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  • Biography Hello everyone. call me Mew. I don't play videogames often, but i am completely obsessed with Don't Starve. it's my third favorite game next to Tetris and Pokemon.
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  1. no, no, it's fine. realy fitting. also, wild nome moon. i can imagine poor webber bawling his spider eyes out. Maxwell says nothing, but in his mind is REALLY regretting messing with the spider child. 2. Wouldn't surprise me. he probably ended up going a bit crazy with taking pictures and completely covered the multiple ice boxes and chests with pictures of weird and cool and scientific things he took pictures of. in fact, it got so bad, the other people surviving with him: maxwell, wes, and another wilson with a survivor skin, had to force him to stop.
  2. eh, screw it. I got a little free time. here's some more drawings :3
  3. maybe. really one when one of the ONI devs was playing some of the game, he kept getting narcoleptic dupes and yokel dupes over and over in that exact same order as he started repeating "narcle. yokel. narcle. yokel." our of frustration. EDIT: also, just a passing thought: Duplicant Tsumtsums
  4. got inspired from the klei stream this week.
  5. @minespatch told me I haven't used Spibber in a while, so here he is in a nest. I've got other pictures I could pen in, but animation II, algebra, and scriptwriting are all demanding homework over spring break. T^T
  6. think they used an old fanart compilataion. you were featured again. so was I with my weadon having a mental breakdown picture :p



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    2. minespatch


      Ah, I'll wait until they post the recording so I can find out which klei users go posted. I notice artists don't check it out for some reason. :wilson_shocked:

    3. mewthemew


      allrighty. also i drew a couple of consepts for spibber's doghouse. it looks like a tier 1 nest, but it's got a hole in the front and spibber on a leash <3

    4. minespatch


      Looking forward to it. :wilson_smile:

  7. thanks! :3 though, i just realised poor batdork more real looking edition looks like he's wearing the mask professor kukui wears in pokemon sun and moon while doing battle royale. The exposed skull on waargh looks like it would hurt, but zombies can't actually feel since their nerve endings are shot. he had to train himself to walk without falling over and talk correctly. it was difficult.
  8. minespatch

    @Donke60 i feel stupid. ^^"
  9. minespatch

    is that a wildbore hut?! that's not a thing you see fan art of everyday.
  10. thanks ^^. drawing people is hard.
  11. Just got off my lazy butt to start making DS art :p. nothing much yet, but have a Waargh and Batdork I made to try to get myself back on track, attempted in a different style to start off.
  12. throw them back into the printer for (coughbloodsacrificecough) turning dead duped into different alive dupes.
  13. I mean, then again, I'm just a fan of zombies in general and thinks everything could be improved with 'em ^^"
  14. what if zombie dupes, instead of compaining about food when hungry, immediately got stressed out and did their stress response action?
  15. Another idea: sleepwalking dupes: during the night, a dupe will continue to walk around, maybe do some random task, or just getting into trouble from walkng aimlessly.