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  1. It's still working for me, and it should still work. Does the error still persist? Maybe Steam just had some downtime and is available again.
  2. Assuming you are running a dedicated server you can just set the Master shard to generate a caves world instead of the default overworld in the "worldgenoverride.lua" before generating the world using this code: return { override_enabled = true, preset = "DST_CAVE", } No slaves/cave shard needed, but you might be able to add a overworld shard as slave so you can exit the caves into the overworld. This should enable you to spawn in the caves with the option to also visit the overworld if needed. Not sure if this is possible somehow with a non-dedicated server, but I prefer dedicated servers anyways.
  3. I'd guess it's some "serverside" mod that has a issue with non-host players. It happens easily that you program a mod that works as the host, but crash connected clients as they don't have to load required libraries/functions for the mod. The mod author has to add some checks if the instance is the host or a client. It'd be best if you'd include a modlist for both client and server as well.
  4. Wow, that's a bug unlike everything I've ever seen. Nice find.
  5. That makes sense. So I guess it's executed clientside then and the client just lists all available/loaded prefabs.
  6. As admin on a server you CAN use this command to count all entities in the entire map. As non-admin player you probably just get a 0 just like the boolean false aka nope, you can't execute this command.
  7. That's what I'd assume, since console commands are usually admin only. (Which kinda makes sense.) Not sure why or how you'd enable console commands for all users. I guess there are reasons and ways to do it. Maybe that one even was a server someone set up to play with friends and wanted all of them to have access to console commands and was too lazy to add them all as admins. (And forgot to set a Pw)
  8. I wouldn't have expected that you'd be able to use commands like that on servers without being owner or admin. (Unless configured otherwise.)
  9. With different server you mean dedicated vs local hosted one? Because that would make sense since I think local hosted servers don't have that remote one, so pasting it wouldn't trigger it with ctrl.
  10. Make sure you spelled the prefab correctly as well. Some prefabs also have a pretty weird naming, so make sure you get that one right as well.
  11. Afaik there were no recent changes. Did you paste the command in? If yes, did you make sure that you still had the "Remote:" in front? Otherwise you just executed it clientside which doesn't do much.
  12. [Game Update] - (Hotfix) 214001: "Votes can only be initiated by Players who have survived a minimum of 20 days, or the oldest Player if nobody meets that requirement." Maybe noone older than 20 days is playing on the server at that time, or even only a single person (the one that joins new and regernerates the world) is on the server at that time?
  13. XD, yea, that typo.
  14. This one is a random drop atm. There's a second rarity in the game files, which MIGHT be eventually some reward for owning ONI or being in the Alpha, etc.
  15. Yea, either that or the ones that bought it during Alpha. Maybe that'll even be a thing with the lustrous rarity when they roll out the presents n stuff, so the alpha buyers get that one as a loyal kind of version? edit: With presents for alpha buyers I mean the free Klei game all alpha buyers get, or if you already own all Klei games you get a giftbox with DST skins instead.