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  1. for having OnI, I guess?
  2. these were supposed to be added in a mod code
  3. what?? "like a fully upgraded WX??" lol... you must be stoned! Warly's based dmg, health and sanity stays the same I call TROLL
  4. Aquí lo tienen... Y me había olvidado ponrlo por acá Por fa comentenme cómo quedo gracuas
  5. ya lo hice... pero me olvide ponerlo aquí gracias yl lo siento por la cosa del audio mezclado
  6. Si eres nuevo en el juego y no habías hecho el Puzzle de Cyclum, este es el video para tí Todo está explicado en Español y hecho con mucha dedicación Me quedó con un pequeño error al inicio cuando se filtró una voz al inicio.. .sorry! En todo caso, espero que te guste mi video
  7. I thought you knew my main is Wicker, that's why. Never mind... That's just hilarious cuz this mod addresses every single aspect we discussed in this forum. Ty for the tip
  8. I never said this is the worst implementation ever... it's just annoying how the beaver form works now! Low DMG + High Sanity Drain make the beaver form not fun!
  9. i would'n call him a good fuel farm. He is just one fuel farm. Wickerbottom excels at this and she can spawn Krampus and provide meat and feathers all at the same time. I understand your point, but every character can be a nightmare fuel farm.. just 3 to 4 green mushrooms and the other people in the server need to be killing the shadow creatures and protecting the crazy one... done! Or if solo, traveling back and forth through wormholes, good armor and a ham bat. and you would be even better that his beaver form, cuz his reduced dmg doesn't allow for effective solo nightmare fuel farming.
  10. I agree with you there that this character design and quotes are very neat, but that doesn't change the problem with his beaver form and the amount of management. You just seek now to trigger me with that comment, but I'm not falling for that. If Wicker's books are OP or not it's not the theme of this thread. Don't just defend your main out of pure love with 0 neutral arguments ignoring some of the general concerns about this character. I'm very happy that you do love this character and all his visuals and his lines of dialogue, I actually do too. That's actually why I feel so heartbroken about it, cuz it makes one of the most beloved characters in DS pretty boring to play in DST. Don't take that as a general insult directed to you, it is the impression of a fair amount of people after playing this character in DST. Besides, my love for Woodie do not blind me to the point that I can't just ignore where the flaws of this character lie. I believe that Woodie needs some love to his beaver form in DST and that the changes to his mechanics with the migration from DS to DST are the main responsable for that general feeling, I hope your blind love can allow you to see at least that fact.
  11. I rather get a reliable log stompper skeleton that dies every time at dusk and causes me no problems, but takes 30 seconds more when destroying trees than playing as Woodie. Besides, I did mentioned that this is a farming method, not the fastest! I never said this is a competition of speed! And there are many more methods, Piggies are by far the easiest companions for tree chopping and they do boost you sanity, so double benefit! But all these are beyond the point and do not change all the other facts, that the beaver for is not fun and that the management for this character is considerably high with little recompense!
  12. exactly... these nerfs totally suck the fun out of the beaver form! And the silly excuse of the OP-ness of the DS beaver form makes no sense, because if that was the case then Wigfrid and Wolfgang shouldn't be allowed to be in the game in the first place!
  13. ok... the point me bringing the Reanimated Skeleton to the picture was to prove that Woodie's ability for chopping trees doesn't make him exceptionally useful in the long run, cuz there are other ways to get logs. You can always use the Weather Pain, a bunch of Piggies or a bit of explosives and a flingo... there are several ways to get quickly a bunch of logs fairly quickly. Piggies are available right from the start so... yeap.... My real point here... ,and back to OP's discussion, is that Woodie's ability for fast chopping is not enough to consider him a nice character to play... IMO, he requires too much maintenance for little benefit overall and in his Beaver form... It's just not that fun compared to his homonym in DS.
  14. no need to... go down to the caves... or wait for about 10 to 15 days in game.. They will spawn naturally!
  15. agreed Sorry about that... Couldn't help it!
  16. not true... you need to kill a Level 3 Shadow Piece in order to reanimate the Skeletons, including the Ancient Fuelweaver. The difference is that the later is the stronger and more conscious version of them all and the restoration of the caves, but you still need the same number of pieces and the shadow heart for alls skeleton to come to life!
  17. ok... this is a bit of selfpromotion and my vid is in Spanish, but you will see here how this works
  18. Dear @Alarsin... it makes no difference if you chop down the trees or if the Reanimated Skeleton stomp them... the result is the same... a bunch of logs!
  19. you don't need him to walk long distances and even in Autumn you can use this farming method! The only thing you need is make it walk trough the tree farming plot. Doesn't take more that 3 times going through them and for that you have more that enough time even in the shortest nights in-game! Besides, you are wrong, the Ancient Fuelweaver can be found only in the atrium, the others are called "reanimated skeletons"
  20. I think that the point of the discussion is that Woodie as a whole is not that much fun.. and he kinda sucks! It's obviously not impossible as a character... he is just boring and forces you to stay around base longer than other characters. I meant that the log production is more effective with the Reanimated Skeletons... Do you know what I'm talking about?
  21. I understand your arguments, but i don't agree with the idea that he is a good character right now. Besides, his chopping skills are pretty good early game and pretty useful for the Toadstool fight, but after a while the log production can be automated with the Reanimated Skeleton in a far more effective way. So that's bye bye for the best tree chopping character in the game! If you wanna play him right, you need to be grinding all the time and that takes a lot of fun of the experience. If you compare it, the beaver form in DS is your explore mode, you can get so much done and it is just so much fun to wonder around fighting with a decent attack power, beign immune to overheating and the cold! It's simply a blast! I have only played this character twice in DST and I was bored to death every time, all the planting trees... all the grinding... all the insanity penalties and the lack of a decent attack in beaver form are a fun killer to me. His beaver form in DST makes it so much of a pain, you are so weak and get so crazy soo easily. You can of course change back and plant a bunch of tree seeds and eat a bunch of logs, but what is the point of being Werebeaver anyway if this is not even a little fun? I like challenges, but Woodie is just annoyingly boring to play right now in DST. To me, he is just like any other character, but with an annoying mode!
  22. use a weather pain to take care of the shadow spiders and one person can try to stay sane with a bee queen crown and also smash them manually... I really don't see why you ask for a nerf hp. If two people work together, this is very manageable.
  23. I think that what you both @Donke60 @jesuisralph described is actually present in the dedicated servers as well and in public servers with very inexperienced people who happened to not have it with password, the difference is that you don't have many options to actually repel these people's attacks, specially if you didn't create your world using a password or if you don't know about the rerolling option! The only really nerve wrecking part for DST PS4 users is that these random people can send you PMs, that is for sure a very horrible situation. TBH I don't see why PC users want achievements, these aren't of any importance to PC users, you get literally 0 benefit from having them. It's a thing to show off, but they earn you nothing!
  24. You finally did it!