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  1. Yeah except mo- Exactly, Zeklo read my mind, the cheeky devil!
  2. Honestly with all the lore we have so far, it would smart pretty bad if it was just a ruse.
  3. The game is set roughly in the 30s (correct me if I'm wrong), however, certain characters were picked from specific time periods.
  4. I truly feel sorry for you
  5. Visually, what would "She Who Must Not Be Named" look like? I'm thinking a female version of Woodie with an emphasis on engineering.
  6. Sardines are an absolute treat in Salinas, California! If you visit Cannery Row sometime, their whole thing is that the whole city was made from the sardine industry. You could probably find a mean sardine dish there.
  7. Hrmm.... This Wiona character seems interesting... just read through all the lines... She's really damn sassy... I think she's gonna be my 2nd favorite if she comes out.

  8. Holy toledo. If this is real (too close to the dreaded 1st), this is gonna be huge! (new skins bois) AND, more succulent lore! Someone, message me with a quick complete copy paste of her supposed lines!
  9. Do any of you recall that one artist who created mods for a price? I'd really like to contact them but I just can't find them... Was it Fid? I don't think it was...

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Mikeadatrix


      Yeah, but the more the merrier, yknow? If you wanna draw my request as well, that sounds good!

    3. Mobbstar


      Nah, I don't wanna steal the other guys job.

    4. Mikeadatrix


      All right! Your call, compadre!

  10. I can see it now... "Mikeadatrix just posted: 1" "Mikeadatrix just posted: 2" "Mikeadatrix just posted: 3" And so on until 35 pages appear XD
  11. Sounds like a plan! Hopefully this thread gains some traction and we get some ideas! How about a badge for helping test a game? Maybe a badge for a ton of status updates. Maybe a badge for consistency in logging in....
  12. This would be amazing. However, I feel that badges go hand in hand with titles, rare and secretive and always mysterious. If we want more badges we'll probably have to pester some devs or maybe Joe.
  13. Any of you Gorillaz fans? If you are, excited for Humanz? I am.

  14. I can't get over how good the last few updates have been. Like, "Here have some totally adorable pets!" then "So you want some shadows, HERE!" The end truly is nigh...