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  1. No, I don't want achievements. How would they even improve the game? I think they'd be meaningless, anyhow.
  2. It's... kinda blurry...
  3. With some skill and preparation, it is possible to solo all 3 of these bosses. For the Bee Queen, you can set up many Bunnymen near the Bee Queen hive. They'll attack her and because of the sheer number of them, being scared by her roar won't be enough to save the Queen's life. For the Toadstool... well... There is a strategy that involves using Lureplants. Trust me on this one.
  4. Just as clarification, I want nothing from you. I'd feel wrong for asking something of you.
  5. @AFatCat, please feel free to remove me from the list. I feel really bad for adding for what felt like unneeded stress onto an individual that I don't even know personally to give me a skin in a video game. If it counts, my apologies for adding onto that pile of stress.
  6. Put your games of Chess away, boys, it's time to kill another raid boss. Just kidding, we'll get back to playing Chess when we kill that thing.
  7. They removed the Weather Pain's ability to kill other players in PVE a long time ago. Might still be in the game as a bug, though. If it is, report it.
  8. <3

    On another note, could we get more images like this when the updates stop rolling in? It's always nice to check in with the characters from time to time.
  9. <3

    Then practice. The only way to get better at something is to practice. Talent does not come naturally. Hone your skill. Refine it.
  10. I dunno, DST and DS both feel like games where accepting death just seems mandatory and the characters have no chance of escaping the situation they're in. With a final boss fight, I'd assume that some sort of ending would be in order. If it's a happy ending, the fan base will riot. If it's a downer ending, the fan base will riot. There'd be no way to please both parties. Now, onto the boss fight... I don't like the Ewecus mechanic. I'd also prefer a boss that could be done with a single player, but people will always complain whether or not DST should be geared towards that go at it solo or if it should continue to focus more on a multiplayer experience. Maybe holding down switches and levers would be a bit much. Why not use pressure plates? A bit off-topic, I could go for a good ending. I'd have no problem with a bad ending, either. Also, @ImDaMisterL, Use those moderator powers of yours and blink this elsewhere.
  11. Er, didn't you just make a trading thread like this already?
  12. Have dupes make art so terrible that the creature dies due to a paradox. Duh.
  13. I remember it being called... the Cul-de-Sac. Spooky.
  14. It's sad that we have to base trades off of market prices and not, instead, what we have to offer and what someone else might want. I guess that's just the way the world rolls...