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  1. Am I the only one that thinks Warly might be a ravenous and bloody killer
    who hides his murderous tendencies under the guise of a chef. Hiding his appetite of constant bloodshed and picking on new things, as him being a "picky" eater.

    Wow thats really demented isn't it?
    Well in any case I'm waiting for that creeypasta.

    1. DragonMage156


      Well there was this one comic about Warly and cannibalism but I haven't seen that comic in ages :/

    2. Donke60


      I don't think he could go into cannibalism he still a gent and is superstitious 
      and it's common knowledge of bad omens of human flesh

  2. I'm surprised @mewthemew didn't vote for Warly.
  3. You know a joke is fine but if your being serious iys best not to start you "tier list" with a joke Yes only if he gets his hands on gears and they nerfed his overcharge time so he can't spend a long time in that state anymore @CarlZalph did some math and the most reasonable is 5 days if I'm correct? Maxwell is a great support character he just has trouble fighting alone and that's it These tiers seem very short-sighted for the most part Woodie if he has a stock pile can stop his transformations on a full moon because of the log meter and he can still mine the statues and be near the glommer statues during a full moon in DST You sometimes can't have your cake and eat it too ya know and if you want this you might as well just play DS and not DST
  4. That would be even worse its not like resoruce collecting is the hardest things to do its like you want the Duelists to be actual players instead of just help for fights
  5. But only two bosses have aoe and the dragonfly's aoe is the only hard one to dodge so that would be OP I like Fang's suggestion better with delay and reduced damage it wouldn't be that bad
  6. If you say so I actually do want this to become a mod but I lack experince and trying to learn it I couldn't understand it I still make more and more ideas for balloon creations I'm glad you find it funny
  7. HOW DARE YOU! I shall fight you don't Wes is supreme All low caste characters are surpreme Compared to WENDY So come all Williows,Woodies,Warlies and Weses And fight against the dreaded @Asparagus and his Wendies FOR LOW CASTE IS HIGH CLASS! FOR LOW CASTE IS HIGH CLASS! FOR LOW CASTE IS HIGH CLASS!
  8. @yousif7733 you forgot the SW members all must be accounted for also with ann here poll needs to be single for easier consensus
  9. Yes for some articles you can but some are protected against edits unless your a member you can also dispute edits if you wish?
  10. Yeah especially for me when it came to cave and seasonal dishes Like cactus salad or guacamola
  11. Oh is that so can you tell me I can get it fixed for ya.To answer your questions most people who edit are anomus since most of are main admins and editors are on break or have retired. Yes this is a recent issue and the main editors of the wiki as well as a Kiel devloper or working with wikia to slow the number of ads down for non members they have made slight improvements but the issues aren't quite done yet I'll let you know as I hear more
  12. What do you mean? I haven't seen it though usally I look for fan art for specific characters I wanna see but I feel like I'll regret it Well looks like you've been busy
  13. + Well given how each character examines shadow fuel differently as well I think the thruble shows them what they like or desire almost like a siren song and I think before forible taking characters thats how they lured in Maxwell they give you want you want but in return you are forever theirs until replaced.