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  1. Crop circle

    Lol this is really strange. By any chance Bearger didn't walk somewhere near them?
  2. Old Sinkhole Design

    Exactly Yeah, the old design was better in my opinion too.
  3. Why The Things Change

    Aren't you talking about resource variants?
  4. How Would you Fix Woodie/Werebeaver?

    This two are excellent ideas:
  5. Characters in DS Together often mention other chars. So what I mean by that is - he probably saw Woodie talking to his axe. He knows that "her" name is Lucy. But he didn't knew them earlier. Wow really? I never noticed it... Nests aren't just made from grass? Well, the orange gem --> he could get it from the ruins (he can dig through the ground I think). - OR - Maybe there are some desert stones deeper in the ground. And the ones that fell to the caves (via earthquakes) turned to orange gems - when nightmare fuel started to work.
  6. Noob stories

    Lol, not only you ;p
  7. Title says it all. I'm looking for cool people to play with. I speak english and polish. I preferre game mode "survival". If You're interested - message me.
  8. Please make a Webber The Depth Dweller skin. Pretty please
  9. Cheap PvP Tactics

    It's "cheap shot" yeah - but come on it's PVP. Are you guys expecting a killing etiquette? If it works, then why not? Not all people are paladins ;p
  10. Yyy from my experience usually all the stuff near the portal is already picked. So good luck with that...
  11. Who exactly is Wigfrid?

    My thoughts exactly! I think this is also her speaking in a character - a Viking aunt.
  12. Quick Draw Webber

    Draw crazy Woodie talking to his axe
  13. Who exactly is Wigfrid?

    To me Wigfrid started playing this role - or rather - BE a person she plays - because it was the only thing she can do, to survive in this new, harsh world.
  14. What is happening with the DST steam inventory today? Earlier, it wasn't available (all my items "disappeared"). Then everything was ok. And now it happened again. Not a good day, to play I guess :-/
  15. Exactly - that would really be useful!