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  1. I thought I should claify my problem more so When I new notif comes around I can see it plain as day. But lets say you get a bunch of notifcations once you click or go to the first notifcation the new ones lose there tint and aren't in bold anymore so they blend in with all the other notifcations making it hard to remember which are new notifcations and which are old ones. Does that make sense?
  2. I wonder can get followers just by asking? hmm.

    Can I have more followers?

    Perfect plan :p

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      Status updates are only sent to followers, everyone else has to go to your profile before seeing it. The more you know!

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      You do know  that like one person that isn't subscribed will see this

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      I'm already following so...

  3. You have to admit that would be amazing. On another note.. I'm going to agree with John here I'm going to use a mod character as an example of why @EsaiXD This character has a tired meter and when this character tired meter fills up he slows down by alot for a few seconds at a time. His speed for more of a reference is the speed of the Groggy animation so you know how slow that is. So that is as you can guess is REALLY BAD FOR COMBAT!!!. and guess what this mod character isn't good for fighting. From what I can guess from you post that would be even worse as Wolfgang Would Freeze in fights so forget about moving. Boss fights ded, fast enemies, ded. A combat character that can't do combat yay Even if you constitue this as lore I would have you know that having you scared would make you fight faster and frantically so technically when Wolfgang gets scared he should do more damage and do more damage instead of freezing and running away. Edit: Ok sry its missing and increasing sanity drain wouldn't missing shots get out of control. Why would I want to miss shots thats really bad. You don't see "wimpy" wes missing shots. If wolfgang can't hit targets then there is no point in him being in the game.
  4. Do I look fierce with my new profile picture
    Also you does the art for the DS trailers its really nice.

    1. DragonMage156


      Actually, Klei does it :p as for who in Klei? Idk but bless them ^_^

  5. Warly would fit fine Wilbur could have a slight redesign maybe to look more like splunkmonkies but that is debatable
  6. We don't want the SW expanison in its entireity We just want the characters You would be correct but SW wasn't free the new regin expanison Was free.
  7. Wait would he have his natural sanity regain or would it be 20/min I think this is mostly fine except I don't know abut the AoE casters for doing area of effect can be OP and how much damage would they do? For the Shadow collector I think I rather have him a very small inventory of say 4 slots because if it instantly transfers I could see that being a pain like the puppet just picks up a random thing you didn't see and fills your inventory. And I think the puppets should rather have a day timer like 3 to 5 mins as opposed to the action one so he can retain his speed. Because as of now it seems little use to make them especailly the miner instead of just doing it yourself. Edit 75% Damage Resistance seems a little much and there hit counter is really low though I can understand that being there so that they can honestly get 20 hits in but still. I'm okay with everything else (I think) brings him closer to his DS contetpart.
  8. I'm not sure about that Maxwell in DST is really a farming type and to get things done quickly to make the full use of his abilties your going to be constantly getting nightmare fuel to use your abilties so I think the Value is almost no existance . Kind of like getting wood when your Woodie.
  9. Why I appericate it that isn't what I wanted my message to say. I'm not embarresed to draw art or hate it or have an art block.
  10. I like using the puppets as recyclables because of all the almost broken stockpiles you get later I use shovel the most to for the Reason you mentioned and there useful and save a slot.
  11. That still sounds like panicking example?
  12. Mostly computer but I use both I didn't notice that text bolds.
  13. Can we have a darker tone or something to make it easier to figure out what are new notifactions. It really becomes a hassle for me to find out if I look at all the things I got notified about I usally end up clicking on and old notif when I look at my list I know that new notifcations have a lighter tone then old notifcations but is very slight and easy to not notice could you make the tones darker or lighter or add a tag like "recent" so its easier to sort though a lot of notifactions.
  14. what would we call that emote panic?