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  1. MushroomFamily

    Version 1.0.0


    This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!This is not my mod!It comes from DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta. I just made it compatible with DoNotStarve!中文的话就是,我是从亲儿子联机那里移植过来的((*^__^*))(目前已确定及其肯定单机就是充话费送的,不用谢=。=)MOD设置为双语 默认是英语 (根据自己选择啦)Blue Mushroom Hat: 20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(winter):60 s Shelf life:6 days Red Mushroom Hat 20% rain-proof emit a weak light when equipped Shelf life :3 days Green Mushroom Hat: 20% rain-proof sanity regenerate 6/min insulator(summer):120 s Shelf life: 6 days Hats will product different color spores! You can also give it to pig man!! Mushroom Farm: Now you can plant mushroom or spores on the Mushroom Farm and a few days later you can harvest more mushrooms It still works in winter.You must use livinglog to refresh it.Mushroom_spores: Different hat will product different color spores. Spores will move around you and emit a weak light. It can be caught by the bug_net. If you plant it in the mushroom farm ,you will harvest six mushrooms at most!(there is a chance it will release one spore when it hits max level) Mushroom_lightMushroom Light: 1*4 Fridge !When it has spores or light_bulb inside ,it will emit white lightFour squares are filled with the most bright!Mushroom Light 2:1*4 Fridge !light_bulb→→white reds pore→→red light blue spore→→blue light green spore→→→green lightScarecrow:You can put poop in it and it can also help you to harvest crops!蓝菇帽(蓝瘦香菇): 20%防雨 回 sanity 6/min 保温60 s 保质期6天 红菇帽: 20%防雨 戴起来或者丢地上会发光 保质期3天 绿菇帽: 20%防雨 回 sanity 6/min 降温120 s 保质期6天 蘑菇农场: 你可以把蘑菇种在上面,几天之后,会收获更多蘑菇(根据时间长短,最少一个最多四个) 蘑菇农场有使用次数,使用次数用完之后你需要用活木让它恢复活力 冬天也会工作蘑菇孢子: 不同的帽子会产生不同颜色的孢子(大约90 s) 孢子会发光 会围着你闲逛 你可以用捕虫网将它们捕捉 然后种在蘑菇农场里面 你最多可以得到6个蘑菇(整个生长周期比用蘑菇种植长一点,完全长成的时候有机会产生新的孢子) 蘑菇灯:有两种普通的:四格冰箱,当里面有荧光果或者包子的时候会发光 而且只会发出白光(四个格子都放满,光最亮)第二种:四格冰箱,根据里面的东西发出不同的光 荧光果发白光 红蓝绿孢子发出对应的光 当然你无聊也可以各种搭配着玩。。稻草人:16格(可以放便便,草 树枝 和有新鲜度的东东)有个收获键 点击之后帮你自动收集周围的作物!消耗20饥饿值1.9版本更新:修复了冬天农场会崩溃的BUG,现在冬天也可以愉快的种蘑菇了(相对应的增加了合成配方难度)农场需要用活木来重新激活(好吧以前我都是改成蘑菇修复的=。=)增加了到稻草人使用时需要消耗饥饿值(20)1.9:fix the bug which mushroom_farm will made your game crashed in the winterLivinglog is needed to refresh the mushroom_farm use the scarecrow will cost 20 hunger就酱紫! 帽子不喜欢还可以给猪酱戴O(∩_∩)O~~ 欢迎任何的建议和反馈!!么么哒 Welcome any feedback and suggestions!! Just have fun!! In order webber12345
  2. Это не мода прямой, чтобы не голодать вместе-это начало, возможно, будет изменять
  3. Это не мой мод, я не несу ответственности за это
  4. I have the same thing just a bad computer supports such capabilities
  5. also crash the game just not the improvements I will try to contact the developers of this mod
  6. Я тоже из России Просто в настройках поставь золото это не баг в рога есть дублону ну то есть их можно скрафтить поэтому такой не привычный баг розроботчиков
  7. это не мой мод я не несу ответственности за ошибки или что-то все вопросы к :
  8. go to the folder mods and delete the folder with the mod
  9. Moondial

    Version 1.01


    Hi Everyone, this mod brings the moondial from Don't Starve Together to make it compatible with Don't Starve and his 2 DLCs.The moondial is a special structure able to predict the coming moon! Very useful to prepare yourself for the fullmoon especially.To build it you will need a prestihatitator and then go to the magic table, the recipe is different for each sort of don't starve because they do not have all the same ressources.- Vanilla: 2 blue gems, 6 marbles and 12 nitres.- RoG: 2 blue gems, 6 marbles and 6 ices.- SW: 2 blue gems, 6 limestones and 6 ices.Enjoy!
  10. ))))
  11. [shipwrecked]

    SW переведен не полностью например Destroy кучка песка
  12. this is not my mod I am not responsible for what you do and not do
  13. If you want to change your pet, Alt+Left click your pet ,it will return to the critterslab and then you can make a new one.(U must be near the critterslab. ) (You need to create a new SAVE.)
  14. Just go to game folder search for the mods folder go create a folder with the mod name and throw back those files that I have in the RAR file You're not a noob
  15. привет ребята я скоро выпущу мод на персонажа Чарли на русском языке если вы хотите то пишите :D:D