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  1. I just thought I'd act as a second friendly reminder to everyone. Usually, threads like these can get derailed fast, but I trust that everyone can stay on-topic. For reference sake, here are the Etiquette Standards in a spoiler:
  2. The Bone Armor probably goes really well with Wilson's Triumphant.
  3. Why would you make an alternate way of fighting and playing the game a reward for defeating what is arguably considered the end boss? This sounds more like something you should have the ability to use and unlock when you make a Shadow Manipulator in your world.
  4. Like what? Any ideas or suggestions?
  5. @CatBurger, according to a quick Google search, it's a person by the name of Jeff Agala.
  6. No, your base will not smolder while you are in the caves. In addition, nothing smolders in the caves or the ruins. However, you'll still overheat while in the caves and ruins, albeit at a much slower rate. Also, welcome to the forums.
  7. Why not make his voice an air horn? As we all know, only MLG players use Wes.
  8. @BluesyBuesy, I summon thee to swoop down from the Heavens and prove him wrong. Or make a sick video. Either works.
  9. @ImDaMisterL, should they file a bug report?
  10. @ImDaMisterL, I think this belongs more in the General Discussion area. Also, can you fix MY hydrogen pumps while you're at it? Thanks, man.
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  11. No one is restricting you from what you can and can't say. It just feels strange that at times, it sounds like you're being the dismissive one of others when they dole out their pieces of advice to newbies. Like when you say: If you want your bits of advice to be listened to, don't try and take jabs at other players. Everyone here simply wants beginners to have a good time and to build a healthy community for the forums. The last thing we'd want to do is push others away for how they play. For the bits of advice that you say that gets to you after a while, here's what I've noticed in my time of gameplay: - Rabbits usually don't provide much and most players aren't aware that you don't really need to build a trap to kill them. I like to use them as a last resort. - It's not that we tell people not to rely on Beefalo, but most new players aren't aware that when Spring or Winter roll around, Beefalo can go into heat and can turn on anyone pretty fast. Personally, I like to shave them when they aren't in heat and use their wool as fuel. It's ridiculous how much wool you can get every few days. If I think the population is getting too high for my tastes, I wipe a few out and collect the resources. - I think it's important that players learn to fight most of the creatures in this game. Not by yourself, mind you, but in Together, you should learn to fight creatures with other players as a team. When a boss rolls around and everyone knows what to do, it can be quite fun. I remember when the Deerclops once popped on a server I was playing on. With just me and 2 other friends, he ceased to be a problem after 2 minutes, and I loved the sense of teamwork that came from it. - I say that traps are useful to a certain degree, but they shouldn't be relied on so heavily so as to make them your only source of food. I personally like to use traps in case a Frog Rain occurs and our Tooth Trap field is in terrible shape. - From personal experiences, walls don't do too much to help players out. They take a lot of resources to make en masse, can't take much of a beating, and it's better to destroy them and rebuild them than pouring more materials onto existing broken walls. I like to to use walls in a decorative sense. They're pretty good at containing peaceful mobs and making zoos. Most users on the forums simply want newbies to do well and succeed in this game, as well as have fun and prosper. It's not that any of us are obsessed, I think, but it's more like that when threads like this pop up, many of us are trying to dish out our bits of advice all at the same time. In the end, we can all learn something from each other, and we don't have to play at an "optimal" level. We should, as a community, help newbies out and tell them the best way to survive. We shouldn't aim for perfection, but a sense of fun, teamwork, and community. Some people have fun playing at what they consider an "optimal" level, others roleplay, and others have just started to play the game for the first time. Let's give the newbies a helping hand, shall we?
  12. Just once, I'd like for a Klei dev to look over this thread and say, "Sorry guys, we can't do that. Fences would break the lore."
  13. @StarmanNess, are you aware of this?
  14. Well, I was close, right?