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  1. You went through the puzzle well, well, so I will repeat to solve the puzzle in the pseudo of the scientific station, there is a chest, I did not directly take the skins, but just the texture of the chest I wanted to refine so that drawings of ancient relics would fall out of it
  2. This is not piracy because in the DST near the pseudo scientific station there is a chest that opens the craft of ancient relics Well, that's not straight skin
  3. This is not piracy, I just moved this chest with DST
  4. Thanks, this is my first mod, I created it because in the DST files there is a texture of this chest
  5. Ancient Chest

    Version 0.1


    EN Good day friends, I thought for a long time and realized that the game is not enough well, I do not know the decor, I decided to add ANCIENT CHEST AND I HAVE HURTED, he puts himself just a chest with only a different skin and other craft I will try to add more enjoyable Ru Добрый день, друзья, я долго думал и понял, что игры недостаточно, я не знаю декора, я решил добавить ДРЕВНИЙ CУНДУК И Я СМОГ, он содержит в себе сундук с другим скином и другой крафт я постараюсь добавить больше приятного
  6. Bug
  7. I don't know what the problem is test at normal even Windows reinstalled all okay
  8. Guys Remember the Mod "The Spider Mount" we can ride the Spider Queen just where you need a little work and ride a beefalo
  9. Add Charlie who sits on the throne
  10. Hi guys I could Yes, I could, Yeah I added the full moon in this mod and it works
  11. I'll fix it
  12. Thank you I if you don't mind I'll be your fashion post here with your permission
  13. Excuse me for what I have your mod put on the forum Klei entertainment I just uploaded the file for those who have no ability to install it from Steam