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  1. I'm sorry but what part is the shaft cause I don't know about bow & arrow much xD..
  2. I'm not a good artist by any means & in my opinion I think my art is not that better than yours, but here's how I would draw a bow & arrow which I made by looking at your bow & arrow .
  3. I thought of that too, but the problem I think is only the owner of a world can change the config options meaning whatever button they set jump to will be that way for all players. But if it was a key to toggle the action is "CONTROL_SPLITSTACK" then everyone could have whatever key assigned to that action toggle the action, thus allowing everyone to have a unique button for doing a jump ! And thanks again for your help man !!!
  4. Okay, thank you ZupaleX I have this code & now pressing X makes the character preform jump action & since the jump is a legit action now it cancels any other actions like wanting to pick up an item which's awesome !! The only thing is I can still force attack, but for that I think I will just edit the attack state to return if it has my jumping value or something. Now the only thing left I really need to make this jump very good is instead of X I would like when the player presses "CONTROL_SPLITSTACK" (from constants.lua) for the RPC action to go off then every player could customize there own button for jumping kinda, so would you happen to know how I could do that ? Also, can I ask what does this code do/mean exactly? player.components.locomotor:PreviewAction(buffAction, true) And thank you so much for your help you really made my jump action so, so much better now that it's a real action, thank you a lot !!
  5. Up-to-date character assets?

    Are you looking for something like this? wendy
  6. I just want the Spider to move a little to the opposite direction the attack hit it because in its dodge animation it looks like it jumps to the side Though I don't know how I would do that. I see in spider warrior's lunge action it has MotorVal so I thought maybe that's how?
  7. Oops Nver mind it's because AddStategraphEvent("SGspider.lua", GLOBAL.EventHandler("dodge", function(inst) had to be AddStategraphEvent("spider", GLOBAL.EventHandler("dodge", function(inst) Now all I need is the SetMotorVelOverride thingy
  8. Yes I did. If I put " inst.components.sanity.ignore = true " will that make the NPC's Sanity not go down from DoDelta's too or will those still lower their Sanity?
  9. Your code worked with 0 delay!! Thank you very much !!! Well let me say in more detail, so I have an NPC which does not posses Sanity, but has the "grue" component to get hit in darkness. Normally the grue component doesn't have any "if" check to see if the entity it's hitting as sanity or not in its OnUpdate function. So when my NPC gets hit by the grue the game crashes because there's no Sanity to give a penalty to on my NPC. So, I was wondering if there was a way I can make that crash not happen? And thanks so much for your help ZupaleX !!
  10. It's a NPC character & since they don't have Sanity but have the grue component they crash the game when hit by the grue. So if the NPC could ignore the sanity loss that would be great ! By prefab post init where exactly do you mean, do I have to add prefab postinit inside sinkholes or something?
  11. Hello, if someone can help me with this that would really be great ! So, basically I want to add a new dodge state to spiders since it seems they have an unused evade animation & personally my mod char is strong so I want to buff all entities to be more of a challenge. So, here's the code The problem I'm having now is I want the Spider to always SetMotorVelOverride the way it looks like it's evading but I don't know how to do that, & the SetMotorVelOverride sometimes moves the spider very short distance or sometimes a very far distance! I have no idea why that happens since I took it straight from the spider warrior's lunge attack Any help would be appreciated !!
  12. Okay, I have this code atm And it doesn't crash anymore, but pressing X does nothing. I'm sorry for being such an idiot & thanks for being very patient with me! Feel free to respond whenever you have the time, like in a couple days or something that's fine .
  13. One con/perk could be if a nearby entity's holding meat her sanity starts draining, but she gets a attack boost or deals more damage against that entity? And she could refuse to hold unto any meat items, dropping them. And maybe one more's when she's in her beardlord mode she can grow a beard & shave, or just outright shave to get beard hair? I only got one last idea which this is more just a funny suggestion, so she can like jump into rabbitholes to hide & whenever she wants jumps out of them, you could use the same animation for jumping in wormhole ! Well, that's all my ideas, good luck !!
  14. This code seems to have delay before not being affected by sinkhole penalty unlike edit to carefulwalker.lua? Since if my character jumps while kinda close to a sinkhole then goes over it he gets slow for half a second. But thank you for your help man & maybe you can help me with something which shouldn't be very difficult to do but I have no idea how to do it xD.. So, I edited grue.lua component to just add this check over the sanity penalty in it's OnUpdate function when it hits an entity if self.inst.components.sanity then self.inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(-TUNING.SANITY_MEDLARGE) end since I have some entities which can be hit by grue, but don't have Sanity thus crashing the game. Maybe you know how I can do this without editing grue.lua xD?