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  1. Not anytime soon (i think)
  2. items it will take hours to get the color you want(i got the curse of always getting green items) and there is a cap of 4 items each week (raise the cap PC players have a advantage) so i have a idea, they should add a painting station, you put the item you want to paint and you sacrifice a item with the color you want and done the other item is destroyed but you got the item with the color you wanted (Kiel make this exclusive to console in till we can merge it with our Kiel accounts)
  3. @jesuisralph yes, it clearly unfair that the PC players (i play console and PC) that get all skins they want for 10 cents - $20, i got my blue backpack for 13 cents so for now lets hope they increase the cap
  4. @nome @JoeW can this work http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/77830-connecting-the-ps4-to-klei-account/ i made a suggestion just for a alternate way for us to do the puzzles like entering our kiel id on the extra menu on ps4 into our kiel account linking them and then using the kiel account for solving the puzzle and that can also can be a way of sharing collections/skins across consoles or pc
  5. and also can be used as a way to do the puzzles on console
  6. hey i think there should be a way the kiel id of the ps4 account with your kiel account like the steam klei id so i think there should be a page for xbox and ps4 and there should be a box with kiel id and a button that says link and then after you put in the id and enter that go on ps4 there should be a new button that says approve link or decline link and after you approve you can share you inventory across different versions of the game so I CAN FINALLY GET MY TIMELESS TRAGIC TORCH
  7. i am trying to convert this into DST the mod works fine intill you spawn it in i added 2 bits of code but then i get a error http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843829981
  8. @Ipsquiggle hey i need help with fixing a mod called More maps which basically adds presets but now broke after the DST beta which made the game crash when ever it was force activated or activated and then loading a game i tried to update the code but i think i accidentally some code up but the game still crashed http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843806847 (even the image is broken)
  9. well this happened
  10. or just when DST releases next week
  11. first crash
  12. Wilbur Crash

    i was just throwing poop at beefalo in ROG with SW compatibility and it just crashed
  13. if you play as wigfrid and inspect a dead dog fish she will say "Its a..... thing"
  14. ok texture is missing
  15. you can use a explosive to cut them down but that is expensive so try to get a friend try to help you cut it down