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  1. While it isn't a bad thing, per se, I only ever see art threads, story threads, and threads where a user asks how a mechanic works in a game nowadays (Threads asking questions about how something works are usually centered around DS and DST, however). Maybe if we had a way to get the community together and increase our numbers? I notice that on the Terraria forums, that they have their own newspaper (In a sense), organize community events, and the Creation Compendium, where numerous pieces of art are displayed from various users and prizes are even given out to winners from time to time. There are also events where Re-Logic and some other company (So far, from my memory, Dungeon Defenders II and Chivalry) collaborate together and get both communities from each game involved. Although I completely understand if the members of this forum would be against collaborations where it introduces a new character into a Klei game. It would be difficult to get a character from another game to fit in with the style of Don't Starve or Oxygen Not Included, and it would be difficult to explain story-wise how these new characters appeared into the world. Although mods do fill that role. So, I guess I just wanted to suggest community organized events and maybe collaborations. Might not be possible, but I just wanted to throw that out there.
  2. I wasn't trying to be rude, far from it. I just thought I'd try and give some constructive criticism. I noticed that when you drew your character holding a net (I am aware of the reference), one arm was way shorter than the other. Small complaint, if not aiming for a chibi-style, I'd suggest keeping both arms at around the same length. Same goes for legs. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude.
  3. Is it a stylistic choice to draw outside of the lines?
  4. I made JoeW watch his long lost Let's Play of Don't Starve and he did the funny scream. Click here. I didn't want to do that, since it may have been considered rude to needlessly ping another individual on my part for no good reason.
  5. Zeklo is right. Let's get back on topic. Mustard is a tasty condiment. Wait... Human beings can have 37 trillion skin cells. Dang it, I'm getting there! Skins on characters from DST makes me laugh. Nailed it. We need more skin sets. All we've had so far is 3. I wish I had friends...
  6. Lipton already got a title based on bees. Make a sick rap and you might get a title. Make it about JoeW and you'll be sure to get one. Guaranteed.
  7. That barely makes any sense. Other users are responsible for their own responses, not the person who created the topic. If other users didn't want to create a response, then they could have just ignored the topic.
  8. Just one question: Are moderators the only users capable of 'Recommending' posts?
  9. From the thumbnail alone, I see Ryan and Rikki as usernames. Possible Easter Egg?
  10. Jack goes back to the past and finally kills Aku thanks to Ashi, who learned that because she was a spawn of Aku, had all of Aku's powers. Also, Jack and Ashi plan to get married, but because Aku was defeated in the past and Ashi was born in the future, she fades into nothingness on her wedding day. Jack ends up somewhat depressed, but finds the will to carry on due to the symbolism of a ladybug.

    I'm not making this up. The ending was bittersweet. Everyone in the future is also now dead due to the altered timeline. Time travel is confusing.

    1. minespatch


      I saw it. Was pretty fine with the ending but I can see were people are having problems. The major problem is that JAck and other time travel stories are doomed. It's a no win scenario. IT's why Rick and Morty will not touch time travel(but for some reason the free comic book day issue broke their own conduct).

    2. Weirdobob


      Not everyone. Scottsman could still be chillin', everyone else could be on their home planets, etc.


      I didn't like the ending only because it seemed so dang rushed. I felt the show could've patted out episode 8 into two episodes (itd make the relationship feel better than "they spontaneously are attracted to each other now and smooch") and same with episode 10, because for a final battle you kind of expect, well, an action packed battle rather than all of jack's friends futiely smacking aku. I think it would've been way more awesome if we saw Jack destroy aku in the future as well as the past.

    3. TheKingDedede


      Of course it was rushed. I thought the final episode would be an hour long special. I thought wrong. Every other season of the show was 13 episodes long. I'm not saying it wasn't touching, though. We got a bittersweet ending for a show many thought was long gone, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

      I'm going to stick to my guns and say that everyone from the future no longer exists, due to Aku being one of the main entities that created that future. With him out of the way, these characters can no longer exist in their current state. Sure, Jack might see them again in the future, but they won't be the same people. Or the old timeline might be still there, but Jack is not capable of reaching it. Time travel is confusing.

      Also, Jack might not be physically capable of aging anymore. So, that's a plot thread that wasn't tied up. He might be able to live long enough to see them until then...

  11. WX-78 turns Shipwrecked into his playground. The fact that Floaty Boat Knights drop so many gears allows WX-78 to just upgrade like crazy, and keep some spare gears on hand should things go awry. Plus, WX-78 is immune to all sources of poison, the one thing that scares most players from getting anywhere near those swamps or poisonous enemies. If you know how to play correctly, you'll be zipping all over the place, due to that one season that has lightning strikes like crazy. Plus, y'know, we also have coffee in Shipwrecked. So that's nice.
  12. Meh, I blame BabelFish. That, and slowly forgetting Spanish over the years.
  13. Is Corey secretly related to V2C? They both have adorable little hats in their profile pictures!
  14. Do Darkest Dungeon and Crypt of the Necrodancer count as Klei games? Will these be possible choices as gifts for players who currently have ONI?
  15. @ImDaMisterL, mover esto, por favor.