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  1. Aw, thanks :3 and @DragonMage156 I'm really sorry. I forgot to say "Thank you"! D:
  2. trying to redesign Waargh and Batdork a little bit. Waargh was looking a little chaotic with his clothes rips, and Chris.....well....I just wanna draw the guy like a teddy bear. so adorable. (for the record, Waargh would be voiced by one of those mouth harp things. you know the ones. they kinda make a frog hopping sound? And Batdork/Chris/Wiggis would be voiced by a violin.)
  3. I was going for a more slightly surprised look for Wendy, but, I guess that works, too! I personally don't like wigfrid, but she can be fun to work with <3
  4. Misty's hair defies gravity!
  5. Expression practise <3 Yes, WX is doing gunfingers. ALSO Wilson: "I have SEVERAL questions!"
  6. @DragonMage156 Not dupes, just Burt.
  7. Guys. Guys, I think I have a problem. Guys. GUYS! Guys, help!
  8. It would need to be reworked so it's not written in first person, but I can see that!
  9. Just look at this smug guy. This is Kenny. He thinks he's so cool. I bet he drinks coffee black and had someone make those sunglasses for him. why does he need sunglasses? They're in an asteroid! Kenny, pull yourself together and stop acting so lazilly smug. Help the colony!
  10. Am hekpful kitten, yep, yep :3
  11. I'm not a very meme-y person, but, if  could, I'd make a mod that would replace every string of Maxwell's dialogue with "My favorite....she remembered!"

    Sure, it would get old fast, but just think of al the silly situations it could apply to. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Destros09


      Examining survivor skin woodie

    3. mewthemew


      @Destros09 My favorite...she remembered!

    4. Destros09


      Better, Wolfgang with a ripped shirt

  12. Second one, actually. I love the wizard of oz.
  13. Is it cheating if my submission was already posted to my own personal ONI art thread? I just like it too much to use only once.
  14. Just learned dupes have a melting point. So, have a melting Catalina. oh, what a world, what a world!