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  1. Remember Curator, you are a guest on this forum just like everyone else. And a guest doesn't act foolish now, does he? Keep your aggravations to yourself...
  2. Please. I don't know how many times people try to get you to behave like an adult but please, do not start something in this thread. Your point may be valid but just being rude about it is silly. If you want conflict you can head to 4chan, yeah?
  3. Oh my god! I haven't listened to Tally Hall in years, I remember listening to it when Maxwell first came out and I loved how the lyrics matched up with the lore of DS... Thank you so much for this!
  4. I really like Webber, but Mastema is a sick character! I think if the devs were to partner with modders (ala the Binding of Isaac), Mastema would be a top pick!
  5. But she is underage tho....
  6. 1.) Yes, if your PC can handle it, definitely run caves. It's fairly difficult but highly rewarding. 2.) Survival is more akin to classic Don't Starve, besides that, you're not missing much. 3.) I think you're confusing doors with gates and fences. 4.) Just chase the goat into the pen! XD
  7. Oh you mean the DST announcement puzzle? I think the phrase "It's greek to me", is a joke.
  8. Sweeney Wilson or Riot. (my army is growing larger!)
  9. As funny as the Rose Collection memes are, like I mentioned before, it has literally been one entire year since a permanent skin collection has been released. We are all foaming at the mouth like a bunch of skin obsessed savages at the moment.
  10. If you think about it, literally, the last time we got a skin collection that we could keep, was exactly one year ago. It's been that long. There has to be a skin system change in the works.
  11. *Guess in the end we're all Humanz... (mindless sh*tpost commenting on how I like your profile pic, carry on)
  12. As a Wilsonologist (PhD in Wilson skins and lore), I heavily agree. Rose Wilson or riot.
  13. Maybe it's just how much the community struggled with this particular puzzle, but this doesn't even crack the slightest of grins on my face.
  14. For me, this puzzle might be my least favorite. Not bad by any means. Just slightly annoying at times. Cyclum had me foaming at the mouth for more, this... just irked me. That's just me however.