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  1. nah I'm just weird,most of the stuff that i do is just weird and it has nothing to do with my mind @LiptonPee-uh sure i'll try to get back to all the stuff once I'm done with college momentally i barely have time for anything,and you are awesome and cute @minespatch-is so nice,and cool and awesome,and is a nice friend too
  2. ban watermelen because i want to see the sadness that watermelen has
  3. uh maybe because you are a toast?
  4. ban watermelen because i think he has something with watermelons
  5. you're right this is not art,this is more than art,this is awesome art
  6. i know right it's so long and i'm not even tagged correctly :/
  7. i'm totally not sponsoring your group
  8. New

    yeah it's still active if you want a friend to play with just message me and we can play together,or I'll give you a DST server group if you want
  9. it doesn't seem that active.could be worst tho,it could go for 100 pages maybe.
  10. ban mobbstar because he thinks what other people should do and he doesn't think of what he should do
  11. @LiptonPee @Mr.P @Chris1488
  12. ban mobbstar because he has a profile pic that reminds me of wilson
  13. Yeah, you have to give some credit to Abigail for always haunting and following Wendy and not leaving her.Anyway, that looks awesome and neat great work.
  14. this is new for me but i'll try @mewthemew for being my best friend besides many others @Mobbstar for always having time to talk with me,and giving me a lot of advices and for being a truly very good and nice friend @Mr.P beaides being a good writer,he is my best friend and i always had a good talk with him,and he also is a fun person to talk to and he also makes very good jokes.he also makes fun and nice streams to watch @Maslak for being a very good friend and giving me a lot of good tips for games @AnonymousKoala for being a truly good friend and that i always had a good talking time with him and he is a fun and nice friend @LiptonPee besides being a good artist that makes amazing she's also a good friend @AquaRC is very good in art,and a truly best friend @DragonMage156 is a very good and nice friend @Ysulyan is a nice and good friend,and fun to talk to @YzarcCreations besides being an awesome artist and she's also a good friend that is nice,and a candy artist @Dudedude has awesome skills in art and music and he is also my best friend @WaddleDee besides being a good friend she's also a fun person and a nice person @Arlesienne besides being a good writter she's also my best friend @to the rest that i haven't mentioned thanks for being a nice friend and you are awesome
  15. is that a wilson cannon?