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  1. The Curator your proposed changes would just made characters extremely boring - I hope this is some troll joke... As Astroknot wrote: "If these changes were to get added I would stop playing." Yeah, not only You...
  2. You completely missed the point of what I was saying...
  3. I couldn't agree more Inventing an elaborate plans to prevent future griefing is in reality a proof, how much griefers really "hurt" you... Just play on servers with admins - and problem solved.
  4. My thoughts exactly Well, characters should be balanced - it's always good --> but more importantly, characters should be interesting and unique. For me what happened to Maxwell in DST is just strange... He was so fun to play in singleplayer DS.
  5. This is really good - thanks for posting this
  6. Ok, so if Maxwell is so great, as You guys / gals wrote - why almost no one plays him?
  7. Lol, what do you need a buffalo for? You must be doing something wrong. I played Shipwrecked many times and what you are describing is just not true! I never, ever had such problems - except gold problems - but this was in early beta and was fixed a log time ago. So once again - you must be doing something wrong. Not true once again... And judging from what you wrote above --> your skill is probably what is lacking...
  8. Another quote from wiki: "Sinkholes cannot be removed by the player (as of yet) and will only begin to self-repair after about 20 days since they were formed, taking about 10 days to fully repair."
  9. He is more interesting now? In what way?
  10. So in single player DS Maxwell is my favorite character. He is an interesting person, this "dark" occultist who has low health but can regain sanity very, very quickly. This leads to some fun changes in gameplay that I really enjoy! He also can summon shadow puppets - but this is something, that I use occasionally. In DS Together first thing that comes to my mind about this character is...miner. Why? Because people playing him mainly do that & yeah, how can I forgot - they also chop trees. Really a shadow puppets extravaganza. They do that ofc because his sanity regen is not very high --> so now he can become miner or lumberjack... He was a cool magician remember ?!? What happened to him ;-( Do You guys have some tips on how to play him now? (maybe I missed something). If not, please write how do You think he should be changed. I myself, would propose just this - make his sanity regeneration higher / faster - so instead of miner, he can become a magician.
  11. True, You can solo all the bosses (You must be prepared first ofc). If you are feeling that difficulty is too high just use the mod The King Dedede proposed, or this one:
  12. Here You are! Copied from DS wiki: "For example, if one gives the Antlion a Hardened Rubber Bung, it would delay its attacks for a whole day. One should keep in mind that its rage timer cannot exceed 6 days, so players may need to contribute a hefty amount of items to it at least twice throughout Summer in order to never be attacked."
  13. True, it should.
  14. Several months ago I was playing my DS games with extra equip slots mod. Then, when the game was too easy for me I stopped using it. And I'm glad I did! At first it was more difficult - but after some time have passed - game is still easy So what's the main difference between playing with - and without - the mod? You have to put more thinking into the inventory management & planning. Also You have to decide what item is worth using in the current situation / season. And this made the game more fun & interesting for me