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  1. Just one question: Are moderators the only users capable of 'Recommending' posts?
  2. I noticed that YouTube recently added a 'Pin Comment' feature, meaning that when a comment is pinned, it gets pinned to the top of the comments section and shows up prominently when a user scrolls past the video. I think it'd be useful to have a function like that on the forums around here. One example that comes to mind is something like this: If the comment in question was pinned, it could show up under the main comment without users having to look through 96 pages to find it (Though to be fair, it is located on page 8 of the thread).
  3. From the thumbnail alone, I see Ryan and Rikki as usernames. Possible Easter Egg?
  4. Jack goes back to the past and finally kills Aku thanks to Ashi, who learned that because she was a spawn of Aku, had all of Aku's powers. Also, Jack and Ashi plan to get married, but because Aku was defeated in the past and Ashi was born in the future, she fades into nothingness on her wedding day. Jack ends up somewhat depressed, but finds the will to carry on due to the symbolism of a ladybug.

    I'm not making this up. The ending was bittersweet. Everyone in the future is also now dead due to the altered timeline. Time travel is confusing.

    1. minespatch


      I saw it. Was pretty fine with the ending but I can see were people are having problems. The major problem is that JAck and other time travel stories are doomed. It's a no win scenario. IT's why Rick and Morty will not touch time travel(but for some reason the free comic book day issue broke their own conduct).

    2. Weirdobob


      Not everyone. Scottsman could still be chillin', everyone else could be on their home planets, etc.


      I didn't like the ending only because it seemed so dang rushed. I felt the show could've patted out episode 8 into two episodes (itd make the relationship feel better than "they spontaneously are attracted to each other now and smooch") and same with episode 10, because for a final battle you kind of expect, well, an action packed battle rather than all of jack's friends futiely smacking aku. I think it would've been way more awesome if we saw Jack destroy aku in the future as well as the past.

  5. WX-78 turns Shipwrecked into his playground. The fact that Floaty Boat Knights drop so many gears allows WX-78 to just upgrade like crazy, and keep some spare gears on hand should things go awry. Plus, WX-78 is immune to all sources of poison, the one thing that scares most players from getting anywhere near those swamps or poisonous enemies. If you know how to play correctly, you'll be zipping all over the place, due to that one season that has lightning strikes like crazy. Plus, y'know, we also have coffee in Shipwrecked. So that's nice.
  6. Meh, I blame BabelFish. That, and slowly forgetting Spanish over the years.
  7. Is Corey secretly related to V2C? They both have adorable little hats in their profile pictures!
  8. Do Darkest Dungeon and Crypt of the Necrodancer count as Klei games? Will these be possible choices as gifts for players who currently have ONI?
  9. @ImDaMisterL, mover esto, por favor.

    1. minespatch


      ariel sweats.pngWhooooOOOoooOoo-oo-oo-ooh...

  11. They're everywhere nowadays. I guess all we can do is just ignore them, really. Either that or come up with a funnier joke.
  12. Usually, a gag or joke becomes a meme due to usually reaching a much larger audience than just a couple of guys on the forums who just read one thread and then create a parody of it. If this gag reached farther than just some users on the Klei Forums, then I'd classify it as a meme if 20,000 users or so started doing it or referencing it. As of now, I'd consider this as more of an inside joke or running gag than a meme.
  13. I think Wes is a pretty decent character. He can air combo and his specials allow for ease of juggling enemies, as they launch them fairly easily. His juggle game and his ATK stat allows him to use his specials without fear of missing out on damage. However, because of his low STR stat (39 max), his normal punches and kicks are quite weak. For a guy who practices Muay Thai, that's pretty sad, as it's seen as a pretty aggressive and powerful fighting style in real-life. He has a pretty good AGI stat, though (A perfect 63), but escaping from being knocked down/frozen is already pretty easy to do as soon as you have 39 points in AGI (Or 27, in Rudy's case). He's also somewhat similar to Ryan in that they both have terrible DEF stats (27 max), so they're akin to glass cannons. But Ryan has a much higher damage output due to his specials hitting multiple times, but they both have the same tier of SPC Recharge rate, so at least they're in the same boat in that regard. I suggest playing with Ryan if you want to steamroll the game, and picking Wes if you like to juggle enemies in a stylish fashion. Or pick Glen if you're new to the game. Man, some of the fighters need a buff... (Poor Rudy...)
  14. I think the devs would be willing to read your suggestions if you didn't keep pinging V2C in some of your posts and having a joke at his expense.
  15. One day, we found files of a character that had not been officially released yet. Then the devs said, "No more new character for you." So there you go!
  16. I agree with some of what _catness_ said. If _Q_ isn't willing to hear out suggestions from the player-base, we should probably just ignore him. We've tried having a discussion where we potentially talk about what they want changed, but this has shown to be somewhat recursive and futile. Let's just be the bigger people and walk away before an argument explodes.
  17. I remember saying something like this a year ago. Yes, really. I didn't know the Creeps in the Deeps project even existed back then.
  18. Pack your bags, boys. I've just won the game. See ya!
  19. @_Q_, are you only picking and choosing which posts to respond to? We would like to know where you got the statistic of only 5% of owners of the game still playing it, along with knowing what you would like to change about the game in order to make it more balanced an fun in your eyes.
  20. Oh, you got me. You got me good. Real good. Silly Dedede, you were hallucinating the 'A New Reign' series of updates this entire time! I must've thwacked myself with my own hammer really hard this time! Now that I'm thinking straight, wasn't it single-player that was receiving the 'A New Reign' updates while DST was given 'Shipwrecked'? Duh, everyone knows that!
  21. All you desire should be in this movie:
  22. Come on, man. We try to keep these forums family-friendly, y'know?
  23. Bases made in the area of the sandstorm are immune to smoldering, as far as I know.