas where its an emergency.
  15. Even though its working or not, its a huge energy waste. Im using just one thermoregulator and looping the gas in it, like this(bottom left corner of the screenshot): When it reaches -190°C i just set "contaminated oxygen" in the gas filter and it sends all of it in my colony. I recommend you this system, its cheaper.