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  1. Would you rather have A Hollowed Night torch last time I checked they went for 30 dollars
  2. Ok,I know I missed my one-thosand post but YAY

  3. That hurt my brain to read.
  4. Thats the PS4 ports limtion and PC users face lag on longer lasting worlds too. You have to remember that all ports can't be the same as the orginal and that this was orginal a PC game and was ported to PS4
  5. We only have the steam Market because of steam if steam didn't have the market then we wouldn't be able to sell or buy skins either. and PC players still have the same 4 cap a week you guys do.
  7. dodge the waves, ride the waves if your going in the same direction. and sandcastles and a fire with a strawhat are basic.
  8. And for the player bases thought or atleast on the forums of the shipwreck characters that was already said on the last topic @Astroknot made.
  9. Please this is not the thread to have this conversation don't derail it.
  10. Yes,but this doesn't mean she is bad she is good and you need characters like her so people can learn the ropes without getting too frustrated. if you look at any tier list the beginning characters or characters that are safe are pretty high on a tier list. However character like wig as Veterans have pointed out doesn't have a high skill ceiling so more advanced characters can be better then Wig in certain circumstances and be more enjoyable for the player once skill with the game increases.
  11. I didn't mean stronger just by numbers I meant stronger all the way around or what a player mostly needs. Easy to play good in team comps Forgiving good stats,perks Easy in combat(which most new people need as they won't know how to kite everything)
  12. they would add more varity sure and the only way to knock Wig out of the meta you would need a character stonger then her and Warly and Wilbur wouldn't change any of that.
  13. Now hold on we want something to be changed in DST that is a lot to ask for we shouldn't come off as being petty and shouldn't over generalize players favorites because getting these two characters in the game isn't going to make all Wig or wendy mains jump ship and disappear.
  14. Well they could make is crockpot craftable I find him useful as a scout in DST and just nomading around the land Though I do agree he isn't good for fighting bosses I argue its more sanity wise then health.
  15. If you don't like him thats fine I used him before and after nerfs and didn't actually like him till after he got the dreaded nerfs So I don't care if he is trash I like him as trash I know it can be hard just being him sometimes because I think he's still fun I'm aware of his problms but I do not agree with your accusations of saying he's worse then Wes.
  16. idk I kind of like him being minor he's very stable as now and I don't think he should get those because those buffs can get out of hand quickly. So I think if something goes wrong it would be a nightmare to balance. As I said he's only real problem is sanity where it goes down to fast to recover. I've gotten stuck in an insantiy loop a few times. So doing a cave trip for living is rather hard or if he gets a spring start. But if you fix that he would be fine.
  17. I don't think all thats needed I think he's fine as is its nice to have an experinced player character besides maybe Wes. The only things that I would give him his a hunger reduction when he sleeps because thats his main sanity gain and his hunger goes out of control when he sleeps in DST. And make his special crockpot foods give sanity since most sanity food ls locked by a beebox or farm. I'm against your changes because I don't really like Warly as another combat centered character even if it is food. Plus I don't want direct ports but I want close to the original.
  18. Well no I think he does given some of my friends had OCD but thats why I said get dignosed and follow excrises because it really seems he wants help if the OP doesn't want help he doesn't have to take my advice and in the end I don't care what he does
  19. Anyway As I said OP you do have OCD and I would get diagnosed from your physicians and do exercises to lower your anxiety when your symptoms arise. but as I and @Master Jand pointed out your going to have get a computer as to do what you ask requires the developers console if they make it an item it would be broken.
  20. @ImDaMisterL can you hide or shut down the dupe threads please.
  21. So relatable to me and my older brother he got all the growth spurts too.
  22. Yeah I don't know how it feels to go back to a game commuity after so long and it just feels so foregin wants you do come back. Though I have been part of games where the community has fallen off the radar completely and is forgotten. And the commutiy to me is the most important thing for a game to have for even though it might fade when delvopments stops or the devs go under the commuty keeps it alive for some people so that it isn't totally forgotten. Besides I see no reason why you can't just try to fit in with the community that already here. Old commuity memebers always come back now and again.
  23. The point was to show that it can be done. Wether you find it legitmate based on your own bias is yours opinion and your own decision. However the video does show it can be done and that is fact. You can always do what you want even in this world though you pay for you actions and as consquence suffer in these categories in the instances you described Your view of cheating is your view alone. I will not ask for your concept of freedom. Freedom is always tricky no matter how you describe it for it is a concept more then a thing. Though do not change the subject and from games to concepts for this is not what the thread is about. You are sharing your opinion opposing your own view on the subject are you saying that in your world you do not have the right to do so? Freedom is a concept that can be taken anyway so it is only natural that it can make a logical paradox however I do not know enough of @FreyaMaluk opinion on freedom to say if its hypocritical. and this isn't really the platform to discuss such thing in any case .