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  1. It's more so getting the morsels but they are decent good in emergency
  2. That's basically the rock lobsters
  3. Now why everyone was dumped immediately into Maxwells world I think can be solved by this was Maxwell purposefully called all the survivors to his world and the Gatecould be The link to his world and only his world now as for how the ancients got there your guess is good as mine but maybe Chris just means before the throne became the nightmare thrown or after as for how the ancient got there remember old folklore how whenever they started the creation of earth it was always darkness or chaos mixed with divine beings or light so what if the shadow people were the first they are the gods of the world they came first because the universe made them first there are the creation of chaos in the world
  4. Oh we're going to get into some dark souls time theory but I think it's possible for people to come after him but maybe not in the sense of adventure mode we think what if people who got free just had their own separate universes which means multiple nightmare thrones which means multiple Chess masters so Maxwell could still be the first but he would not be the only one and people could still come after him
  5. Well the straw roll is pretty useless i've only use the reliably as the shelf because he can't use green caps to get a lot of Sandy really quickly though my argument is invalid there because he's a mod character the only other thing I've used them for his healing tanks but that one was just the bunny Puff One because of multiple uses healing and warms you up so it's good The only other time I've used sleeping with an actual character was too fast forward time in don't starve together and I didn't want to light my fire pit because you can't get attacked by Charlie while sleeping
  6. So you say you did this when you were drunk?
  7. "Shipwrecked was fully released for Don’t Starve on December 1st, 2015"
  8. Well it is annoying I hate the way she types too, gives me a headache but I'm not going that far.
  9. Stop it's not funny
  10. Also Wes and maxwell are pretty good for shadow farming together also you can use Wes's balloons as a lore
  11. You are not JoeW, What has happened to poor Joe!? Joe I will save you!
  12. No they are to separate games so they don't receive the same updates DS content is finished all we get are bug fixes
  13. If you build flingos your base won't catch fire and if it's hard it should stay and your reward is your stuff doesn't get destroyed
  14. Giving them more damage and health would do nothing they need more complicated attacks or patterns if you want to buff them effectively