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  1. Well... this is it... I'm honestly shaking a little. This might be the end...
  2. Prep yourselves ladies and gents. If I know Klei, and I'm pretty sure I do, they are gonna go big. Very. VERY. Big.
  3. This might be the update I'm most hyped for... SITTINGGGGGGGGg* *TheNewBossLooksNeatIGuess
  4. I try Chris. Oh, I try. But sometimes trying doesn't get you very far.
  5. Thanks Nome!
  6. Yeah but if they added unique effects there would be a dominant pet choice. I personally love my GlomGlom but if the Ewelet immobilized enemies the choice would be obvious. I say keep it the way it is.
  7. Exactly. There is no exact point to talking here but it's something that all of us really enjoy doing. This is your opinion, I respect that, we respect that. Please, let us have ours.
  8. Within DST there is no DLC. I think you may be referring to the DLC that is included for the sake of free content. If you want to access DLC for the original Don't Starve, it should be in your library.
  9. Hey that sounds kinda familiar... Oh wait. I say that.
  10. Needs to be added.
  11. Oooooohhhhhh buddy... Clear the next hour because I'm gonna theorize to my little nerd hearts content... I agree. The characters will be probably go home eventually but... I reckon they will be altered. My theory is that the version of themselves that heads home will probably be the Triumphant version. Why? The only way to escape is to conquer the shadows... to become... triumphant. This is why I think DST Adventure Mode will come to fruition. With all the current lore of the story, the gang is planning to find Charlie (Ex: End of Cyclum). There will be a huge battle against the shadows and maybe Maxwell will be able to convince Charlie to help them, because he and Wilson both know the horrors they provide. Then. They'll be free. And as a cherry on top, Wilson will be sitting alone in his home, reminiscing over the horrors (and joyous occasions) he experienced. Then (like you said) he will hear a knock at his door... and all of his friends will be there. Plus, a very happy Maxwell with a recovered Charlie. At least... That's how I'd end it... For all we know there could be a meteor strike and all the survivors will die.
  12. To my knowledge, the last ANR update happens in February... Wait... February... Valentine's Day... Holiday of Love... Love. Fat Flying Baby who shoots arrows... What is the symbol of said baby? Roses.... Rose Collection confirmed.