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  1. Time to lawyer up.
  2. Man, I need more threads to relocate...

  3. Go home, folks. There ain't nothin' to see here.
  4. Arles, I think the statue of the flexing Wolfgang with six top hats is all you need.
  5. Profile and Personality Patch 1.11.

    • Tweaked the profile picture and background photo.
    • Updated biography, occupation, and favorite games to be more in line with the character.
    • Changed the 'About Me' portion of the profile slightly.

    General bug fixes and stability improvements across the board for guaranteed increased enjoyment.

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  6. Thanks for your blunt honesty, man. Do you have a spare tissue on hand?
  7. Does this mean we got the camera snapping effect back at the end of the Fuelweaver's fight?
  8. Man, I'll tell you why you didn't get 500 votes. You didn't include ME as an option.
  9. Bring back the camera snapping effect.
  10. I just thought I'd act as a second friendly reminder to everyone. Usually, threads like these can get derailed fast, but I trust that everyone can stay on-topic. For reference sake, here are the Etiquette Standards in a spoiler:
  11. The Bone Armor probably goes really well with Wilson's Triumphant.
  12. Why would you make an alternate way of fighting and playing the game a reward for defeating what is arguably considered the end boss? This sounds more like something you should have the ability to use and unlock when you make a Shadow Manipulator in your world.
  13. Like what? Any ideas or suggestions?
  14. @CatBurger, according to a quick Google search, it's a person by the name of Jeff Agala.