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  1. I'm not sure if you replied to the right thread or if I'm missing a joke... I am not Klei I wouldn't be surprised though tbh? All of the characters actually have bones in their hair... you can see it when the lightening hits them.
  2. Server is open for anyone to join right now
  3. There's a limit on editing the post, unfortunately. I'll just post whenever the server is online, I suppose.
  4. Join my server - all welcome Can't play now, but might later? Add me on steam - steam name is same as Klei name. Server name: Welcome! Please join <3 Mode: Endless Style: Cooperative Caves Enabled Owner: Woollyhats Aimed at: All players. Noobs will be somewhat challenged. Is server active right now: BRB (No/Yes/BRB). All welcome... Except Griefers. Although if I was successful, griefing this world should be somewhat difficult. Not dedicated, but I play on this server every time I play don't starve, so if you add me as a friend, you'll be able to play on it often. I am an intermediate player, not quite an expert. I don't mind if you are new or an expert player. Server has caves. The game will load slowly because of several mods, but once loaded there should be no lag. If you want, feel free to join and add me Server Mod List - any with a * may be removed: Don't Drop Everything Sisters Reunited Storeroom Announce Important Cooperative Actions Beefalo Information Craftable Gears * DST Path Lights Dark and Dusk Music Fast Travel* Fire Resurrection Items Tooltips Ghost Speed up Glimmer and family Global Pause Global Positions Growable Marble Trees* Health Info Magic Bottle Lanterns More Drops* More Wormholes New Tents No Fire spread (to combat griefing, sorry). Wood to charcoal (because of above mod). Personal Chesters Safe Chest and icebox (personal chests) Set Piece Config Simple Protection (to combat griefing, sorry). Stumps Grow Wooden hut Most mods enhance "endless" mode in some way (if you are on the other side of the map and die, floating back to the portal sucks), add content, functionality, or were chosen to combat griefing. Several mods make the game more convenient, and have been marked with a star. If they make the game too easy, they will be removed, but we will see.