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  1. @Battal Niella and Meri
  2. "Great beast, we need transportation to the highest peak," She said as she continued to pet it.
  3. "Do not insult the dragons dinnerware, it is a sensitive subject. And they will have a feast with us that you should not consume before autumn," She kept petting the flufficorn while she talked.
  4. "Ah, the dragons arrived," she said as she went over to one of the flufficorns and gently pats it to try and wake it up. "Wake up little dragon, we must head out at once, for the love of oranges,"
  5. "No.. I wasn't going to be back until winter was about to set in... Not enough time, never enough time. The food is on the tree," she said before turning her attention back to where she wanted to go.
  6. She broke her view of the destination, looking back at nomen libitum. "Ah it is the sun rays dancing along the cold pipes mixed with the feeling of dread. With cake. I learned it back when......" She looked confused. "Uh... When did you get taller?"
  7. Zenna started humming, continuing her path to the destination she wanted to go without looking away from it. Sometimes her hands would move as if she was talking, but she only hummed. Her humming sounded..... Weird.
  8. Meow
  9. Here's another post before I forget to post art here for a while ouo Gunshot with her Flower salad @Weirdobobs Broodling Droogafloo Dragonfly/Glommer that @Weirdobob wanted
  10. Yup this is it, Weirdo named em gunshot since I got it when the pets came out and it stuck ouo
  11. @Paxtonnnn Broodling/ Glomglom And Gunshot my ewelet
  12. Silven looked over himself. "Yes, yes, everything seems to be functional. A small jolt in the system but it's clearing up. Though it is a wonder such a small devise you effect the entire environment,"
  13. "Smaller? Why the environment would give off that effect since it has changed. But I assure you I will find out the cause of this and fix it," Silven said, as he crossed his arms and nodded.
  14. Silven shook, only his left arm twitching at times. "Thank you Markless Nadas, I feared the ever growing environment may put me at a disadvantage while my wings need a bit more time before I can take flight," he said as he tried to get up, fell, yet got up again. This time he stood rather balanced. "Markless even more giant Tursai..." He squinted at the other. "Did the environment not only effect me but you as well?"