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  1. JUST started playing DS single player again after several months of no playing. 

    lasted 6 days.

    maybe i shouldnt've immediately get back into the game by picking Warly ^^"

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    2. mewthemew


      Thanks, AC, but I'm just rusty is all :3c

    3. artistcrab


      alright but if you ever need help ^^ feel free to ask

    4. DragonMage156


      I never got far by myself but with my friend we lasted through Winter and Summer. However my sanity was little to none by the end of it XD

  2. well, it was supposed to be a giant krampus bag, but, ye, i can see it! was gonna go further with that, actually, and make it more like SalesKramp and other krampi communicate like the way he's first seen here just naturaly, but are just talking in their normal way. as in screeches and longue licks and a ton of stuff that would scare people off like that. Forgot to cut the bottom of that image off. there was a final panel of the door closed and SalesKram yelling "June! June, grab the merchandise bag!"
  3. Wait, really? Naw, he's just one of my many OCs (that aparently a lot of the developers seem to like, too). He came around when I realised back in the day before the ONI art/music/lore section was created that hungry dupes think about chicken legs. So...what if a completely vegetarian and/or vegan dupe started getting hungry and thought of a chicken leg? Didn't give him hair at the time because almost no one at the time memorised the different hairstyles. And he stuck and wouldn't leave. Sounds like it's a good thing, but he's super passionate about being vegan down to loud protesting. It's kind of annoying sometimes.
  4. Re-designed pig/bunny's house and a first idea of what the kramp's den looks like. SalesKramp still needs to curb his intimidating instincts :3 Unfortunately, shortly after that first meeting, poor Wilson had a heart attack and died. (*and became a spooky ghost! wooooo!*)
  5. (*I got 2 more OCs you coud try to draw >u>*) naw, you really don't have to do that if you don't want to.
  6. Thankies, 'spatch! long periods of time with no internet is a great time to play around with doodles
  7. Baldo (original) just got a call on the phone from his parents: "Hey, Baldo, it's your dad. Your mom and I have a confession to make: your name isn't actually Italian. We're horrible at naming, and you were bald since birth, so it made naming you quite easy. Hope this isn't too much of a shock to ya. Bye!"
  8. depends on what the lever does You're welcome!
  9. (*only just now realises dupa lisa's gigantic googly eyes. i bet she glued them on on purpose. :3*)
  10. You draw dupe OCs now? Think you can draw my Baldo? (he and dragonmage's dragondupe are friends.) :3c Your art is amazing. AMAZING! Everyone has so much personality, if that makes sense. (personally, something I've always wanted to achieve)
  11. YES! and the sound they make when they sneeze. so cute <3 let's face it, no matter what dupes do, it's always adorable.
  12. haven't been working on the projects i said i was gonna in a while. been petsitting (till the 26th) and forgot to bring them all over. sorry.

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    2. minespatch


      Try giving them peeled apple bits and slices. See how they'll like it.

    3. mewthemew


      we don't have any. well...there ARE non-moldy expired kiwis, but those are mine.

    4. DragonMage156


      Ahh kiwi fruit, the fruit of our people :p

      Never had it actually XD

  13. Just discovered that dupes that have hypothermia is the cutest thng ever. Left: Gary Right: Isabelle
  14. must've missed that one. :3
  15. I do watch the stream. It's just I have a lot of trouble connecting names and faces. I knew the dupe was too complex looking to be just some random one, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly who. (I sorry, Jambell :p)