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  1. You know the Devs did that on the play of words on BigFoot just being a giant sentient foot right. and not his more ape like incarnations. Before he was given a brain as part of his model he would just abruptly end in the clouds.
  2. You did it again guys For shame you have to show it first (I haven't slept today) Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
  3. This is the one instance where I can say. Klei needs to take a look at Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Combat System.
  4. Dude necro not cool though do look at the dates before you reply and close threads that haven't been replied to in years @ImDaMisterL can you close this relic to the past.
  5. me personally I'd take the cake or muffin but knowing Warly I'd have to eat all of it picky bastard hehehe. YOUR MAKING ME SO HUNGRY!
  6. I have a strange desire to eat it I've been playing to much Warly Looks good.
  7. Wilson is fine but once you learn how to survive winter and some self presevation he is garbage. His perks fall out almost immediately as you get better at there game. Plus there are characters that can do what little he does better and they downsides are completely manageble Wilson= Wooden sword
  8. There is no place for innocence in the The Wild.
  9. Pudgy Wudgy was a beef Pudgy Wudgy was so sweet Pudgy Wudgy was a pudgy was he?
  10. You just said torch not hammer And in any case my answer is still no I don't want to take part in this conversation anymore I can see it spiraling.
  11. A torch does less damge and can be negated with the right tools a bigfoot stomp can not.
  12. That wasn't his point someone could just have a fit of rage and have the old bell and boom everyone suffers whether they are a greifer or not.
  13. Also know one from what i've read has really explained the damage it can do to others only being used once. As far as I know Bigfoot from the origin of ringing will walk the entire map to the other side in a horizontal motion. You don't have to really be near the point of origin to really get hit by it you just have to be across from it so it could hurt a lot of other players bases just because they were across the bell's origin ringing point. You don't even have to be the target of the grief just to have a giant foot smack your base down and you did nothing wrong or weren't even there.